Transit Visa For Hong Kong Airport

Are you looking for a tourist visa in hong kong? If so, please read this article carefully as I am going to share with a great information about tourist visa in Hong Kong including requirements for tourist visa in hong kong, advantages and disadvantages of tourist visa, application form etc.

The requirements for a UK visitor visa are different from other visas. The criteria are slightly different and more relaxed than other countries which gives you more freedom in terms of travel. These requirements must be met before you apply for the visa. The passport and personal circumstances of the applicant should be considered when applying for the visa and there are two sets of criteria to focus on here, those who will be in the UK for less than 6 months, and those who will be in the UK for over 6 months.

A tourist visa is a permit issued by a country’s embassy or consulate that allows a foreign citizen to enter its borders for the purpose of sightseeing, visiting friends and relatives, shopping, attending business conventions or conferences, studying, working, volunteering and other purposes. A tourist visa does not authorize employment in the country of destination. Most countries offer a visa on arrival at their airports to visitors from countries that do not require advance visas. However, some countries require nationals from some countries to apply for advance visas.

The type of visa required depends on your nationality and the purpose of your trip. There are different types of visas depending on the purpose of your visit. The most common types of tourist visas are:

A) Transit Visa – This type of visa enables you to travel through a third country en route to your destination country without leaving its territory. You cannot stay in this third country for more than 24 hours unless otherwise specified by the immigration authorities. For example, if you have an onward flight ticket from Brazil to Mexico City via New York City but want to stay in New York City for 30 days before continuing with your journey then you will need an airport transit.

visa requirements for hong kong

The Following Documentation Is Required:

  • Completed Hong Kong Visa Application Form ID1003A
  • Completed Sponsor Application Form ID1003B
  • One recent passport size photograph
  • Copy of passport Id page
  • Copy of visa for onward travel (not needed if returning to home country)
  • Financial proof (Bank statements)
  • Employment proof (Employment letter or pay slips)
  • Round trip flight tickets
  • Hotel reservation
  • Copy of sponsor’s Hong Kong Identity card
  • Copy of sponsor’s passport Id page
  • Copy of latest entry stamp in the passport or extension proof (only if the HK sponsor is a resident and not a citizen)

Note: Hong Kong Visa Application Form and Sponsor Application Form can be downloaded online or obtained from any of the Chinese diplomatic missions, consulates or HKSAR government offices.

Visa Fee

Fee For Hong Kong Tourist Visa Is Currently $190 HKD.

If sending the application to Hong Kong Immigration Department by post, you must attach a cashier order or bank draft payable to “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region”. The cashier order or bank draft must be issued by a bank that has a connected bank in Hong Kong.

If submitting the visa application through a local sponsor, visa fee must be paid by your sponsor in cash or by cheque. The cheque must be payable to “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region”.

If submitting the visa application in person at your nearest Chinese diplomatic mission or consulate, the visa fee must be paid in cash.

If submitting the visa application in person at the Hong Kong Immigration Division in Beijing or Shanghai, the visa fee must be paid in cash as well.

How to apply for Hong Kong Tourist Visa Extension?

To apply:

  • The visitor must fill in the form ID91 and submit your application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.
    The visitor must provide supporting documents.
    Upon the submission of the application, the visitor applicant must present the passport (or a valid travel document) which shows the current limit of stay in Hong Kong.
    Present the evidence / reasons to support the applicant requiring to prolong his/her stay in HK.
    The applicant may have to show he/she possesses sufficient fund to support her extension of stay (i.e. cover her living cost) in Hong Kong.
    In some cases, the tourist applicant may be required to provide more supporting documents when requested by the HK Immigration Department.

The tourist may appoint a representative to submit the application and supporting documents for extension of stay (when he/she is unable to attend). The tourist applicant must authorize in writing a representative to submit the application and present the supporting documents.

visa processing time in hong kong

Citizens of these countries will have to fill in a pre-arrival registration form before entering the country. With this they can stay up to 14 days in the country. If you apply for this, you can avoid wasting hours in the airport waiting to fill out the landing slip. By paying a small fee, you will be able to enter Hong Kong quickly and stress free.

This registration can be done online, the documents required are:

  • Passport which is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Hong Kong.
  • Valid e-mail address
  • Approved means of payment

Standard processing – You will get your notification slip in 2 days, and you will be charged USD 20.00.

Rush processing _ this will take 36 hours for processing and you need to pay USD 50.00.

Super Rush processing – this is the fastest option and it takes only 24 hours to receive the registration notification slip, but you will need to pay USD 70.00.

This pre-arrival registration is valid for six months and can be used to enter Hong Kong for tourism purposes.


If you have plans to live or work in Hong Kong, there are a few things that you should know about the visa requirements for entering the country. Thankfully, obtaining a tourist visa is not nearly as difficult as in many other countries around the world. Note that it is still important to read up on your country’s specific application requirements before applying for this type of visa.

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