Azerbaijan Visa For Pakistan 2021

Travelling to Azerbaijan? It may come as a surprise that there are many travellers from Pakistan who travel to Azerbaijan for various purposes. In case you are one of them, you may need to get your visa done. Chartered flights from Azerbaijan direct to Pakistan carry out the duty of getting the visas of their passengers directly from the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Islamabad without having any hassle at all.

Azerbaijan visa is issued to the citizens of Pakistan applying at the embassy of Azerbaijan in Islamabad. A citizen of Pakistan can visit this country without a visa up to 30 days. After the expiry of 30 days, the citizen of Pakistan should request for the extension of Azerbaijan visa from the nearest police station in order to get permission to stay and continue his/her trip. We will base our discussion today on – Azerbaijan Visa For Pakistan 2021. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: when azerbaijan visa will open for pakistan and azerbaijan visa requirements

Azerbaijan Visa For Pakistan 2021

The “Azerbaijan visa 2021” is issued to the applicants by the Azerbaijani Government at the invitation of that country. Nowadays, it is being commonly called it as Azerbaijan business visa (21/30) or Azerbaijan tourist visa (21/30). However, the official name is “Business Visa” or “Entertainment Visa 21”. This Azerbaijan visa for Pakistan is a single entry visa, therefore, you can enter in Azerbaijan only once and leave only once during the validity period of 5 years.

The Embassy of Azerbaijan in Islamabad, Pakistan has announced that they will offer visa on arrival to citizens of Pakistan. The visa is open only to tourists and cannot be used for business reasons or employment in Azerbaijan . The announcement was made by the Embassy via their Facebook page on November 3, 2017. Those traveling to Azerbaijan for tourism can visit the website of the Embassy and download an application form. On November 8, 2017, the Embassy posted an additional announcement regarding the visa on arrival.

Azerbaijan e-Visa: Entry Requirements for Pakistani Nationals

All travelers from Pakistan who are planning a trip to Azerbaijan need to be in possession of the following: a valid passport, accessible email address and a valid debit/credit card.

Pakistani Passport Prerequisites to Visit Azerbaijan

All Pakistanis will need to have a valid passport. According to the requirements, the passport should be valid for a minimum period of six months after the intended date of arrival in Azerbaijan.

When a traveler’s passport will expire within six months after having entered Azerbaijan, the traveler will have to renew his/her passport before applying for an Azerbaijan visa.

Pakistani citizens who need to apply for a visa may upload a clear digital copy of their passport’s biographical page rather than visiting the nearest consulate or embassy in person.

When an applicant has dual citizenship, the passport that the traveler will use to enter Azerbaijan must also be used when completing the application. If a different passport is presented when entering the country, the visa will become invalid.

Eligible Travel Purposes to Use the Azerbaijani e-Visa as a Pakistani

There are several types of visas for Azerbaijan that are available depending on the traveler’s purpose for visiting the country.

The Azerbaijani e-Visa can be used for a wide range of purposes that include:

  • Tourism
  • A business trip
  • Short-term medical treatment
  • Educational purposes
  • Attending a trade fair, business meeting or conference
  • Sports exchanges
  • Science
  • Culture
  • Humanitarian

Azerbaijan Visa Requirements for the Citizens of Pakistan

iVisa | Updated on Nov 03, 2022

On May 2017, the Azerbaijan government began issuing a special electronic visa for citizens of over 90 nationalities, fortunately, Pakistan is on the eligibility list. That means that you must learn about the requirements that need to be taken into consideration when filling out an application.

With you’ll be able to enjoy a fast and straightforward application process. If you’re ready to fill out your application, here is what you need to know.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have a Pakistani passport, do I need a visa to visit Azerbaijan?

Yes, now that Pakistan has been added once again to the eligible countries list, all Pakistani visitors wishing to travel to Azerbaijan will need to apply for a visa first. Thanks to, you can apply online. Click here to check the requirements,.

