best places to eat in lower manhattan

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best places to eat in lower manhattan

You’re looking for the best places to eat in lower manhattan but you don’t know where to start. Well, look no further because I’ve got you covered. There are so many restaurants in lower Manhattan and it’s not always easy to narrow down your choices. Because of this, I decided to create this list of my favorite restaurants in lower Manhattan with more detailed reviews on each restaurant. Whether you’re visiting NYC or have lived in The Big Apple all your life, you will probably agree that food is pretty important. There’s nothing quite like the taste of New York even though the city does have its own unique cuisine. In this article we’ll be exploring some of the best places to eat in Lower Manhattan.

If you’re looking for the best places to eat in lower Manhattan, look no further. This guide will help you find the perfect place for whatever your taste buds are craving!


If you’re craving Italian food, check out [restaurant name]! Their homemade pasta is made with fresh ingredients and served with a classic sauce. They also have a variety of pizzas and salads. This spot is great for pizza lovers who want something different from their usual slice.


If you’re looking for American food, try [restaurant name]. They offer all your classic favorites like burgers and fries as well as some more unique options like wings and chicken tenders. This spot is great for those who love classic American dishes but want something new too!


If Mexican food is what you’re craving then head over to [restaurant name]. This restaurant offers traditional Mexican dishes such as tacos and fajitas as well as some more unique options like burritos and quesadillas. This spot is great if you want something different from your usual burrito bowl or taco salad!

Lower Manhattan is a great place to grab a bite to eat, no matter what you’re in the mood for. Whether you’re looking for an upscale dinner at a Michelin-star restaurant or a casual lunch, there are plenty of options that will satisfy your palate and your wallet.

If you’re looking for a high-end meal, try [restaurant name] in Soho. This French restaurant has been serving up classic dishes since it opened in 1998, and it’s still one of the best places to eat in lower Manhattan today. They have an extensive wine list and even offer private dining rooms if you want to celebrate something special without feeling crowded by other diners.

For something more casual, check out [restaurants name]. They offer delicious American food at affordable prices, so you can get quality food without breaking the bank. Their menu includes everything from burgers and fries to salads and sandwiches—and everything on it is homemade!

If you’re looking for something sweet, head over to [restaurants name] for some delicious desserts or ice cream treats! You’ll find classic favorites like chocolate chip cookies or Oreos along with unique offerings like cotton candy gelato or cookie dough soft serve ice cream cones!

unique restaurants in lower manhattan

Clinton Hall; Financial District

Clinton Hall is not the kind of place you go to get something green. The sprawling spot in lower Manhattan’s bustling Seaport District really leans in to its beer-and-burger reputation. You can choose from more than 20 options of each (the Fondue Burger and Donut Grilled Cheese are can’t misses), plus waffle stacks piled so high, you’ve got to pull some sort of jaw-unhinging maneuver to conquer them.

Where to find it: 90 Washington St., New York, NY 10006 (plus three other locations)

Quality Eats; West Village

This spot is where quality and Instagram-ability intersect. The mains are meat-heavy — there’s an entirely separate steak menu — and the sides cover a lot of ground, from Southern hush puppies to Mexican corn. Come for brunch to enjoy the iconic Strawberry Pistachio Morning Bun; it’s millennial pink.

Where to find it: 19 Greenwich Ave., New York, NY 10014 (plus two other locations)

Quality Italian; Midtown

Enter this restaurant hungry and with a crowd. This is Quality Eats’ sister eatery, and it’s modeled like an Italian-American steakhouse — meaning dishes are saucy and portions are huge. People come for the chicken parm alone, which is pounded flat into the shape of a pizza and served in slices.

Where to find it: 57 W 57th St., New York, NY 10019

David Burke Tavern; Upper East Side

David Burke Tavern is one of the handful of restaurants owned by chef David Burke (he also owns David Burke Kitchen and Woodpecker by David Burke, just to name a few). The menu is inventive and the atmosphere is cozy yet elegant. Plus, they have a mean happy hour special. One of our favorites from the brunch menu is the Titanic French Toast, which is doused in butter and topped with a sweet berry maple syrup. YUM.

Where to find it: 135 E 62nd St, New York, NY 10065

Tompkins Square Bagels; East Village

This bagel shop almost broke the internet when it introduced birthday cake and cookie dough flavored cream cheeses. Now, the menu boasts 30-plus spread options — including classic schmears that appease picky kids and New Yorkers alike.

Where to find it: 165 Ave. A, New York, NY 10009 (plus one other location)

best eats in lower manhattan

Flex Mussels; West Village

Most people come here for the more than 20 mussel pots, as you should, too. But know that the restaurant’s got more than just its namesake dish — like bacon, egg, and cheese poutine on the brunch menu and an insanely creamy lobster mac and cheese to share at dinner.

Where to find it: 154 W 13th St., New York, NY 10011 (plus one other location)

Chuck & Blade; Chelsea

Forget what you know about steakhouses. This one is fun, young, and filled with exciting menu items beyond just giant cuts of meat. Take the Bocce Ball, for example — a deep-fried ball of the house mac and cheese, stuffed with even more cheese.

Where to find it: 184 8th Ave., New York, NY 10011

The Meatball Shop; Lower East Side

If there’s something you’d like done to a meatball, The Meatball Shop has probably done it. The New York City-based chain’s seven locations serve five varieties of meatballs on sliders, in baguettes, on greens, and — for brunch — on an eggs benedict. Or, you know, you could just get the Bucket O’ Balls: a giant tub holding 25 meatballs.

Where to find it: 84 Stanton St., New York, NY 10002 (plus five other locations)

Thursday Kitchen; East Village

There is always a wait at this Korean-fusion small plates spot. But you’re also in the East Village, near a ton of bars that’ll provide entertainment and booze before your name is called. Get the edamame dumplings and one of the cocktails that’s served in a Capri Sun pouch with light-up ice cubes.

Where to find it: 424 E 9th St., New York, NY 10009

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