Transnistria Visa For Pakistani

Are you a Pakistani national and want to visit Transnistria? If yes, you need to know about the visa procedure for Pakistanis, which is somewhat different from other nationals.

Touriago offers Transnistria visas for Pakistani citizens. If you want to travel to western Europe and travel along the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and France, the Touriago visa is the winner. Why? Because it gives you a very affordable option of traveling without needing to use your passport much.

The government of Transnistria declared its independence from Moldova in 1990 and since then has been asking for de-facto independence from bigger states. The population of the Transnistrian region is now a little over half a million people while the rest of the people live in Moldova. If you are heading towards this region to explore places, monuments and touristic destinations, you should go through information about Transnistria visa requirements because without visa you can’t take advantage of local attractions.

If you are a Pakistani citizen and would like to travel to Transnistria, you must first apply for a visa. If you do not have a valid passport and cannot obtain one, then you must have a letter from the Pakistani embassy in your country of residence that states that it is impossible for you to get a passport.

You can apply for a visa at the consulate-general in Odessa, Ukraine or the consulate-general in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. You must also provide all of the necessary documents as requested by the consulate.

If you are applying at the consulate-general in Odessa, Ukraine, then you will need to send your passport copy and two photos with your name written on them; both photos should be taken within the last three months. The consulate will also ask for proof that you received education in English; this can be an official letter from your school stating that they taught English at least two years ago or an official certificate from an exam such as TOEFL or IELTS showing that they took it within five years ago (with a score of at least 80).

Transnistria Visa For Pakistani

Are you a Pakistani citizen and want to travel to Transnistria? If yes, then you need to know that Transnistrian visa is not required for Pakistanis. If you are traveling with a tour guide or tour operator, they can apply for your visa on your behalf through the tour company. But if you have not booked any tour package or plan to visit Transnistria independently, then you will have to apply for a visa in person at the Consulate General of Transnistria in Moscow.

The Consulate General of Transnistria in Moscow is located at: 17/4, Pochtamtsky Prospect. The opening hours are from 9 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 5 pm on working days (Monday through Friday).

Visiting Transnistria is possible with a visa. The Transnistrian Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan issues visas to Pakistani citizens who wish to visit Transnistria. You can apply for the visa through our office and we will deliver it to your address.

If you are planning a trip to Transnistan, you will need a visa. To obtain a visa, please fill out the form below and submit it with all required documents.

Transnistria does not require foreign visitors to obtain a visa; they can stay for up to 45 days without a residence permit. Also, citizens of 3 other Post-Soviet disputed states can travel visa free to Transnistria. All members of the Community for Democracy and Rights of Nations have agreed to abolish visa requirements for their citizens. This includes:

 Abkhazia Republic of Artsakh Donetsk People’s Republic Luhansk People’s Republic South Ossetia

Visa requirements for Pakistani citizens are administrative entry restrictions imposed on citizens of Pakistan by the authorities of other states. As of April 2022 Quarter 2 of 2022, Pakistani citizens had visa-free, visa on arrival, or e-visa access to 31 countries and territories ranking the Pakistani passport 109th in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley Passport Index .


Pakistanis can travel without visa to the breakaway territory of Transnistria. You can apply for this visa through, a website based in Italy. This is a best-kept secret among travel agents and tour operators as it does not get many visitors each year. Most of the visitors come from Russia, Moldova and Ukraine.

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