best places to eat in lahaina

best places to eat in lahaina

Lahaina is home to a wide range of restaurants, cafes and bars. People get confused with the choice of the best places to eat in lahaina. There are literally hundreds of restaurants to choose from. However, I did a little research for you… Lahaina Town is a historical resident on Maui. This town hosts several churches and other historical places that are worth exploring. The restaurants in this town are diverse, delicious and mouthwatering. The smell triggered by food that is cooking can make anyone hungry.

Best Places to Eat in Lahaina

Lahaina is a beautiful place to visit, full of history and culture. The island itself has a lot to offer in terms of things to do, but there’s one thing you should make time for while you’re there: the food. From fine dining to casual eateries, there are plenty of great places to eat in Lahaina. Here are our top picks!


Fish on Fourteen is an upscale seafood restaurant located right on the water in Lahaina Harbor. They have a wide variety of fresh fish options and their menu changes daily depending on what’s available from local fishermen. If you’re looking for something specific, ask your server what they recommend—they always know their stuff! The atmosphere here is wonderful: the sunsets are beautiful and the outdoor seating area is perfect for enjoying your meal with a view.


Lahaina Kitchen is another great option for seafood lovers! Their menu offers up fresh fish dishes like poke bowls, sushi rolls (including lobster!), salads made with locally sourced ingredients, and even some vegetarian options if that’s what floats your boat (pun intended). You’ll find this location just off Front Street in Lah

If you’re looking for the best places to eat in Lahaina, look no further than [restaurant name]. From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff who will make sure your every need is met. We have a wide range of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—from coffee and pastries to burgers and pizza—as well as an extensive bar menu with cocktails made by our talented mixologists.

Our menu features only the freshest ingredients available, so you can be assured that everything on it is delivered daily from local farms and purveyors. You’ll find fresh fish from our very own aquariums served alongside locally grown vegetables from our own garden. This ensures that all of our dishes are prepared using only the highest quality ingredients available—and nothing else!

We also offer a wide variety of vegetarian options for those who prefer plant-based diets but still want to enjoy the same delicious food that we offer our carnivorous guests. And if you’re interested in a healthier lifestyle but don’t want to give up eating out altogether? Our chefs are happy to prepare any dish gluten free or vegan upon request!

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1. Lahaina Grill

Opened in 1990, this multi-awarded restaurant inside the historic Lahaina Inn is a 55-seat bistro that serves contemporary dishes for your palate’s enjoyment.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

One of the best-rated restaurants in Lahaina, this place is a culinary mecca, with the sumptuous dishes ranging from steaks to Hawaiian specialties and made with the freshest ingredients sourced locally.

The elegant plating is hard to miss, too, perfect for your visual enjoyment.

The ambiance is fit for the beautiful dishes served in this dining establishment, with its gorgeous artwork from acclaimed colorist Jan Kasprzycki hanging throughout the restaurant and its flowery and colorful chairs that will remind you of the beauty of Hawaii.

What to Eat

Head to this restaurant for undoubtedly the best food in Lahaina.

The sauteed local mahi-mahi is a must-try, with its exquisite flavors from the perfect combination of the herbed mashed potatoes and the sauteed spinach with the gorgonzola cheese.

Don’t miss out!

2. Gazebo Restaurant at Napili Shores

This gorgeous cafe in the Napili Shores Resort by Outrigger is one of the best places to eat in Lahaina for typical American cuisine served in a casual setting.

And amazing views of the beach, of course!

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

This dining establishment is a popular hangout for its prime location that allows for spectacular views of Napili Bay.

Enjoy that sumptuous breakfast or brunch open-air with that perfect Lahaina sea breeze.

If you’re lucky, you can spot a humpback whale out in the waters!

What to Eat

The macadamia nut pancakes are a crowd favorite.

The nuts and the smooth, whipped cream are just the perfect complement to the soft pancakes that appear to melt in your mouth with every bite.

You’ll have a repeat, for sure.

3. Cool Cat Cafe

This retro 1950s-style diner is famous for its burgers touted as the most sumptuous in the area since 1994.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

The ambiance is perfect for the foodie looking to have a complete dining experience.

Enter the place and get transported back to the old days, when diners ate typical American food in retro leather booths and circular tables.

Eat on open-air lanai seating if you prefer the outdoors.

Undoubtedly one of the coolest dining establishments with its image-filled walls that are a blast from the past, this is one of the best birthday restaurants in Lahaina, with its huge servings guaranteed to delight your taste buds in every way.

What to Eat

Try the Bonanza for the ultimate burger experience.

Those sweet Maui onions on the three Angus beef burger patties, all topped with mayo and thousand island dressing will give you the perfect fusion of flavors that will leave you asking for more.

4. 808 Grindz Cafe

Undoubtedly one of the great Lahaina eats, this place is where you get your fix of delicious homemade Hawaiian specialties ranging from loco moco to Kalua pork.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

Your gastronomic experience won’t be complete without a taste of sumptuous local delicacies that make Lahaina a culinary mecca.

This place is one of the top Lahaina restaurants that serve huge dishes made from fresh ingredients so you can definitely expect a treat for the palate.

What to Eat

The Onolicious Pancakes are a famous house specialty, with your choice of flavors ranging from Hazelnut with Nutella to Maple Bacon and MacNut.

I recommend the Maple Bacon and MacNut pancakes topped with delicious coconut sauce.

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Fleetwood’s on Front St

Owned by rock and roll icon Mick Fleetwood, this is one of the best restaurants downtown serving sumptuous chef-inspired international cuisine in a classy setting.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

This place epitomizes fine dining in Lahaina.

Eat a sumptuous dish on the rooftop, with the resto’s soft lighting accentuating the beauty of the ocean right across you.

Undoubtedly one of the best dinner places in Lahaina, you can even see stars shining down on you if you look up.

What to Eat

The Kona Kampachi is definitely a must-try.

The sashimi-grade version of Hawaiian yellowtail will wow you with its sweet, clean flavor and firm texture in the mouth.

The wild rice soaked in mango jicama salsa and carrot puree are the perfect complement to the local delicacy.

Sale Pepe Pizzeria e Cucina

This award-winning restaurant in the heart of Lahaina is famous for its authentic Italian dishes served in a casual setting.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

Have a taste of Italy in this bistro that’s one of the most popular restaurants to try for its sumptuous food and great ambiance.

The dishes will remind you of Italy with every bite.

Add to that the fun ambiance and you have one of the perfect casual spots to eat in Lahaina.

What to Eat

The Quattro Stagioni is my favorite, with the amazing combination of flavors on a perfect pizza crust.

The fior di latte with quadrants of mushroom gives the blend of tomato, prosciutto cotto, kalamata olives, and artichokes an out-of-this-world taste that you’ll ask for more.

Honokowai Okazuya and Deli

This place is one of several local restaurants in the area that serve sumptuous plates with Asian influences.

This is where to eat in Lahaina if you want a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

You’ll have your best lunch in Lahaina in this place, with its amazing Asian dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients.

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