best places to eat in lake geneva

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best places to eat in lake geneva

I love sushi, Italian, and any other food you can eat with your hands (except for desserts — I like a clean plate), and that makes me an expert in the field of finding good places to eat in Lake Geneva. Sure, I’ve gone to fancy restaurants with candlelight and white tablecloths, but what did they really have aside from snooty waitstaff? That’s why this list is meant to help anybody looking for a place to grab a bite without the extra fuss. Lake Geneva is an interesting city; as a vacation destination, it has its own character. Besides being located on the Wisconsin shoreline of Lake Geneva, it’s also officially in two different states – Wisconsin and Illinois. As a popular vacation town, there are many places to eat in Lake Geneva to choose from – you don’t have to settle for fast food places or restaurants with less than 4 stars on Yelp!

The best places to eat in Lake Geneva are:

-Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet: Hibachi grill and supreme buffet is a great place to eat with your friends or family. The food is delicious, and they have many options to choose from. You can even choose the kind of meat you want on your plate. They also have an extensive salad bar with many different kinds of toppings for your salad. Hibachi grill and supreme buffet also has a large selection of desserts including cheesecake bites, chocolate cake, tiramisu, cannoli’s and more!

-Smokin’ Grill & Pub: Smokin’ Grill & Pub is another great place for dinner in Lake Geneva. They have a variety of burgers on their menu including veggie burgers and chicken burgers as well as sandwiches like a grilled cheese sandwich or a BLT sandwich. They also offer chicken wings in various flavors such as lemon pepper wings or hot wings! There is something for everyone at this restaurant!

-The Old Fashioned: The Old Fashioned is located right on Lake Ave in downtown Lake Geneva, WI; it has been serving up delicious food since 1852! The Old Fashioned offers everything from steaks to seafood dishes including fish fry dinners every Friday night during Lent

Lake Geneva has a lot of restaurants, and it can be hard to know which ones are good and which ones aren’t. We’ve done the legwork for you and come up with a list of our favorite places to eat in Lake Geneva.

The first place on our list is [restaurant name]. It’s located right on the lake, so if you want to take in the view while you eat, this is your place! The food is delicious, and they even have an outdoor patio where you can enjoy your meal while listening to live music on the weekends.

Next up is [restaurant name]. This restaurant has great service and delicious food at reasonable prices. They also have an awesome kids menu if you’re looking for somewhere to take your family out for dinner!

Last but not least is [restaurant name]. This place specializes in Italian cuisine, but they also serve American favorites like burgers and fries. You’ll love their selection of wines too!

unique restaurants in lake geneva

Anthony’s Steak House

This eatery was founded in 1978 and is still going strong.

In this Lake Geneva Wisconsin restaurant, you will be greeted by Tony the 87-year-old owner who still loves this restaurant as much as the day he started it. 

It’s one of those comforting, welcoming familiar kinds of restaurants. It harks back to the past and fills you with nostalgia for times gone past. 

The menu is large featuring everything from soups to seafood and of course lots of steaks. It’s hearty food served with a smile. And it is also quite friendly on your wallet which is also a plus.

Everything about this place screams wholesome and if this is the kind of food you love this place is perfect for you.

Egg Harbour Cafe 

The taste you love, ingredients you trust and service you savor are what this restaurant in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, is all about. They have been serving breakfast, brunch, and lunch here since 1985 and the locals love it.

They specialize in all-natural organic, top quality, produce and the Egg Harbour menu does have lots of other things on offer.

The menu will delight meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike and they do have a gluten-free menu. 

The food is creative and innovative and always fresh, delicious, and free of additives. If you can grab breakfast or lunch here you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Baker House Is One Of The Best Restaurants In Lake Geneva Wisconsin

This is fine dining in a historic 129-year-old Victorian-style mansion. I’m not sure life gets much better than that.

They say this is the place where reality fades and decadence takes center stage. How could you not want to go! 

It’s all vintage glamour and lake views served with somewhat of a theatrical flair. They even hold Murder Mystery and cabaret-themed events here. 

The menu changes often but it is fine dining type fare. Items like braised beef short ribs and homestyle fried chicken have appeared on the menu. They also serve cheese fondue and great Charcuterie plates. 

Oh and chocolate fondue for dessert anyone? This is one of the best Lake Geneva restaurants if you are celebrating or treating someone. It just feels so special and luxurious yet quirky.

Next Door Pub And Pizzeria

You can’t go wrong with pizza and this pizza is considered one of the best in the area. The pizzas are made from scratch, stone hearth-fired, and delicious. 

The ambiance is friendly and casual and with 40 years serving the local community, this restaurant knows how to do pizza.

It has many awards and accolades to its name including ‘Best of Walworth County’ for the categories of Best Pizza, Best Pub, Best Casual Dining, and Best Overall Restaurant. 

The menu is extensive with pizza just a fraction of it. You can build your own pasta bowl, eat pub grub, or order the house specials.   

Though it’s famous for its Garbage Pizza, a pie topped with cheese, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions, the menu features burgers, pasta, and sandwiches, too.

