Medical Insurance For Family Visit Visa In Saudi Arabia

USA Medical insurance for family visit visa in Saudi Arabia travel medical insurance, A family member coming from outside of USA the medical insurance offered by your company may not suffice. This can have major repercussions when traveling and there are certain situations where you may require additional coverage.

Saudi Arabia medical insurance is necessary not just a recommendation to enter the country.

On November 18th, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health shared that the Saudi government has decided to waive the requirement of medical insurance for foreigners who are visiting Saudi Arabia for family visit. This is a great news for many exporters of nursing sector and other healthcare services providers. It means that the customer will not be required to buy insurance from an accredited company. Rather, any international health policy which covers the customer’s country of residence can be used as an acceptable method of obtaining medical care during their visit in Saudi Arabia.

Medical Insurance For Family Visit Visa In Saudi Arabia

International students from countries are not part of any international treaty can opt for family visit visa to come to Malaysia. This visa is valid for 6 months and common countries include South Africa, Nigeria, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc.

Saudi Arabia Mandatory Medical Insurance – Policy for Visa Applicants

From the 20th June 2016, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia now requires every applicant to purchase medical insurance via one of their approved suppliers, regardless of whether the applicant already holds separate medical or travel insurance.

This instruction excludes pilgrims who go for treatment, holders of diplomatic and special passports, governmental visits, foreign missions and organizational visits, and guests of the kingdom.

All visa applicants are required to hold the medical insurance, however there are only certain types that need to pay for the issuance of it as per the table below

Saudi Arabia Medical Insurance Cost

Saudi Arabia Visa TypesMedical Insurance Cost
Saudi Arabia Business VisaFee Applicable
Saudi Arabia Government VisaNo Fee
Saudi Arabia Visitor VisaFee Applicable
Saudi Arabia Family VisaFee Applicable
Saudi Arabia Tourist VisasFee Applicable
Saudi Arabia Online VisaFee Applicable

All other KSA Visas will require the medical insurance and payment is applicable. Please visit the respective pages for this.

The purchase of the medical insurance is automatically completed when we create your enjaz payment once your documents have reached our offices. This means that we are required to pay for the insurance whilst we create your enumber before submission. Your policy number is generated separately and provided to you along with the visa upon completion.

An example of the generated document when the medical insurance is shown below. This document is then submitted to the embassy along with the rest of your application.

Medical Insurance Companies

Q. How much does the Saudi Arabian Medical Insurance cost?

The cost of the medical insurance required by the embassy when applying for a Saudi visa depends on the visa type, visa validity and other variants. Once we have received the application in hand and generate your application on the MOFA enjaz system, we will be able to provide you with pricing for the medical insurance.

Please note that the medical insurance fee of the most common pricing will be applied when you complete the order form based on the policy issuers at the time. The fee for this is normally £60.00 additional to the regular handling fees, however some prices can be significantly higher based on each individual applicant’s age, length of visit and other factors. In the event the pricing is higher than the standard pricing, one of our team members will contact you in order to collect the remaining payment providing the relevant documents.

Q. Can I use my own existing medical travel insurance for my Saudi visa application?

Even if you hold a valid travel insurance, you will still need to obtain medical insurance via the embassy. The medical insurance is connected to the visa itself and unless the payment is made the application cannot be submitted.

Saudi Arabia Visa Travel Medical Insurance Policy

When you receieve your Saudi Arabian visa back with you, the medical insurance certificate will be attached with your passport and any other information. Please note that the Saudi Arabian MOFA works with various insurance providers who will act on the medical insurance cover when you get there. Below is a list of the main Saudi Arabian Medical Insurance providers. The full coverage and policies are given below along with an overview of their main coverage and policies as well. Please note that the Enjaz system during the generation of your Saudi visa application will automatically select one of these. The cost of this medical insurance is already covered in your Saudi Arabia visa fees.

Saudi Arabia Visa Medical Insurance Policy Providers

  • Saico medical insurance saudi arabia
  • Tawuniya saudi arabia medical insurance
  • Bupa saudi arabia medical insurance
  • Bupa medical insurance saudi arabia
  • Medgulf saudi arabia medical insurance

Please note AXA is one of the most commonly issued medical visa insurance by the Saudi government and their policy has been provided below

AXA medical insurance for Saudi Arabia

The information below is copied from the medical policies:

  • This invoice is issued upon payment.
  • Insurance policy will be activated on the expected date that was registered in MOFA’s Visa Issuance System (Enjaz).
  • Upon policy activation, an electronic copy of the insurance policy schedule and electronic medical card will be sent to your e-mail registered at Enjaz.
  • Policy cannot be canceled without canceling
  • Visit Visa from the Saudi Embassy or Consulate office.
  • To refund policy fees, please contact us on the provided contact information.

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