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Nowadays, birthday parties have become just as important as the birthday itself. No longer considered just for children, adults are joining in on the fun of publicly celebrating their birthdays. The reason for this is that it’s not uncommon in today’s society to gather 20 plus people at one time! Now that number excludes opening up a tab after all the drinks and food are ordered, oh no!

When it comes to a birthday party, the best place for it is your home. But sometimes, hiring a place like a hall or an indoor studio at times will be required. Mostly people hire party halls or commercial studio but there is always that fear of crowd and uncleanliness. In such cases there are Birthday Party Places in Guwahati which you can contact. We will base our discussion today on – Birthday Party Places In Guwahati. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: best birthday party places in guwahati and hotels for birthday party in guwahati

Radisson Blu Hotel

Set in a tranquil sector of Assam, the elegant Radisson Blu Hotel Guwahati offers stellar amenities and a restful location a short drive from the city center. Located on NH-37, our convenient hotel offers easy access to Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (GAU) and the nearby railway…

Urulee Bibah Bhawan

We are a family run restaurant serving up creative Chiness food, Indian food and also local cuisine made from locally sourced and sustainable ingredient. We believe in serving fresh meat and fresh fish. our restaurant opened in January 2017 and serves contemporary table service dinner.

Swargojyoti Events

We are a passionate family of party planners with more than a decade of experience producing one-of-a-kind spectacular celebrations. Established in 2006, ‘Swargojyoti Events’ is a full-fledged event management company operating out of Guwahati dedicated to quality and excellence in service. With a f…

Hotel Siroy Classic

Hotel Siroy Lily is the name of a pioneer 3 star category hotel in Guwahati, Assam. It is snuggly nestled in the heart of Guwahati city (Paltanbazar). We offer the vibrant cuisine from our kitchens and the unique hospitality that will make you feel special.

The Best Kids’ Birthday Party Places

Looking for fun, memorable places to have a birthday party? Check out our guide for locations across the country.
Kids at Birthday Party with Cake on Faces

Wish the birthday bash (and mess) wasn’t at your house this year? Check out our round-up of the best kids’ birthday party places to get inspired!

Bowling Alley

At a bowling party, partygoers will pick up vibrantly colored lightweight balls and head to designated lanes. You let the location know whether you want bumpers and ramps to make the experience easier for younger kids. Most bowling alleys also have pizza and drinks—and you can add cake, balloons, favors, and a pin the kids can sign to keep the party in your budget.

“The quality of the food is terrific; it’s not your typical bowling-alley fare,” says Dawn Loritz, whose son, Matthew, celebrated his 10th birthday at the Fort Worth location.

Swimming Pool

What kid can resist a dip in a swimming pool? You can choose a venue with lifeguards on staff, to free you up to lead activities like water games, rafting, and relay races with kickboards. Adults will be encouraged (and in some venues, required) to get in the water, too. No wonder a swimming pool is one of the best places to have a birthday party!

Staff members lead water games in the indoor pool, which is generally 4 feet deep. After swimming, it’s off to the party room, which is decked out in one of 10-plus themes you choose from, including mermaids and monsters. The price includes cake, balloons, themed decorations, and drinks. Pizza is available for an extra charge.

Bounce House

Let kids expend their energy by jumping on inflatable toys. A specialized bounce house venue is one of the most fun birthday party places for kids. They’ll go crazy for giant inflatable slides, obstacle courses, basketball nets, and more.

At BounceU, partygoers (and at least two staff) play for 45 minutes. For an older crowd, you might want to opt for a “cosmic” bounce: The kids get glow-in-the-dark accessories and bounce with the lights off. The drinks, decorations, and invitations are included; you can add pizza, favors, and more kids at an extra cost.

“It’s great for parties where kids are of mixed ages,” says Paulette Marcus, of Orange, Connecticut, who has held four of her 10-year-old daughter’s parties there. “Even when we had 27 kids at one party, because she invited her whole class, it never felt crowded.”

Baby and Toddler Gym

Looking for a first birthday party place? Consider looking for baby classes at a gym where babies and toddlers join in activities on cushy mats, tiny slides, and crawl-through tunnels. Some locations have a private party room for food after the gym session. One note: When making your guest list, keep in mind that kids ages 6 and up usually aren’t allowed on the equipment.

“The staff was happy to incorporate my son’s favorite elements, like playing peekaboo with colorful scarves and shaking maracas, from the Gymboree classes he’s been taking,” says Jan Baer, of Mountain View, California, whose son, Jaxon, had his first birthday party there. “I also like being able to bring in any food I wanted. We had pizza and Chinese food for the adults. Gymboree provided water and juice.”

Big Kid Gym

Are your party guests too old for Gymboree, but you like the idea of an active, energetic celebration? Just look at your local gym, which might be surprisingly fun for an older kid’s birthday party. Many fitness clubs, recreation centers, and YMCAs offer high-energy activities such as swimming, basketball, and games.

