best places to eat in lake placid

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best places to eat in lake placid

Lake Placid is a great tourist location. It offers tons of opportunity for entertainment, sports, and many other activities year round. This is why it’s a highly sought out spot for many people. If you’re going to be eating out a lot while you’re in Lake Placid, you might as well enjoy delicious food. The following are the best places to eat in Lake Placid . Located in the heart of its namesake village, The Lake House offers modern American cuisine with a fine dining twist. Enjoy sumptuous fare from executive chef Joshua Plaisted, and delight in a selection of specialty cocktails including French 75, Southside and Bee’s Knees.

When you’re traveling, it can be hard to know where to eat. You don’t want to get food poisoning or a bad meal, but you also don’t want to spend your whole trip looking for a place with good food. That’s why we’ve created this list of the top 5 best places to eat in Lake Placid!

  1. The Blue Moose Tavern: The Blue Moose Tavern has been around since the 1920s and is one of the most popular restaurants in town. It’s known for its delicious burgers, salads, and sandwiches. It’s a great place for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike!
  2. Tappan Eddy Pub: This pub has been around since 1996 and has been serving up some of the best pub grub in town ever since. Their menu includes wings and burgers as well as some healthier options like salads and wraps. They also have an extensive beer menu!
  3. Mario’s Restaurant: Mario’s Restaurant was founded by Mario himself back in 1958! He was originally from Italy but moved over here when he was just 15 years old (he came here legally). The restaurant is still run by his family today—they’ve been serving up authentic Italian cuisine

Lake Placid is a popular place to visit, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of great places to eat. Here are a few of our favorite spots:

-The Rusty Moose Bar & Grill: This bar and grill is located right on Mirror Lake, so you can enjoy the view while you eat. Their menu includes everything from burgers and chicken wings to fish tacos and pasta dishes. They also have an extensive drink menu, including many beers on tap, as well as wine and mixed drinks.

-The Blue Moose Tavern: If you’re looking for something more casual than The Rusty Moose Bar & Grill, then stop by The Blue Moose Tavern in downtown Lake Placid. They have a large selection of burgers and sandwiches, but their specialty is blueberry pie! You’ll find it on their breakfast menu every morning!

-Pier Diner: This diner is located on Mirror Lake Drive, making it a convenient place to stop for breakfast or lunch during your trip through town. They serve up classic diner fare like eggs benedict and pancakes with maple syrup—plus they have an impressive selection of specialty coffees!

unique restaurants in lake placid

1. Salt of the Earth Bistro

The Salt of the Earth Bistro is a renowned dining establishment that opened its doors in March 2017.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

End the day with your travel buddies at one of the best dinner places in Lake Placid, the Salt of the Earth Bistro.

It features an intimate atmosphere and an ever-changing menu of mouth-watering dishes inspired by various countries.

It is also one of the best birthday restaurants in Lake Placid because it offers reservations for the whole place, excellent service, and professionals ready to help you plan down to the last detail.

What to Eat

Try a tasty appetizer to start your meal by ordering the Ethiopian Spicy Shrimp.

It is a berbere spiced shrimp with a creamy peanut butter sauce and jollof rice.

Do you want to sample a flavorful entree?

Then, I suggest the Gambian Peanut Stew.

It consists of chickpeas, red peppers, a rich peanut sauce, green beans, ginger quinoa, tomatoes, and tofu.

2. The View Restaurant

The View Restaurant is a high-end eatery established in 2004 at the Mirror Lake Inn, a luxury 4-star hotel.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

Create new memories with your friends, family, or partner as you enjoy fine dining in Lake Placid at The View Restaurant.

This award-winning dining establishment boasts a refined ambiance, breathtaking nature views, excellent service, and innovative cuisine.

What to Eat

Order the Free Range Chicken if you prefer poultry-based dishes.

It includes local organic spinach, basmati rice, wild mushrooms, sweet onions, snow peas, and an apple-mustard cream.

