How Do I Apply For A Canadian Visa In South Africa

As the world and its population continues to grow, many different cultures and countries develop and become prosperous. This has led to an increase in people from the above cultures visiting Canada for a number of different reasons. While some people are content to visit Canada for leisure or pleasure, other people have more serious business to get down to. These kinds of people require visas. Here is a guide on how you can apply for a Canadian visa in South Africa.Many people believe that it is extremely difficult to get a Canadian visa in South Africa. This is not true at all as long as you apply for the visa in the right way. I am writing this article with the hope that it will help anyone wondering about how to apply for a Canadian Visa from South Africa’s perspective.

How Do I Apply For A Canadian Visa In South Africa

If you wish to travel to Canada, you may need a Canadian visa from the Canadian High Commission or a . Either allow a family member or relative in Canada to sponsor your visit before your departure to Canada, or apply for and obtain a Canadian visa from a .

South Africa Visa for Canadian Citizens

If you’re planning to visit South Africa from Canada, it’s important to first check if you need a South African visa for Canadian citizens. 

Canadian citizens can currently visit South Africa for a period of up to 90 days without a visa for purposes of business, tourism, visiting friends and family, or transit, among other motives. However, stays exceeding 90 days will require a visa.

South Africa has recently introduced a new South African eVisa application which allows eligible citizens to apply for a visa for South Africa prior to departure. This new eVisa protocol increases the rapidity and ease at which a visa can be requested and approved.

south africa visa canadian citizens

The South African eVisa has been launched for 14 nationalities. However, at the moment the eligibility list does not include Canadian citizens. At present, Canadians who need a visa for South Africa must continue to use traditional visa application methods until further notice.

Read on to learn about the circumstances under which Canadians need to meet the visa requirements for South Africa, the different types of SA visa available, and how to complete an application. 

South Africa Visa Application from Canada

As stated above Canadians do not need a visit visa or tourist visa for South Africa if their stay is less than 90 days.

However, for long-term visits and purposes of studying or working in South Africa, they will need a South African visa for Cnaadians.

This may be one of the following visas depending on their motives for the travel:

Applying for a South Africa from Canada requires the  petitioner to first make an appointment at their nearest SA embassy or consulate. They will then need to fill out a South Africa visa application form for Canadians.

In general, this form must be filled out with a range of personal, passport, and travel information. However, more specific details will need to be provided depending on the type of South African visa the applicant needs.

Applicants should take care to ensure all the details supplied on the form are correct and match the information on their passport. This will ensure that the South Africa visa application from Canada will be processed smoothly.

Passport and document requirements for Canada Citizens

In order to apply for a South Africa visa, Canadian citizens will be asked to fulfill certain requirements for supporting documents that they need to bring along to a consular appointment.

Most Canadians applicants will need to have: 

  • A valid passport
  • A completed  BI-1738 SA visa application form
  • Payment method to pay the South Africa visa fee
  • Proof of sufficient financial means to cover the stay

However, other specific documents are requested depending on the visa type. For example:

  • Student visa applicants need an acceptance letter from a SA educational establishment
  • Work visa applicants need a certificate from the Department of Labor
  • Critical skills visa applicants need to have proof of their expertise

These are just a sample of the varied documentation required for each type. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you carefully check the requirements when applying for a visa for South Africa from Canada.

Please note that embassy applications are not processed as quickly as the South Africa visa online. As it may take some time for an embassy visa to be processed, Canadians are required to apply well in advance of their intended departure date to avoid issues.

South African Embassies in Canada

There are two main points of contact in Canada regarding South African bureaucracy, such as passports, immigration control and visas. The contact details of both the South Africa High Commission in Ottawa and the South Africa Consulate-General in Toronto are listed below, should applicants require further assistance with their South Africa visa or other matters.

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