You decide whether you want the standard gym party or one of the exclusive themes, including princesses, superheroes, or pirates. Rebecca Sabela, of Fairfax, Virginia, chose the traditional gym party for her daughter’s fourth birthday but brought a cake and decorations with a Disney princess theme. “I liked having the party outside of the house but still being able to customize it,” says Sabela. “And my daughter and her friends went crazy over the gym’s moon bounce.”

Arts and Crafts Store

If your kid is a sucker for DIY projects, consider throwing an “arts and crafts” themed party. As a bonus, the crafts double as party favors, which means less work for you!

Michaels has more than 1,250 locations in 49 states. You can choose a “themed party package” and choose from 10 fun craft themes. Alternatively, you can design your own party package by picking out a craft project from anything in the store. Because there are literally thousands of options, you can tailor the activities to your child’s interests, whether it’s horses, butterflies, or superheroes. You buy the materials, and Michaels has them ready in a private party room (along with a party leader) on the big day.

“The person helping me from Michaels suggested painting wooden frames,” says Marina John, who booked a party for 10 to celebrate her daughter’s sixth birthday. “I bought the frames, which were just a few dollars each with coupons, and Michaels provided the paints and glitter to decorate them.” (You may need to buy the decorations, depending on the craft you choose.)


Sure, it’s fun to dine out at restaurants. But some establishments host birthday parties that turn kids into chefs for the day!

Before the restaurant opens on weekends, partygoers gather at a large table to make their own pizzas with any toppings they want. “We give older children, usually ages 8 and up, a ball of dough and tell them how to form it into a crust,” explains Julie Castro, manager of the Huntington Beach, California, location. “Younger kids get their dough rolled out and everyone adds sauce and toppings.” While the pizza is in the brick oven, mini chefs tour the kitchen.

“We only had one lull, and my husband read a book during that time,” says Stacey Natal, founder of the blog, who booked a party at the pizza place for her daughter Ruby’s fifth birthday.

Movie Theater

When seeking “birthday party places near me,” you’re bound to come across the local movie theater. Almost nothing is easier than buying a handful of tickets for your little party attendants. But did you know some cinemas offer private screenings for birthday parties?

You select a first-run flick for the kids and work with the theater manager to find a time when your group can have a private screening. Kids receive a “snack pack” with popcorn, a small piece of candy, and a drink to enjoy during the film. Before or after the movie, you get an hour in the party room or auditorium space for the cake you bring.

“Most of the kids at my daughter’s party have some form of autism, and the host from the theater was wonderful with them,” says Kelli Rimondi, of Springfield, Massachusetts. “She worked around their food allergies and sensitivities.”

Music School

Take singing and dancing to the next level with a music-themed birthday party place!

Kids spend the first hour in the music room with an instructor. Little ones learn rhythm games, play instruments, and perform a rock version of “Happy Birthday” into standing mics. Tweens head to the sound studio to write a song. “We take a backing track of, say, a Katy Perry tune and then have the kids work with an instructor to come up with lyrics that match the interests of the guest of honor,” says John Carboy, manager of the Farmingdale, New York, location.

One-Stop Party Shop

Sure, you could throw an arts and crafts, dress-up, or gym birthday party, but why not have a little bit of everything? Some kids’ birthday party venues will do all the work for you.

At Kidville, you choose your party package and theme. With 16 themes to choose from including “Slime Factory,” “Safari Bash,” and “Superhero,” there is something for everyone. All themes include a take-home art project along with interactive gym time, all relating to the theme.

Shannon Sutherland, of New York City, had her 3-year-old daughter’s superhero party at Kidville. “Amelia wore her Wonder Woman costume, but all the kids made capes,” she says.

More Fun Kids’ Birthday Party Places

Looking for some other ideas? Consider one of these ideas for your kid’s birthday party:

  • Apple orchard: Go apple picking, and kids can harvest their own healthy goodie bag while they get fresh air and exercise. Some orchards offer bonus activities, like visits with farm animals.
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop: Birthday guests make a furry friend from scratch. Kids choose, stuff, and accessorize their bear and then take it home. Check out the website for locations.
  • Ceramics studio: Paint your own pottery—mugs, bowls, plates—at a local ceramics studio.
  • Fire department: For a donation, many fire departments offer their space and time. Young partygoers can talk with firefighters, try out equipment, and even hop aboard the truck. But beware, if the fire bell rings, the party is over!
  • Factory: From crayons to jelly beans to potato chips, your kids can find out how their favorite stuff is made on a tour of a local factory, with free samples and goodie bags waiting at the end.
  • Ice cream shop: Your local ice cream shop provides the ice cream and toppings, and you provide the sugar monsters.
  • Ice rink: Kids can heat up on the ice with skating, games, and music. Skate rentals are often included in the per-child price, and rinks usually have an event room for gifts and birthday cake.
  • Museum: Find a museum that offers special kids’ exhibits and programs, and take the gang. Some museums have discounted rates for children.
  • Nature center: Host a party at a nature center or botanical garden. The fun includes nature walks, plantings, and other projects.
  • Martial arts studio: Little ones will get a kick out of a party at a martial arts studio. They can play games and learn real karate kicks appropriate to their age.
  • Zoo: Head to the zoo and check out the animals by touring with a staff member, or zoo-it-yourself and host your own group viewing.

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