e visa for mauritius

The Government of Mauritius has made a policy to strengthen its economy by encouraging foreign investment into the country. The country’s new policies introduced in 2014 make it easier than ever to get approval for your E Visa For Mauritius.The E-Visa for Mauritius is a simplified visa process which enables travellers to avail of a Mauritius Visa online. The objective of the treaty between Mauritius and the European Union is to simplify the visa application & issuance process whilst strengthening the economic relations between these two continents. The European E-Visa was initially introduced in June 2016.

e visa for mauritius

Visa is the harder method in getting Mauritius visit visa. It is suitable for those who want to spend more days in Mauritius or need to attend business meeting and conferences. You may also extend your visa if you wish to stay longer. The best part is that E-Visa process is done online and it’s free of charge.Citizens of certain countries, who are visiting Mauritius, are permitted to visit the country without a visa. However, in order to be eligible for an entry permit and visa waiver form (which is required for those who do not fall into the categories of persons listed below), nationals must first apply online for an electronic permit.

Visa Requirements

A visa is an official acknowledgement issued by the Immigration Office/Embassy/Consular of Mauritius, indicating that your application to enter Mauritius has been reviewed by an Immigration Officer and that the officer has determined you are eligible to enter or transit in Mauritius for a specific purpose.

A visa, therefore, simply allows the bearer to travel to Mauritius up a port of entry and does not implicitly guarantee right of admission into Mauritius. The final decision to admit a non-citizen rests with the Immigration Officer after examination at the point of entry in Mauritius. He/she decides how long the person can stay for any particular visit.

Persons not requiring a Visa to enter Mauritius

The following are exempted from Visa Regulations:-

  1. Citizens of Mauritius;
  2. Persons who are residents of Mauritius under the Immigration Act;
  3. The Spouse of a citizen of Mauritius;
  4. The child or step child or lawfully adopted child of persons referred to at (1) and (2) above;
  5. Holders of Diplomatic Passports other than those issued by the Government of Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, Palestine State, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen;
  6. Crew of a vessel travelling on duty or in transit to join another vessel;
  7. Holders of Laissez-passer issued by the United Nations, COMESA, SADC or other internationally recognized organizations;
  8. Holders of passport issued by the INTERPOL who come to Mauritius on official mission;
  9. Holders of Laissez-passer issued by the African Reinsurance Corporation and the African Development Bank Group in Respect of their directors, officers or employees travelling to Mauritius on official mission;
  10. Holders of passport issued by Governments of countries belonging to the European Union; and
  11. Persons who intend to remain in Mauritius only during the stay of a vessel by which they arrive and depart.

Types of Visas

Visa Requirement Country-Wise

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  • Nationals of Guyana intended to travel to Mauritius should apply and obtain a visa prior to their travel.

Additional Information

  • Non-citizens travelling to Mauritius without a visa (if required) may be repatriated to their country of origin or residence at the transporting carrier’s cost.
  • Any person who stays in Mauritius after the expiry of the period for which he obtained a visa or entry permit as the case may be, shall commit an offence and shall be liable for prosecution by a Court of Law.
  • Prospective students are advised to travel to Mauritius only after their application for study/training in Mauritius has been approved.
  • Non-Citizens coming to celebrate their marriage in Mauritius should comply with the requirements of the Section 24A of the Civil Status Act.
  • A non-citizen coming to get married to a Mauritian should fulfill the requirements under the Section 19A of the Civil Status Act.
  • Non-citizens coming to Mauritius for business may apply for an Occupation Permit to Passport and Immigration Officer through Economic Development Board as Investor, Self-Employed and Professional.

Visas And Extensions Of Stay Are Issued Free Of Charge.

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