best places to eat in long island

best places to eat in long island

Though I am not an expert on website optimization, I have a friend who is. Because of this, I am in the unique position of being able to talk about the best places to eat in Long Island, and why certain restaurants deserve recognition. You see, he was recently honored by a popular search engine for his contributions to online marketing. This got me thinking about the kind of impact SEO has on local businesses. Whether you want to grab a quick bite before hitting the road or just need some inspiration for an upcoming meal, you will never be left wanting when traveling in Long Island. From fish tacos to sophisticated French cuisine and homemade ice cream, these 10 places are among the best in the area.

We all know Long Island is full of amazing restaurants. But with so many options, it can be hard to know where to go. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite places to eat in Long Island.

1: Waffle Bar & Grill

This restaurant is known for its delicious waffles, which come with a variety of toppings including whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate sauce. The staff here is friendly and welcoming, and they serve breakfast all day long!

2: The Bistro at the Long Island Hotel

This hotel restaurant has been around since 1846, making it one of the oldest establishments on Long Island today. They serve everything from salads to burgers to steak dinners—and everything in between!

3: The Cheesecake Factory

When you’re craving some cheesecake but don’t want just one slice, this is the place for you. They have over 30 different kinds of cheesecake on their menu each day! You’ll never be able to try them all in one sitting (we certainly couldn’t), but you can sure try!

When people think of Long Island, they often think of the beach and other vacation-worthy activities. However, there are also some pretty amazing restaurants and cafes that are worth checking out if you’re looking for a bite to eat or a spot to relax with your friends. Here are a few of our favorite places to grab a bite in Long Island

This local favorite is one of the best places to eat in Long Island. The menu is always changing, but there’s always something delicious on offer! They have an extensive wine list and an equally impressive cocktail list—you’ll want to try something new every time you rant name]

This casual cafe serves breakfast all day long, as well as lunch and dinner options that will satisfy any appetite. They’re known for their daily specials, which are sure to keep regular customers coming back again and again! If you’re looking for some delicious food while staying close to home (and don’t mind getting your hands dirty), then this is definitely one place worth trying out!

best restaurants in long island

1. Verona Ristorante – Farmingdale

One of the best places to dine in Long Island when you’re craving Italian food is Verona Ristorante in Farmingdale. This bistro serves authentic and hearty dishes that will be enjoyed by everyone in your group, from pasta to delectable seafood, you can expect only the best at Verona. If you’re planning a romantic dinner with your partner or an intimate birthday celebration with your closest friends and families, the restaurant can arrange private functions that will be tailored to your needs too!

2. Maureen’s Kitchen – Smithtown

There’s no better way to start the day than being served with overloaded comfort food. Maureen’s Kitchen in Smithtown is the place to be for breakfast fans who enjoy a simple menu served home-style. For sweet options, this joint offers pancakes like lemon-poppy ricotta with blueberries or Reese’s topped with banana. They also have a croissant french toast and skillet selection for breakfast. Maureen’s Kitchen is typically open until 2pm only, so treat your family to a hearty lunch here too!

3. Sandbar – Cold Spring Harbor

Sandbar is run by James Beard Award-nominee chef Guy Reuge, who created a true farm-to-table restaurant in a trendy, upscale environment. The menu at Sandbar rotates with the season to give you the freshest most flavorful ingredients in your favorite seafood specialties and even in comfort food. The casual yet classy ambiance of this place to eat in Long Island will make you feel like you’re a member of an exclusive boat club, so you may want to leave your jeans at home for this one. But don’t let the upscale environment scare you away, dinner entrees start at around 24 USD and lunch entrees hover around 15 USD.

4. Mosaic – St. James

Mosaic may get its name from its ever-changing menu (maybe – honestly, I kind of made that part up) but the menu does change almost every day based on what fruits and vegetables are in season. Just kidding – there actually is not a set menu. Essentially you just let the chefs know of foods you are allergic to, any dietary needs, and any foods you really don’t like. Based on this information, the chefs will curate a wonderful five course meal for you, that you are sure to love. But warning, you will likely be out of your comfort zone, so this fine-dining place in Long Island may not be for those who don’t like to relinquish control.

best eats in long island

Tullulah’s – Bay Shore

Like some of the other restaurants, Tullulah’s also features a rotating menu that offers a wide variety for all types of foodies, while being best known for its seafood, steak, and cocktails. But what is definitely special about Tullulah’s is its speakeasy vibe, that’ll transport you into a world of effortless perfection. Everything from the menu, to the drinks, to the people inside the restaurant just work with one another to create the perfect atmosphere. Plus they also have an amazing brunch.

 Salumi – Massapequa

While Salumi may not look like much from afar, its rustic vibe and tapas style menu will amaze you. The dishes are all inspired from Italian and Spanish cuisine, transporting you to these places without having to take a transatlantic flight. Some of the more popular menu items include the buratta small plate, empanadas (fillings change weekly), or any of their “boards” (Spanish, Italian, market, or make you own – they’re essentially different types of charcuterie plates). Salumi also serves brunch on the weekends, and has a pre-fixed menu for larger groups to make things easier!

 Prime – Huntington

  Prime is prime. Sorry for the terrible pun (is that even a pun?), but Prime definitely tops the restaurant list for steak and sushi (yes this is a pretty popular combination of foods for restaurants on LI). It sure is one of the popular restaurants in Long Island. Prime’s dining room is beautiful and can make even the simplest of dinners an elegant occasion; when the weather permits you can even eat outdoors on the deck, overlooking the water. If you happen to be sailing in, you can even dock your boat at the restaurant and just stroll on in (just make sure you’re dressed appropriately)!

Farm Country Kitchen – Riverhead

The Farm Country Kitchen will bring you to a rustic wonderland. The restaurant is located inside a renovated colonial home, which boasts all kinds of old world charm. The chefs always bring you a taste of local flavor in all of their dishes, and include sandwiches, paninis, pasta, and meat options. If you’re only in the area for a bit or want to take your meal to go, they also have boxed lunches that still give you a delicious meal but also allow you to explore the beautiful vineyards too (if that’s your thing).

Hush Bistro – Farmingdale

Hush Bistro is more than your average bistro. It’s actually a bistro and bar that has a secretive yet cozy feel. Chef and owner of Hush Bistro, Marc Anthony Bynum, has actually won the Food Network show Chopped twice, so you know the food has to be great. He creates eclectic and innovative dishes, so while the menu may be limited, you won’t be disappointed with anything on it.

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