Medical Test For Australian Student Visa In Pakistan

Australia has very strict rules on obtaining a student visa to study overseas. Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) are extremely thorough in their scrutiny of applications for the benefit of the Australian public. The DIBP want to ensure that anyone visiting or immigrating to Australia has an appropriate level of health insurance. This is understandable, as the Australian Government does not want you using the public healthcare system unless you really have no choice or if it is an emergency.

Pursuing higher education abroad is a dream for many international students. But, what if receiving chance to study abroad is not just about having good grades. In order to be accepted at a university or college in a foreign country, foreign nationals are required to undergo medical examination as part of their visa application process.

Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship offers a range of skilled visa for eligible individuals that want to study, work or live in Australia. Depending upon their intent i.e. whether an individual would like to work or study in Australia and also based on their time they would like to stay in Australia, applicants anywhere between 3 months and 4 years can apply for. Applicants have the option to apply for short term courses as well as long-term courses.

Medical Test For Australian Student Visa In Pakistan

Australia is one of the most attractive study destinations for international students. However, before applying for a student visa to Australia, you will need to fulfill certain eligibility requirements. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection Australia has provided some guidelines for applicants as per which they can apply a new visa application in Australia. Under this visa, foreign students can study in Australia on a temporary basis.

Australian Visa Medical is carried out as a requirement by the Australian Government. This examination is done according to the guidelines provided by the Home Affairs department. A complete physical examination is carried out on all the applicants. X-ray chest, urine and blood test is done for the applicant 11 years of age and above. These investigations are done at the center and tests brought from other medical facilities are not accepted. In addition to these tests the doctor may order any other investigation as deemed necessary to process the medical report.

Age GroupExamination Requirements by Australian High Commission
0-2 yearsMedical exam
2-5 yearsMedical exam + TST or IGRA
5-10 yearsMedical exam + Urine Test + TST or IGRA
11-15 yearsMedical exam + Urine Test + Chest X ray
Above 15 yearsMedical exam + Urine Test + Chest X ray + (Anti HIV antibodies if permanent visa)

The medical examination requirement is determined by the nature of visa i.e. Permanent or Temporary and if temporary the length of stay further determines the tests required.
In addition to the above thest the examining doctor may prescribe any additional test that shall be charged separately. Home Affairs department may also advise test further test on submission of the medical report. The cost of these is also charged separately.

Note: Chest X-ray may also be required for children if they have had exposure to TB Cases or history of TB disease.


  • Before coming for your medical examination, you must lodge your visa application, either with the Australian Embassy or via eVisa systems
  • Bring the letter from the Home Affairs department, along with the Health Examination List or the Examination Referral Letter which contains your HAP ID/ TRN number
  • Applicants may take their meals prior to coming over for their medical examination as all the initial blood and urine tests do not require a fasting state.
  • Females within the reproductive age group are advised not to schedule their medical examination during their menstrual period; otherwise, they will be required to come back one week after the last day of their menstruation.
  • Children between 2-11 years of age shall be administered TST is to rule out TB infection. This test is read between 48-72 hours. The child has to appear again so that the test result may be read between the time mentioned. Please make sure that you can bring your child back for reading of the test. The medical report will not be completed unless the test is read at Aziz Medical Center. The IGRA test is a blood test to help in diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection and may be used instead of TST. IGRA requires only one visit rather than two visits which are required for TST. There is also advantage of improved specificity over TST. However, TST is cheaper than IGRA. Some applicants may prefer intradermal test rather giving 4 ml of blood. For further information about these tests please contact the medical center.
  • If you have children with you who would require TST please do not schedule appointment on Thursdays as this test cannot be read within required time frame i.e. 48 to 72 hours.
  • You are advised to wear loose and easy to wear clothing on the day of the examination.
  • For Pregnant Females:
    Applicants who are less than 3 months pregnant will have to defer the chest x ray till the end of the first trimester. The medical shall be kept pending till the x ray chest is done. After 3 months of pregnancy x ray is done under double lead guard cover to protect the foetus. Applicants opting for not having the x ray during pregnancy will have incomplete medical and their visa process shall also be kept on hold till the time x ray is carried out at the medical center.

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