The Apple Tart is a delectable dessert to sample to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Some ingredients are berries, New York State apples, and ginger ice cream.

3. Redneck Bistro

The Redneck Bistro is officially known as the Redneck Bistro, BBQ & Grill.

It opened to the public at the well-known hotel, The Pines Inn.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

Are you searching for the coolest Lake Placid eats to enjoy hearty American comfort food?

If you are, the Redneck Bistro is a fantastic choice.

It has a welcoming vibe, juicy burgers, a relaxed setting with charming decor, a lively bar, friendly staff, and refreshing beer.

What to Eat

The Redneck Brisket Quesadilla is a yummy option if you want to enjoy the ideal snack to partner your beer.

It is a quesadilla with smoked brisket, cheddar cheese, onions, peppers, and a side of salsa or sour cream.

I suggest the Hail Mary if you want to enjoy a thick, meaty burger.

It has 1/2lb patties with bacon, tomatoes, American cheese, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, bacon jam, and more.

4. Top of the Park

Top of the Park, founded in April 2015, is a well-loved bar and restaurant neighboring various must-visit attractions.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

Replenish your energy while taking a break from touring by dining at one of the best restaurants downtown or along Lake Placid’s Main Street, Top of the Park.

This magnificent restaurant offers an unforgettable lakefront dining experience, a full-service bar, and shareable plates for groups.

What to Eat

I recommend the Vegan Delight if you follow a meat-free diet.

It has marinated olives, smoked balsamic portabella mushrooms, red peppers, vegan pesto, cannellini hummus, and roasted pine nuts.

The Pan Seared Rainbow Trout is a tasty option if you love fish-based dishes.

It consists of pine nuts, bamboo rice, and a truffle vinaigrette.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Lake Placid Inn Boutique Hotel

affordable restaurants in lake placid

 Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals, nestled on the banks of Mirror Lake, is a highly acclaimed American dining establishment.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

Consider this outstanding eatery if you’re looking for best rated restaurants in Lake Placid to try various delicious dishes.

It offers a lakefront patio for outdoor dining, live music on selected nights, exquisite beers on tap, and an inviting ambiance.

What to Eat

The Southwest is a must-try to enjoy a flavor-rich salad.

It features a choice between pulled pork or grilled chicken with jack cheese, Romaine lettuce, onions, tortilla strips, cherry tomatoes, corn, ranch, and more.

If you prefer sandwiches, opt for the Smoked Reuben.

It includes house-smoked pastrami, Russian dressing, Swiss cheese, marbled rye, and sauerkraut.

Caffe Rustica

Caffe Rustica is a charming restaurant that opened in 2001 near several conveniences, like a supermarket, bank, and gas station.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

Are you searching for local restaurants to enjoy a peaceful meal with your companions?

Then, one of the best places to eat in Lake Placid is Caffe Rustica.

This stunning eatery has an outdoor area with comfortable seating amidst a picturesque landscape, Italian-inspired cuisine, and off-site catering services.

What to Eat

Try the Prosciutto Spiedini if you are sensitive to gluten.

It is baby arugula, fresh mozzarella, and balsamic reduction wrapped in prosciutto.

Sample an Italian favorite by ordering the Salsiccia Orecchiette.

It consists of olive oil, Fresno chilis, house-made Italian sausages, wilted arugula, goat cheese, tomatoes, and garlic.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Crowne Plaza Lake Placid, an IHG Hotel

7. Big Mountain Deli & Creperie

The Big Mountain Deli & Creperie, which opened in 2007, is a local favorite.

It offers uniquely flavored crepes and at least 46 sandwiches.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

The Big Mountain Deli & Creperie is one of the top Lake Placid restaurants to try all sorts of mouth-watering breakfast dishes.

It is easily accessible, featuring creative freshly brewed coffee, options for special diets, tasty salads, savory and sweet crepes, and a laid-back atmosphere.

What to Eat

Start your day with a breakfast burrito by trying out the Roaring Brook.

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