Afghanistan Visa For Pakistani

Pakistanis that wish to visit Afghanistan will need an Afghan visa stamped into their passport, whether it’s for religious, leisure, business or medical purposes. The Afghan visa stamp will be issued once you are granted approval for your visa type. If you are apprehensive about the Afghanistan visa application process and entry formalities, allow lomelono to guide you through the application process.

Afghanistan Visa For Pakistani

Visa is one of the basic requirements for going abroad. We can easily get the visa in our home country but what if you are planning to visit a foreign country. There are so many countries that require visa before stepping into their land but Pakistani citizens do not need any visa for many countries like Iraq, Ukraine and Armenia. The situation is different in Afghanistan where Pakistani have to go through lengthy process in order to get Afghanistan Visa For Pakistani .

Hello Pakistani! Now you can apply for Afghanistan visa online. No need to visit consulate or embassy to apply Afghanistan visa anymore. Just follow our step by step guide and complete online application process in no time. You may also install our mobile app “Afghanistan Visa For Pakistan” on your Smartphones and tablets so that you can fill the Application Form while you are on the go!

Visa Application

Afghanistan Visa For Pakistani

This Embassy deals with the visa applications falling within its consular jurisdiction. In Afghanistan there are four consulate generals who are authorized to issue Pakistani visas and deal with consular affairs other than the Embassy, Namely  Jalalabad,  Mazar-e-Sharif,  Kandahar and  Herat.

The Embassy of Pakistan has full right to grant or reject the visa application to any person without any reason. In principle, no Visas are issued to foreigners on following grounds;

  1. Person of unsound Mind
  2. Destitute / person with no fixed place of residence
  3. Person convicted of criminal offences
  4. Smugglers, purveyors of contraband goods
  5. Persons whose name are in blacklist
  6. Persons whom presence in Pakistan would be prejudicial to the interest of Pakistan.

Categories of the Visa:

The Embassy is authorized to issue visa in three categories;

  1. Single entry
  2. Multiple Entry
  3. Transit

The issuing authority determines the category of visa to be issued according to specific provisions of the instructions and the merits of each applicants.

Type of Visas:

The Embassy will grant visas for the following purpose /type of the visas to the foreigners;
Visit, medical, student, business/work, official.

Pre-requisite for visa to Afghan Nationals

  • There is no visa fee for Afghan Passports except business/work men.
  • Applicant must have valid, Machine Readable passport.
  • Applicant will have to show presence in personal
  • Applicant has to provide complete filled application form (single pager) with signature and thumb impressions (Bio Matric Form) which is available on this site, copy of Passport and two photographs
  • Applicant has to provide TAZKIRA copy and show original Tazkira at time of submission of application
  • Applicants who are temporary residing in Pakistan will have to provide one verifiable address in Pakistan along with active telephone numbers and similar information is required for within Afghanistan.
  • Applicants who are applying for medical visa will have to provide updated original as well as copies of medical transcripts from recognized or Government hospitals or Have to provide medical appointment letter from any reputable medical institutes from Pakistan along with medical transcripts.
  • Applicants who are going for training / workshops/ Official works/ will have to provide the Invitation letter from Pakistan and Recommendation letter from organization working in Afghanistan.
  • Applicants who are going to visit any embassy will have to provide the invitation letter from that Embassy along with other supportive documents.

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