best places to eat in lexington

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best places to eat in lexington

What I love most about Lex is their food. If you ask anyone who grew up here, the first thing they will probably say is that the best place to eat in Lexington is Yum Yum’s. It’s one of my favorites too, but there are so many more The next place you should check out is El Rayo Taqueria. While I’ve never actually eaten at a mexican restaurant (just not my thing) I have heard rave reviews from people I trust. Of course there’s also Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, but if that’s really your thing you can just order online. Most Kentucky school districts serve a variety of foods derived from local farms and the nearby countryside. In fact, it would be very difficult to pinpoint the definitive “best place to eat” in Lexington since there are so many wonderful options in various areas. It is important to examine each area of Lexington in light of what is available for sale within close-by farms and local stores before making a final decision as to where you will take your family out for dinner.

Lexington is full of great places to eat and drink, so you can spend your time with your family, friends, or date in the best restaurants in town.

Whether you’re looking for a casual breakfast spot or a beautiful place for a romantic dinner, there are plenty of options for everyone in Lexington.

Here are some of our favorite places to eat in Lexington:

Alfredo’s Italian Restaurant

Alfredo’s Italian Restaurant has been serving Italian food since 1969. They have delicious pizza, pasta, and sandwiches that will keep you coming back again and again. If you’re looking for something more upscale than pizza and pasta but not quite as fancy as a steakhouse then Alfredredo’s is the perfect place for you!

The Bluegrass Grill & Bar

The Bluegrass Grill & Bar serves up delicious steaks that are sure to please any palate! The restaurant has been around since 1993 and has been voted as one of the best restaurants in Lexington by local residents year after year! If you’re looking for some great food with excellent service then this is definitely one place that should be on your list!

When you’re in Lexington, Kentucky and want to grab something to eat, it can be hard to know where to go. The city is home to a number of great restaurants and fast food joints, but the best places are often hidden in plain sight.

Here are some of our favorite places to eat in Lexington:

B&B Butchers & Restaurant

The meat at B&B Butchers & Restaurant is amazing! They have all kinds of steaks, pork chops, chicken and more. We love the fact that you can get your meat cooked just the way you want it here. You can also get delicious sides such as fried okra or mashed potatoes with gravy! When we’re looking for a great steak dinner, this is one of our favorite places in Lexington.

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants has locations across the United States including one right here in Lexington! We love coming here on date night because they have amazing food and wines as well as live music on certain nights each week. They also have an outdoor patio area where you can sit under twinkle lights while sipping some wine or beer.

unique restaurants in lexington

1. Corto Lima

corto lima

101 W Short Street
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 317-8796

Corto Lima is a cozy restaurant in downtown Lexington offering a creative Latin-inspired menu.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

Enjoy the light, siesta vibes of this restaurant with its white walls, huge clear windows, and hanging rattan lamps.

Indeed, this is one of the best restaurants downtown for chill midday hangouts with your friends.

What to Eat

Start with Just Fried Chips with the Salsa Trio and a few small plates like the Elote and Blue Corn Empanadas.

Then, get a plate of the Sugar Cane Shrimp.

2. OBC Kitchen

obc kitchen

3373 Tates Creek Road
Lexington, KY 40502
(859) 977-2600

OBC Kitchen is a local, chic gastropub in Lansdowne Shoppes known for its craft beer,wine, and bourbon.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

The exposed walls, dark wood and leather furnishings, long bar, and overall chill ambiance are a few reasons why this pub is among the best restaurants Lexington has to offer.

Here, you’ll be able to enjoy creatively flavored dishes in style.

The elegant aesthetic of this pub and its exquisitely presented meals will look stunning in your social media photos, for sure.

What to Eat

Begin your meal with a cup of Creole Chicken & Sausage Gumbo and Stack Salad.

Follow it up with the Potato-Horseradish Crusted Salmon.

3. Merrick Inn Restaurant

Merrick Inn Restaurant is a family-owned and operated upscale restaurant serving Southern cuisine in a manor house.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

Experience luxury when you eat a meal in this inn’s elegant dining space, complete with traditional chandeliers, white clothed-tables and dark-wood furniture, carpeted floors and cream walls.

It’s a lovely pick for fine dining in Lexington for its romantic ambiance, perfect for dates.

What to Eat

Choose a cup of Chef Cannon’s Soup du Jour and the Green Goddess Salad for your starters, the Pecan Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Merrick’s corn pudding and southern green beans for your main entree, and the Apple Brown Sugar Crisp Cobbler for dessert.

4. Coles 735 Main

coles 735 main

735 E Main Street
Lexington, KY 40502
(859) 266-9000

Coles 735 Main is a posh New American restaurant downtown serving locally-sourced dishes.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

Enjoy a bright and homey meal when you dine in this cozy restaurant, with its soft, throw-laden booth seats, pastel yellow walls, high ceilings, and overall country home vibe.

It’s among the best dinner places in Lexington if you want to experience upscale dining in a casual sort of way.

What to Eat

Begin your meal with the Truffle Infused Lobster Bisque followed by the Pan Seared Cobia.

Then, end with a serving of the Woodford Reserve Creme Brulee.

5. Carson’s Food & Drink

Carson’s Food & Drink is a modern, trendy speakeasy serving inventive cocktails and classic pub fare.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

The industrial-chic aesthetic of this pub, mixing brick walls with wooden furniture and exposed ceiling pipes with traditional chandeliers, creates an eclectic atmosphere that resonates well with young, creative patrons.

It’s definitely a top choice for the best birthday restaurants in Lexington if you prefer celebrating with your friends over good food and tasty cocktails.

What to Eat

Try the Ahi Poke Lettuce Wraps as your appetizer before enjoying a plate of Creole chicken and Shrimp with a side Caesar Salad.

best eats in lexington

6. Tony’s of Lexington

tony’s of lexington

401 W Main Street
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 955-8669

Tony’s of Lexington is a rustic-modern steakhouse known for its meat, seafood, and bourbon.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

There’s no doubt that this eatery is among the best rated restaurants in Lexington not only for its prime location and top-rate classic menu.

It is also A-rated for its stunningly unique aesthetic, mixing polished wood with black metal architectural details.

Add in the romantic, dim light look and the restaurant really feels elevated.

What to Eat

Enjoy a plate of Prince Edward Island Mussels before a plate of the Bucatini Primavera pasta.

Then, go for the New Zealand Rack of Lamb for your main course.

7. Red State BBQ

4020 Georgetown Road
Lexington, KY 40511
(859) 286-6155

Red State BBQ is a hometown eatery serving smoked meat, special sauces, and classic sides.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

The simple red and white building houses one of the most popular restaurants to try in town.

When you go inside, you’ll be greeted with classic red checker-clothed tables while your meals are served with paper-laden baskets.

This eatery is a testament that nothing beats the classic.

What to Eat

Keep to the classic with the Two Meat Plate (featuring Sliced Brisket and Pulled Chicken) served with Cole Slaw and Beer Cheese Grits.

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8. Josie’s

821 Chevy Chase Place
Lexington, KY 40502
(859) 523-8328

Josie’s is a country-modern American restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

Enter the adorable purple restaurant and have a seat amid the contemporary, rustic dining space.

Eating brunch here is sure to be a fun experience since you get to taste familiar flavors while relaxing in a cozy atmosphere.

What to Eat

Grab the Sweet and Meat Special featuring pancakes and sausage links with an extra Fruit Cup paired with a hot cup of coffee.

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