best places to eat in louisiana

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best places to eat in louisiana

The best places to eat in Louisiana are the ones that serve authentic food that keep the traditions of the South alive. In order to get this done, here is a list of great restaurants in Louisiana where you can enjoy delicious cajun shrimp, fried alligator, and boiled crawfish while listening to the accordion music. Whenever you are traveling, searching for the best places to eat in Louisiana can be quite a difficult task. The place where it has more concentration of restaurants is New Orleans also known as the La(a)La, which basically indicates “that”. La means yes, and LaLa is basically used when someone or someone is too happy to say yes that he/she can’t even pronounce it properly.

Louisiana is known for its distinct culture and cuisine, and its restaurants are no exception. From the traditional favorites you’ll find all over the south to the unique creations that can only be found in Louisiana, here are our picks for the best places to eat in Louisiana.

1) Café Du Monde – If you’re in New Orleans, there’s no better place to start your day than at Café Du Monde, famous for their French-style beignets. They’ve been serving up breakfast 24 hours a day since 1862, so you know they’ve got this down pat!

2) Cochon Butcher – This Cajun-Creole restaurant is a favorite in New Orleans because it combines two of Louisiana’s biggest culinary exports: pork and seafood. Their menu includes everything from shrimp to oysters to rabbit sausage; if you’re feeling more adventurous, try one of their specialty sandwiches like The Cochonwich or The Muffuletta!

3) Commander’s Palace – This historic restaurant has been serving up upscale Creole cuisine since 1880; if you want to sample some local favorites like turtle soup or shrimp remoulade without breaking the bank then Commander’s Palace is a great choice! You can even take a tour of their

Louisiana is home to some truly amazing food. From Cajun-Creole cuisine to New Orleans-style favorites, you’ll find a wide variety of delicious food in Louisiana. Here are the top five places to eat in Louisiana:

  1. The French Market Restaurant, New Orleans: This restaurant serves up classic Creole and Cajun dishes with an upscale twist. Try the Gumbo Ya Ya or crawfish etouffee for an unforgettable meal!
  2. Galatoire’s Restaurant, New Orleans: This historic restaurant has been serving up traditional Creole cuisine since 1905. Their shrimp remoulade is a must-try!
  3. Dooky Chase Restaurant, New Orleans: This restaurant is known for its Creole cuisine, which features staples like gumbo, jambalaya, and red beans and rice with sausage links or ham hocks depending on your preference!
  4. Brennan’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar: This restaurant has been serving up classic Creole cuisine since 1946! Their signature dish is oysters Rockefeller served over spinach with a rich sauce made from butter and herbs then topped off with bacon bits!
  5. Parkway Bakery & Tavern: If you love meat pies then this place is calling your name! Their classic

famous restaurants in louisana

1. Commander’s Palace

Tucked away in the New Orleans Garden District, Commander’s Palace has been Louisiana landmark since 1893. Renowned chefs like Paul Prudhomme, Tory McPhail and Emeril Lagasse all launched their careers in this kitchen. Located at 1403 Washington Avenue New Orleans LA 70130

2. Herby-K’s

For over 80 years, Herby-K’s has been serving up their own spin on classic dishes. They’re known for their Shrimp Buster, flattened shrimp po’boy with a secret red sauce. Located at 1833 Pierre Avenue Shreveport, LA 71103

3. Juban’s

A wonderful family owned fine dining restaurant in Baton Rouge, it’s the best place to go if you’re in the mood for a steak. Located at 3739 Perkins Road Baton Rouge, LA 70808

4. Antlers

Right in the beautiful historic district in downtown Lafayette is the oldest bar in Lafayette, Antlers. Established in 1921, they’re much more than a bar. Their menu has some amazing Cajun and Southern food that’ll have you coming back for more. Located at 555 Jefferson Street Lafayette, LA 70501

5. Middendorf’s

Famous for their thin fried catfish, Middendorf’s has been a staple in the Manchac area for all things seafood. Get a plate of Alligator bites for the table, you won’t regret it! Located at 30160 Hwy 51 S. Akers, LA 70421

unique restaurants in louisana


The oldest family owned restaurant in the country, Antoine’s has been serving up world-class cuisine in a luxurious atmosphere since 1840. Each one of their 14 dining rooms have a unique history, so be sure to ask for a tour when you visit. Located at 713 St. Louis Street New Orleans, LA 70130


Over a hundred years old and still amazing. You can always count on Galatoire’s for an amazing dining experience. Located at 209 Bourbon Street New Orleans, LA 70130


Prejean’s has been feeding the Lafayette area for over 35 years and it’s definitely worth the trip. No matter when you go, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing experience. Located at 3480 N.E. Evangeline Thrwy. Lafayette, LA 70507

 Steamboat Bill’s

Voted the best crawfish in southwest Louisiana, Steamboat Bill’s is the place to go for amazing seafood. Steamboat Bill’s has multiple locations in Lake Charles, Deridder, and Alexandria, so you’re never too far from delicious seafood.

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