What is an Azerbaijan eVisa?

It is an official document that provides authorization to travel to and from Azerbaijan and is electronically linked to your passport.

How long can visitors with a Pakistani passport stay in Azerbaijan with an eVisa and how many entries do they have?

Pakistani citizens with an Azerbaijan eVisa will be able to stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days in Total and they have a Single Entry.

All visits are strictly limited to business or tourism, so you can NOT seek paid work or employment.

What are the documents required to apply?

Before completing our online application form, make sure that you have everything you need for a successful application process. Here is what you must provide:

  • Passport – all applicants need to have a passport that remains valid for at least another 3 months from the intended date of arrival in Azerbaijan. Otherwise, you risk having your application denied.
  • A passport scan – we only need the information page of your passport. Here you will find instructions on how to make the best passport scan for your application.
  • E-mail address – your visa will be sent to you via e-mail, so make sure that you include a valid e-mail address you have access to.
  • Means of payment – We accept multiple methods of payment such as credit/debit cards.

What are the processing times and prices?

For the processing time and the price of your Azerbaijan eVisa, you have three options with

  • Standard processing – your request is processed within 3 Business Days, for a very reasonable fee (USD $84.99).
  • Rush processing – this time, it takes only 2 Business Days for your application form to be processed, it costs a little more (USD $125.99).
  • Super Rush processing – if you want your Azerbaijan visa as fast as possible, this option is the right choice for you, as you will be able to get your travel documentation in as little as 6 hours. This fee (USD $172.99) is in accordance with the fast service you will receive.

Click here to start your application.

How does the Azerbaijan eVisa work?

Your Azerbaijan eVisa is issued electronically by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Azerbaijan Government.

Travelers, travel agents, airlines, and specialist service providers like us around the world can use Azerbaijan’s eVisa system to process an eVisa by entering the information into the Azerbaijan eVisa system. That is what does, and after the Azerbaijan government reviews it, we are notified of the outcome of the application.

How can I apply for an Azerbaijan eVisa?

The application to get your Azerbaijan eVisa is really easy and only takes 10 mins max. It only has three steps:

  1. The first step will ask you to fill in your general information. You also need to choose the processing time from the options mentioned above.
  2. The second step will ask you to revise step, verify your answers and make the payment.
  3. The last step consists of a questionnaire and a photo upload. At this point you need to upload your passport scan. Other documents may be required as well, but it depends on individual circumstances.

Click here to start. After you are done, submit your form and wait for your visa to arrive via email. In case you need assistance to fill out your application, has a fantastic customer support service that you can call 24/7.

What happens after I have applied?

Once the application is done, you will receive the Azerbaijan eVisa by email. No need to deal with the embassy, we do it for you so you don’t lose valuable time. Next, present a printed version of your eVisa along with your passport once you enter Azerbaijan.

How can I apply for my family or friends?

You can apply for friends or family by making sure to have all the required documents (you can see above in this article). In case you need to apply for more than one person, you can do so by clicking on ‘Add new applicant’ on the application form and completing the data required.

Do I need a transit visa if I have a layover Azerbaijan?

No. You do not have to get a visa if you are not going to leave the international transit area.

What can I do if I make a mistake in my application?

If you made a mistake when entering your data online then please contact our customer service representatives as soon as possible via online chat to assist you.

Your Azerbaijan eVisa is linked to your passport number, if we already submitted your application, then you can NOT make any changes and you will have to apply again but we will NOT charge you another service fee.

Is it safe to use to get my Azerbaijan eVisa?

We are a specialized service provider issuing official eVisas since 2013. Your personal information could not be safer. We provide maximum safety for your personal data, confidentiality, and we invest a lot in the security of our database. You can check what hundreds of happy customers say about us here.

I have more unresolved questions, where can I find more info?

For a faster resolution click here and start chatting with one of our customer service representatives. Alternatively, you can find more info and FAQs her

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