Birthday party places in nairobi

A birthday is an annual celebration and it is a special occasion for each one of us. It’s a time to make fond memories laughing, cheering, dancing and making a toast to life because it’s another year you have been blessed with. During this time, it is very important that proper prior preparation is made so as to give our loved ones and friends a memorable occasion. You need to be equipped with knowledge on the best places to hold birthday parties for adults in Nairobi so that you can make the right choice.

For children, birthday parties are all about having fun. Getting the venue for the party that is child-friendly in a way that provides all sorts of options for children to have fun is essential. When you decide to throw a party for your child, consider the age and the interests but the bottom line is looking for a venue that will be able to accommodate the childish nature of children while some parents may prefer to have the party at home, the thought of coming to a clean house after a tiring day may change their mind.

Arty Party

Location: Opp. Lavington Green Shops

Address: 25092, Lavington, Nairobi

This place is all about Art and it offers it in very many diverse ways in an environment that is a charm by itself.  The Party is held at Nairobi Art Center and explores different themes with variations ranging from Africa to South America, to pre-historic painting, sea creatures, crazy creatures, etc. If the children are slightly younger, they are introduced to different styles of art through all sorts of artists, countries, and contemporary popular culture for inspiration. The beauty of this place is that it engages every child with the key focus being imagination and creativity.

Nairobi Mamba Village

Location: The Nairobi Mamba Village Lang’ata North Road P.O Box 74760, Nairobi Kenya.

Nairobi mamba is the ultimate venue for all events. Age is never a factor as they are able o accommodate each and every one of the clients. The team there is able to cater to all your needs taking all the stress of party planning from you. Amazing right? There are several venues on location which is a sign that nothing is a surprise for them. Whatever you need, they will have it ready for your party.

Children’s World Kenya

Address: 61441-00200 Nairobi, Kenya

Tel/Mobile: +254 723 840374, +254 20 3875308



The grounds are privately owned but they are dedicated to providing child-like fun and activities to your children in an environment that children will adore. The children center that is available on the premises allows children to have fun and learn at the same time which promotes creativity and fun-filled learning, for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years in Nairobi.

The play center is large enough to host close to 200 children at the same time. The fixed play unit has 2 levels to allow for imaginative play, is well padded, and is completely enclosed in plastic netting to create a safe environment for children to be just kids!

Jolly Roger Theme Park

Location: Next to Mamba Village, Langata North Rd., Langata

Tel/Mobile: +254 710 315796, 0725 854899

This is the most ideal place for 5-10-year-olds running around. It is friendly to young energetic children to run around and still be at peace for their safety. The place is pirate-themed which is perfect for the creativity and imagination of the kids as they have fun, there are a lot of activities children can engage in. also, the management provides help when it comes to the monitoring of the children. This means that the children can have fun while you enjoy a good time as parents.

Panari Sky Center

 Tel/Mobile: +254 20 3946000, 075 694 600/1/2




Panari has the best packages when it comes to parties that will remain forever memorable. The place is perfect and the environment such a charm gave the Ice Rink. The hosts have the capability of turning your party into a sky fall of fun depending on what you have as needs. Whether it is a birthday or kids just having fun together, Panari should be on your to-consider list.

Paradise Lost

Location: Off Kiambu Road, Near Runda and High Ridge, Limuru

Tel/Mobile: +254 20 315273, +254 20 315296

This is the perfect venue if you want to give your child an ideal outdoor birthday party. It is located a few kilometers down Kiambu road which is on the outskirts of central Nairobi. The location makes it perfect as many guests can easily arrive without getting lost. The venue is a haven for adventure, activity, and picnic pleasure making it perfect for your kids. The kids can engage in boating lake, horse, and camel rides. There are also facilities that can be used to host a party like open-sided bands and plastic chairs being provided, with toilet and washroom facilities.

Play City

 Address: 100112-00101 Nairobi

Tel/Mobile: 0723816654, 0705180990




Play city is the company that ensures that children are aloo0wed to behave and act like children. They provide the highest quality entertainment and rental services for children. They have an indoor play center that offers various entertainment services for the children that are made to be fun as well as educate the young ones. Some of the entertainment services include three-level soft play, Bumper cars, motorized kiddy rides, 3D video games stations, party and activity room, art & craft, bouncy castles, and trampolines. They also provide a themed kids’ party that is run by staff members.

Rock City Gardens

Location: Coffee Garden Rd off Kiambu Rd, Muthaiga North

Address: 64178-00619 Nairobi

Tel/Mobile: 0722 819519, 0724 464805



If it’s family-friendly then you can be sure that your kids will be well taken care of and still have fun. Rock City Gardens is all about fun for the whole family, which means that they are in a position to do justice to the birthday of your little one. They have a lot of entertainment activities and machines that are sure to keep the children entertained and in good spirits while boding the whole time.

Salto Jamboree

Address: 98-00502 Nairobi (Karen) Kenya.

Tel/Mobile: 0733-849857, 0722-732836, 020-2135040


Salto Jamboree knows best the meaning of fun and entertainment for the children and family at large. The activities offered majorly specialize in Acrobatic show, Acrobatic classes, Clowns, Magic show, Face & Body painting, Children’s show, Fun games, Puppet show, Jumping castle, Water slide, Trampolines, Model Balloons, Fire Eating, Limbo Dance, Drummers & Percussion, Traditional Dancers, Drum jam, Kids tables/chairs, Party D.J, P.A systems, etc. what other kind of fun will you rather expose your kids to on his or her birthday

Splash Water World

Location: Next to Carnivore off Langata Rd

Tel/Mobile: +254-0202405799, 0725698155

You can decide to go all the way and have your little one enjoy his or her birthday in water. If this is your pick, then splash water world is the perfect pick for you and for the fun of your child. The place contains a large free-form pool with lots of other activities on offer. Water slides, beach volleyball, camel and horse rides, restaurant, and bar. You may want to avoid the holidays and weekends due to the large number of people the place attracts.

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