Business Visa For Israel

If you want to visit Israel for a business trip and have heard about possible visa restrictions, this article is going to help. This one is extremely simple, as all you need to do is get an email address in the region and send them your wish of visiting and they will inform you whether or not you can come and how long you can stay there.

Israel business visa rules & regulations can be a little bit tricky and based on the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs policy. Israel work visa is required for a foreign citizen who wants to work in Israel for an employer based in Israel or outside of Israel (including countries such as Singapore, China and UK) or does consultancy or operates its own company or Israeli branch thereof.

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Business Visa

  • ​Business Visa (B/2):This visa type is applicable to who needs to visit Israel for business activities or academic exchange.VISA REQUIREMENTS:1. Visa application form​It must be filled by English or Hebrew completely and correctly, please refer to the INSTRUCTION.2. Two photos in white or blue background, size 5*5cm.3. Passport valid for more than 6 months counted from the day of leaving Israel, please submit the old passport if there’s any.4. Invitation letter (two copies) from the Israeli company. It should be printed on the official company paper with the stamp, and signed by the person who is in charge of the company.

  • The applicant’s name, passport number, job title, visit purpose, stay period, relationship with the inviter, who will be responsible for the visit expense, etc. should be mentioned in this letter.Remark: if the applicant is invited by university or training organization for academic exchange or training course, please provide the detailed schedule, so that we will guide the applicant whether to apply the A/2 study visa or not. Please contact us before making any visa fee payment.5. Original employment letter issued by the applicant’s employer.
  • It should be printed on the official company paper with the stamp, and signed by the person who is in charge of the company. The invitation of the Israeli company and the applicant’s job title should be mentioned, and the trip expenses will be borne by the employer or the inviter. The employer needs to guarantee the applicant’s return to China on time.6. A stamped copy of business license or organization code certificate of the employer.7. Business name card (if there’s any).8. The application documents should be in the size of A4 and not stapled. Each visa applicant should provide the complete visa application documents individually if more than one applicant apply at the same time, and prepare copies accordingly if some original document is shared.

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