Business Visa For Kenya

The Kenya visa, locally known as the Non-resident visa and formerly the business visa (BV), is a non-immigration visa issued by the Immigration Department of Kenya to people who intend to travel to Kenya and engage in activities that are considered commercial in nature.

Kenya is renowned for its wildlife, culture and eco friendly resorts. A majority of tourists who visit Kenya, come with the sole aim to obtain a Kenyan Visa. But there are some things that you should note before heading off to get a Kenya Visa. The application process is not just a 5 minute review as most people think but rather it involves several documents including police clearance.

Is There a Business Visa for Kenya?

Yes, there is a business visa for Kenya. If you are traveling to Kenya to attend business meetings or other events, you can get your visa online.

Information about the Kenya business visa:

  • Business visa validity—3 months from the issue date
  • Number of entries—single
  • Maximum length of stay—90 days, possibility to extend
  • Permitted activities—meetings and other events (not paid employment)

How to Get a Business Visa for Kenya

The eVisa is the quickest and easiest visa to obtain for Kenya. Most business travelers submit their application in just a few minutes.

The online visa for Kenya can be requested from anywhere in the world. All you need is a reliable internet connection and you do not need to visit an embassy or consulate.

How much is a business visa for Kenya?

The final stage in the business visa application process is to pay the processing fees. The price of the electronic visa is calculated and displayed on the payment page.

You can pay the visa fees securely online by debit or credit card. All major payment methods are accepted.

What Can You Do on a Kenyan Business Visa?

With your Kenyan eVisa for business, you can travel to Kenya to participate in business-related activities.

The same visa is also valid for visiting family and friends or exploring the country as a tourist in your free time.

How long can I stay in Kenya on a business visa?

You can stay in Kenya on a business visa for up to 90 days.

To stay in Kenya for longer than 3 months, you can apply to extend your business eVisa at the Immigration Headquarters located in Nairobi. Kenya visa extensions may be granted for up to an additional 90 days.

It is a single-entry visa. You need to apply for a new business eVisa each time you travel to Kenya.

Differences between a Work Visa and a Business Visa for Kenya

The Kenyan business visa is not the only visa option for those who want to travel to Kenya for work. However, it is the easiest and quickest to obtain.

There are several work visas available if you wish to undertake paid work while in Kenya. The right type of work permit depends on the industry, the applicant’s refugee status, and their income. Here are the main differences between the business visa and the work visas for Kenya:

  • Application process. The eVisa is filled out entirely online, while most work permits must be requested in-person
  • Supporting documents. The electronic visa requires a few documents that do not include proof of employment in Kenya. Most work visa applicants must submit copies of their contract signed with a Kenyan company
  • Processing times. While the eVisa takes only 1 to 2 days to be granted, work visas require from 2 to 6 months.

Kenya business visa on arrival

It is not possible to get a Kenya business visa on arrival. Since January 2021, all visas for Kenya are issued electronically.

To go to Kenya on a business trip, you must apply for a visa online in advance. You will be asked to present your business visa and other relevant travel documents to border officials on arrival in Kenya.Request

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