Medical Test Report For Visa In Dubai

U.A.E is popular country for many peoples, which they like to go there on visit or they want to live with their families. But they didn’t pass their medical test and visa application process, because they did’t get a proper Medical Test Report For Visa In Dubai.

Online Medical Test Request for Dubai – A report from the E- Mediclinic 24/7 health care center, including doctor’s consultation through a professional questionnaire, X-ray report of the abdomen and further laboratory tests. 

Medical test report for visa in Dubai is a common documentation requirement for employees and other applicants who wish to travel to the UAE. Here is a sample medical report that you can use as template when applying for a visa.

Medical Test Report For Visa In Dubai

For any medical test report for visa in Dubai issued from Addenbrooke’s Hospital, a copy of the original medical test report is required to be sent to the applicant. Due to the nature and level of analysis of tests provided by this hospital, it will not be possible for such a document to be copied by any copies issuing authority other than Addenbrooke’s Hospital for Visa Purposes.

Foreign migrants looking to reside or work in Dubai must be medically fit in order to acquire work permits or residence visas in the emirate. Proof of this must be submitted in the form of medical reports acquired from the many designated visa medical examination centres in the capital. In a previous post, we covered how and where immigrants can apply for their health fitness certification in Dubai. But how do you check medical fitness report online in Dubai? 

If you have been wondering about how to check the medical status online in Dubai, the process is fairly simple. Those who have applied for medical fitness reports can track their medical fitness application status on the DHA App. 


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Users can check the status of their DHA medical fitness report tracking report online via the DHA smart app

A new initiative by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the DHA Smart App is a means for providing all of DHA’s services under one smart application. The app allows residents to access Smart Services delivered by the Dubai Health Authority. In addition to managing appointments, medications and lab results, the application also allows users to check their Medical Fitness Application Status. 


Supporting both the English and Arabic languages, the online tool is a great option for expats wondering how they can check their Dubai medical visa test status. Additionally, the smart app also features an intuitive map which enables users to locate nearby medical fitness centres in the city.

You need to download and register yourself as a user on the app first. Users can use their DHA Account, DHA Health Card or their Emirates ID to login along with Face ID and Touch ID. 

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The DHA Smart App service is relatively new, and there are plans to add more services to it in the coming months. However, it does offer respite for any immigrant wondering “how can I check my medical report in Dubai?” 

We hope this answers any queries on how to check medical fitness report online in Dubai. Haven’t applied for a health fitness certificate yet? Visit any visa medical centres in Dubai to apply for medical fitness reports. Do you wish to work and live in Abu Dhabi instead? Our list of visa medical test centres in Abu Dhabi will help apply for a health fitness certificate in the emirate.

In addition to a fitness certificate, make sure to have all documents up-to-date, including your residence visa. Here is how you can seek for UAE visa status enquiry.

For more information on immigration laws and requirements in the UAE in addition to how to check medical fitness result online in Dubai

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