There are several vegetarian options here a gluten-free menu and some items that will work for vegans.  

Grand Geneva Resort

Fun fact about this place, it was the country’s first Playboy Club Hotel. Now it’s an up-market resort and spa with a great dining offering. 

There are multiple restaurants here all overseen by executive chef Nelly Buleje who has worked at the hotel for 17 years. While there are many restaurants here the Ristorantè Brissago is one of the best.

It takes a contemporary approach to traditional Italian cuisine. The menu often changes here and it is all great food that offers something different or unique. 

The staff here are dedicated to helping vegetarians, vegans, and people who are gluten-free. If you don’t see anything on the menu ask as they will prepare something suitable for you. 

The Geneva Chop House is also in the hotel and they even have an igloo experience you can dine in here. When it comes to Lake Geneva restaurants there are many to choose from here.

Lake Geneva Pie Co

As the name suggests this place is known mostly for its pies.  Banana cream, lemon meringue, and strawberry rhubarb that kind of thing, pot pies and quiches are also in high demand here. 

It’s a place where its reputation precedes it and it lives up to all the hype. The pies are delicious but you can also have sandwiches and salads if pies are not your thing. 

affordable restaurants in lake geneva

Sopra Bistro

Seasonally driven and globally influenced are what this Lake Geneva restaurant is all about. This is a fine-dining farm-to-table experience. 

It’s a laid-back place that somehow also manages to feel invigorating and fresh. The restaurant is located in downtown Lake Geneva.

Menu items include things like roasted bulls blood beet, lobster wontons, and pork with wild mushrooms. Vegetarians are served well here and vegans could get a mix of appetizers happily. 

If you love great innovative food in a relaxed environment this is one of the restaurants in Lake Geneva Wisconsin for you. 

Avant Cycle Cafe

A coffee and a bike shop, oh yes only in Lake Geneva. Here you can get coffee with bike repairs and rentals. And getting around Lake Geneva on a bike really is something else. 

Located in the downtown Lake Geneva area this place really is unique and offers something very different. The coffee is excellent the shop /cafe spacious and the staff friendly. 

Don’t have a bike, pop in anyway. The coffee and pastries here really are that delicious. Lake Geneva WI restaurants really are unique.

 Simple Café

This place wants to change the world one bite at a time and as a vegan, I can get behind that philosophy.

Here you will find locally grown seasonal fare from some of the best artisan producers in the southeastern Wisconsin region. 

It’s a cafe with a bakery and market so you can also purchase items to take home with you. Fancy some Zachi Dark Chocolate to perk up your afternoon grab and go some after your meal. 

The bakery has too many goodies to go through here but the loaves of bread and cupcakes look amazing. 

The cafe is open for breakfast and lunch with the menu as you would expect catering to vegetarians vegans and those with intolerances. The menu is a mix of sandwiches, salads, soups, and a few extras like curry. 

The menu changes often in line with seasonality and availability but it’s always good.  This is one of the restaurants in Lake Geneva that has something for everyone.

Tuscan Tavern and Grill

Serving lunch and dinner as the name suggests they specialize here in Italian food and it’s oh so good.

It’s also a very vegan-friendly restaurant while there are no vegan menu items on the menu they will accommodate you really well and they have dairy-free wood-fired pizzas. 

The menu offers steaks, fresh seafood, Italian classics, pasta, and brick oven pizzas. They do also have a gluten-free menu.

The Pasta with green peas and sundried tomatoes, in a creamy vodka sauce, sounds delicious. 

If you love good Italian food this restaurant in Lake Geneva WI, will be perfect for you. 

Mars Resort Is One Of Coolest The Restaurants In Lake Geneva

Mars Resort is a classic Wisconsin Supper Club with a long history in the area. It is right on the beachfront of Lake Como which is a 4 mile trip from downtown Lake Geneva. 

If it’s warm try and sit on the patio as it descends right onto the beach.

Inside there is a supper-club feel with a piano bar player at the weekends. You can dine at the beach patio, an igloo, or inside and all the menus differ slightly. 

The food is classic American with things such as barbecue ribs and steak to fish fries. It’s a lovely restaurant for an evening out and has a great atmosphere. 

 Barrique Bistro & Wine Bar

Housed in a house/cottage indicative of this area this place has lovely lake views and a laid-back atmosphere. This restaurant in Lake Geneva Wisconsin is great for an evening of wine and good food.   

The kitchen is a self-proclaimed “fried free zone” so if lovely fresh food is your thing this is the place for you.

They focus on a fresh made-to-order menu with many vegan and gluten-free options. The menu is very fish-based with things like shrimp tacos, lobster roll, and crab cake sliders. 

The restaurant also does special events like Distillery Dinners and every Friday is Fresh Fish Friday where entrees are served at a reduced price. 

There are more than 80 plus wines on the menu here and if you want to know what wine suits your meal best just ask they are very knowledgeable. 

This Lake Geneva WI restaurant has the relaxing atmosphere of a lakeside cottage with views of the water from any seat in the restaurant.

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