Best Time To Vacation In Dominican Republic

On the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is a complex puzzle of an island.  The two-part nature of this island recently led the country to divide its tourism promotions into two campaigns: one for the east coast towns and one for the west. The two coasts of the DR couldn’t be more different. … Read more

Internship Visa For Singapore

A holder of study pass or vacation pass may apply for the Singapore Internship Visa. Previously known as the Work Holiday Programme, the visa makes it easy for foreign students to work in Singapore. In spite of its name, it is not a working holiday programme. If you are a Singaporean and you want to … Read more

Do We Need Visa For Turkey

Arriving in Turkey As a tourist, you may need to obtain a visa before entering Turkey. There are nine different types of visas for foreigners visiting Turkey, including the e-visa which covers stays of less than 30 days. Make sure you know the rules of entry in each country to avoid problems at the border! … Read more

Samoa Visa For Pakistani

Protection of Pakistan is of paramount importance to all citizens. Existence of Pakistan is a successful example of Muslim solidarity and collective contribution. The Republic of Pakistan became a member of United Nations on 20 September 1947 as an independent nation. Samoa is a very beautiful country that attracts people from all over the world … Read more

5 Year Retirement Visa In Uae

Are you looking to migrate to the United Arab Emirate (UAE)? Are you worried about the quantity or quality of medical service in the UAE? Well, as it turns out, your worries can be laid to rest because there is a 5 year retirement visa available in the country which grants you all access to … Read more

Online Dubai Visa For Gcc Residents

Dubai is among the most famous countries in the world for tourists. It is a place, which attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists from around the world every year for its beautiful beaches, desert safaris and historical buildings. There are many other places to visit in Dubai besides beaches and desert safaris. Dubai has become … Read more

Thailand Visa For South African Passport Holders

Taking a vacation should be easy and unrestricted. But when it comes to traveling through different countries, there can be certain restrictions that your passport may come across. This is why you need to have the Thailand visa for South African passport holders to avoid unnecessary trouble. If you are planning to travel to Thailand … Read more

How Uae Residence Visa For Child Work

An affair to remember… like the one Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet, and Monica Bellucci had for their spouses during the filming of ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’, lies at the heart of what might have happened in the U.A.E’s consulate. The 3 actresses were all married when they fell in love with director/writer Pedro Almodovar while working … Read more

How To Get A Uk Visa In Uganda

We all know that the UK is the best place on earth. It’s just planet earth in general is boring but you have it all here. The weather, people and most importantly the British culture is amazing. Now if you’re a student or a worker and you want to come to the United Kingdom for … Read more

How To Get Visa For Family In Dubai

To join your family members in UAE as an expatriate, you need to secure a family visa. The family visa is not only granted to the foreign spouse of a UAE national but also to children and parents of the main applicant. The procedure for applying for this visa follows a few steps which the … Read more