E Visa For Australia

A visa for Australia offer you the best way to visit your family and friends in Australia. Why we call E Visa For Australia? Because it is easy to apply with only one window visit to join our team. Our team is expert who can assist you during every step of your visa application process. We are licensed and certified as government recognized business by United State Department of Immigration and Citizenship (USCIS).

E-Visa for Australia isn’t something you think about often, but it is an option that allows you to travel to Australia on the E visa. This might sound like good news, with all the benefits of earning your new green card, but there are some things that need to be considered before deciding whether you want to pursue this route or not.Ever since the start of 2012, there has been a huge increase in the number of people applying for Australian visas for tourism. This is mainly due to uncertainty over how the US Visa system will change and what this would mean for Australians if they wanted to travel to the US.

E Visa For Australia

ETA visa for Australia

Apply for an ETA

The ETA (Electronic Travel Authority, visa subclass 601) is an electronic visa for Australia that can be used to enter the country for tourism or business purposes.

All foreign travellers except New Zealand citizens must get a visa to enter Australia. The ETA and other online visas have made the process of requesting a travel permit much easier than embassy applications used to be.

Electronic Travel Authority for Australia: basic information

The online visa ETA is a travel permit that allows its holder to travel to Australia for:

  • Tourism
  • Visiting friends and family
  • Business
  • Transit

The ETA for Australia can also be used for short-term study and volunteer work but these cannot be the main reasons to visit the country. It is not possible to undertake paid work on an ETA.

Australian ETA visa: validity

The ETA visa for Australia remains valid for up to 1 year. It cannot be renewed — once it expires, the traveller needs to apply for a new ETA. The ETA is directly linked to the visitor’s passport, if this expires before the visa does, a new visa will be required.

With an ETA visa, travellers can enter Australia multiple times for stays of maximum 3 months (90 days).

Australian ETA visa requirements

To successfully request an ETA visa, applicants must:

  • Hold an eligible and valid passport
  • Have an active email address to receive the visa
  • Have a debit or credit card to pay the ETA visa fees
  • Meet the Australian health and character requirements for all foreign visitors

The required documentation for the ETA is minimal. However, some applicants may be asked to provide further documents to prove they meet any of the above requirements.

Eligible countries for ETA

Here is the list of countries whose citizens can apply for ETA:

Those who do not feature on the list (including all EU citizens) may be eligible for the eVisitor visa which offers the same conditions as the ETA and can also be applied for online.

Australian health requirements for ETA applicants

There are no specific health requirements for ETA to be met other than the general health requirements for Australia that apply to all foreign visitors.

Travellers to Australia must be free from diseases and conditions that may represent a risk for Australian public health (i.e. tuberculosis.) The health of the visitor will be assessed with dedicated questions in the application form. In rare cases, the applicant may be asked to provide health certificates and/or exam results.

ETA visa for Australia: COVID requirements

During the coronavirus pandemic, Australia has introduced extraordinary health requirements that must be met by all international visitors, including ETA holders and applicants.

Travel and entry bans have also been put in place. It is important to check the latest government announcements before making any travel arrangements.

Foreign nationals that are granted travel permits may need to provide negative COVID-19 PCR test results and fill out health declaration forms upon arrival.

Australian character requirements for ETA

Just like with health requirements, there are general character requirements that must be met by all travellers wishing to enter Australia. These are in place to ensure the safety of all people on Australian territory.

The Australian authorities take into consideration the criminal and immigration history of an applicant before issuing a visa. Individuals who have been convicted of serious crimes and have spent considerable time in jail may be denied the visa. People who have been denied a visa in the past and/or have overstayed an Australian visa may also be refused entry.

Australia ETA visa application

The Australian visa application is quick and easy to complete. Most applicants submit their ETA visa request in minutes.

The fully online application means that visitors do not need to go to an Australian embassy or consulate in person to request their ETA visa — in fact, they do not need to leave the house at all.

The application can be submitted from any device that can connect to the internet. Supporting documents can be uploaded electronically.

The Australian ETA can be requested from anywhere in the world as long as the applicant is outside of Australia.Apply for an ETA

Fill the Australian ETA application form

The application form is an online questionnaire consisting of a series of questions about the personal, contact, and travel details of the applicant.

All questions must be answered and the information provided must be accurate to the best of the applicant’s knowledge. It is particularly important that the information submitted with the form and the details on the traveller’s passport match exactly.

Incorrect or incomplete information may result in the visa request being denied.

Australian ETA processing time

Filling out and submitting an ETA visa request takes minutes. If the application has been completed correctly and all relevant documents have been submitted, the request may be approved within hours. However, it can take up to 2 business days to process applications.

Receive the approved Australian ETA

Australian ETA visas are issued in electronic format and sent to the traveller via email to the address they have provided during the application.

Please check your email’s junk or spam folder in case you have not received any communications about your ETA visa request within 2 working days.

Travel to Australia with an ETA

Once they receive their approved ETA, visitors can head to Australia. ETA can be used to enter Australia by plane or boat. All international airports can process ETA entries. Only boat passengers can use the ETA to disembark, crew members need a different type of visa.

How to cross the Australian border with ETA

Please note that an approved ETA does not guarantee entry into Australia. Local border control and immigration officers will decide whether to let a visitor in.

Visas on arrival are not available — foreign citizens must make sure to have their ETA or other relevant Australian visa approved before arriving in Australia.

At the border, simply show the ETA visa together with the passport used during the application to the Australian officers. All visitors are also required to fill an Incoming Passenger Card (IPC), which is usually provided in flight. Make sure to check Australian customs regulations when packing for the trip.

Australia ETA FAQ

What is an Australian ETA?

An Australian ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) is an electronic visa that can be requested by tourists and business travellers to visit Australia for short periods of time.

It is applied for and granted entirely online, meaning that the applicant does not have to visit an Australian embassy or consulate in person.

The Australian ETA can be used to visit the entire Australian territory. Travellers receive their ETA via email and can simply show it at the border together with their valid passport. It is not possible to use the ETA to find employment or complete a degree in Australia.

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