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The country of Brazil is known for its stylish people, street-art, and vibrant culture. But don’t let that fool you — Brazil also has visa woes. I mean, it literally has visa woes! That’s why after doing some research on the best e-visa service for Brazil, I found out about E Visa For Brazil .Do you want to travel to Brazil? Have you already been there but don’t know the language well enough to truly enjoy yourself? If so, frequent business travelers will also want to learn about E Visa For Brazil . If you are bitten by the travel bug and want to do more trips abroad soon, this article might come in handy.

Brazil visa is among the most popular Most Loved Movable Visa.  It has become so popular that you can easily apply for Brazil visa with just an international passport of any country as long as he has been staying in Brazil for longer than 90 days at least 5 out of the last 6 years or holding a professional or commercial employment visa of Brazil for at least 1 year within 14 years before applying for it.You‘ll need to apply for an E visa if you wish to enter Brazil and stay for more than 180 days. Though it’s the responsibility of the U.S. citizen or permanent resident to seek authorization from the Brazilian consulate, they may be able to assist you in getting an approved E visa application through the U.S. Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

E Visa For Brazil

Brazil Tourist eVisa Information

As of 17/06/2019, the Tourist online eVisa for Brazil is no longer required for previously eligible countries. To verify your eligibility please use the Visa Checker on top of this page.

The Brazilian government may introduce a new electronic visa in the near future, and any updates will be published on this site when available.

The Tourist Brazil eVisa was an electronic visa introduced in November 2017 to facilitate visa processing for citizens of eligible countries who wanted to visit Brazil for tourism.

The Brazil visa application online eliminated the need to apply at a Brazilian Consulate or Embassy.

The Brazil online visa allowed eligible citizens to stay 90 days per year. The Brazil eVisa was a multiple-entry visa and valid for 2 years from the date of issue.

The Brazil tourist visa application only took a few minutes to complete online. The eVisa for Brazil was valid for multiple travel purposes, such as: tourism, business, transit, to study, journalism, voluntary activities, to visit relatives and medical treatment among others.

To complete the Brazil eVisa application form, applicants were required to fill in some personal and passport information and answer easy questions related to security and health matters.

Once the Brazil eVisa application online had been approved, the Brazil tourist visa was electronically linked to the applicant’s passport.

Since the Brazil eVisa was discontinued in 2019, travelers from the 4 countries that were previously eligible (Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United States of America) have been put on Brazil’s visa waiver list.

This means that at present, visitors from these countries can enter Brazil visa-free for a maximum of 90 days.

Although the eVisa for Brazil is no longer required, other visas for Brazil still exist.

For long-term stays or to live and/or work in Brazil, all foreign nationals (including those from visa waiver countries) must apply for the relevant visa at a Brazilian embassy.

Travelers from non-visa waiver countries must obtain a Brazil visa from an embassy for any visit, regardless of purpose or length of stay.

Travelers visiting Brazil for longer periods than 3 months per year must contact a Brazilian Embassy or Consulate for further information.

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Currently unavailable

Permitted stays of up to 90 days per year

Valid for 2 years

Granted multiple entries

Allowed holder to enter Brazil for tourism, business, transit, and study

What was Necessary?

Passport with a minimum of 1 month’s validity

Color copy of the information page of the passport

Passport-style photo

Payment method (credit or debit card)

Brazil eVisa Requirements

The Brazil eVisa has been discontinued. It is no longer a requirement for citizens of Australia, Canada, Japan, or the US who wish to visit the country.

Currently, the only entry requirements for Brazil for travelers of these nationalities is a valid passport.

In order to complete an application for the Brazil online visa for tourism, it was necessary to meet the following Brazil eVisa requirements:

  • Passport from an eligible country valid for at least 1 month from the date of application
  • Color image of the passport biographical information page
  • Recent traveler’s studio taken photograph with a white background
  • Credit/debit card details to pay the Brazil eVisa
  • Current email address to receive a copy of the approved Brazil online visa and any updates and notifications.

For the Brazil online visa requirements, it was fundamental to provide a studio taken photo with a white background.

The final requirement for tourists was to bring at least one (1) printed copy of the Brazil electronic visa to present at border control along with the passport registered in the application.

Countries Eligible for Brazil

Citizens from the countries listed below are eligible to apply online to enter Brazil

Countries Eligible for Brazil

  • United States Virgin Islands


Brazil eVisa Required


Covid Update for Brazil

Last update: 30/06/2022

If you have a Travelers Health Declaration Form for Brazil, you can now enter the country. Passengers arriving in Brazil must have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate in English, Portuguese or Spanish showing that they were fully vaccinated at least 14 days before departure. EXEMPTIONS: Children under the age of 12 with a negative test result or traveling with parents/guardians who are fully vaccinated or have tested negative; children under 2. Nationals and residents of Brazil, passengers arriving from certain countries, and passengers who are medically exempt from receiving the vaccine with a letter from a doctor may enter with a negative test result from within 24 hours before traveling to Brazil as an alternative to a vaccination certificate.

Other Visas

The Brazil Business eVisa was available to eligible citizens traveling to the country for business related activities. The traveler only needed to choose “business” as the main purpose of their trip to Brazil.

Like all Brazil eVisas, the Business eVisa has been discontinued and is no longer a requirement for travelers from countries that were previously eligible.

Brazil Business eVisa Information

The online business eVisa for Brazil is no longer required for previously eligible countries, as of 17/06/2019. A new electronic travel authorization may be introduced by the Brazilian government in the near future. Any news and updates will be published on this site when made available.

The Brazil business eVisa used to be an option for eligible foreign nationals traveling to the country for business purposes. Applicants were able to submit a Brazil business visa application exclusively online and avoid having to apply at a Brazilian Consulate or Embassy.

The Brazil business visa online allowed eligible citizens to stay 90 days per year. The Brazil eVisa for business was a multiple-entry visa valid for 2 years from the date of issue.

The requirements for the Brazil business eVisa were the same as for other Brazilian eVisas (see above).

The traveler had to select “business” as the main purpose of the visit on the Brazil eVisa application.

Once the Brazil business visa application had been approved, the eVisa was electronically linked to the applicant’s passport.

Applicants were also required to print a copy of the Brazil business visa to present when entering the country, alongside the same passport used for the online application.

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