Business Visa For Kuwait

Qualified candidates for business visa for Kuwait must have good educational background with experiences and professional for their area to find out. They should demonstrate their ability to support themselves financially and emotionally in the country by providing their own health insurance, evidence of funds and other documents to prove it.

We will be listing down some of the most important facts to know before applying for a business visa to Kuwait. Most people looking for a job here in Kuwait are aiming for a business visa. The reason for this is that compared to other visas, the business visa has a lower processing fee and it doesn’t cost additional payment should you overstay.

You probably think that a visa is something which only applies when you are going abroad. In most cases you’d be right, as visas are designed to facilitate your entry into a foreign country and allow you to stay there for a certain period of time. This however, doesn’t apply in the case of Kuwait.

Visit Visa for Business

To obtain the Kuwait visit visa for Business the applicant must have a sponsor.

  • Kuwait sponsor or company
  • Kuwait visit visa application and security form filled out by the sponsor
  • A copy of the visitor’s passport
  • A copy of the sponsor’s signature as registered for business purposes
  • A copy of the sponsor’s letter of invitation to the business, stating the purpose of the visit.

Visit Visa for Relatives

Immediate family members and other relatives who reside in other countries can visit family members currently living in Kuwait.  No eligibility or criteria is required.  As long as you have a proof of relationship, you can definitely visit with your Kuwait Visit Visa.

The required documents for a family visit visa are:

  • Proof of relationship or kinship
  • Copy of the visitor’s valid passport
  • Original and copy of the civil ID of the sponsor (or the family who resides in Kuwait)
  • Recent salary certificate for foreign sponsor

The procedures for obtaining a family visit visa:

  1. Go to the Kuwait Embassy in your country and submit the required documents for a family visit visa listed above.
  2. Fill the service application form (Visa Application Form).  Click this link to download the forms here.
  3. Pay the fees due. Family visit visa application costs a flat fee of 3KD.
  • At least KD450.00 per month if the sponsor works for the government
  • At least KD650.00 per month if the sponsor works in the private sector

Kuwait Multiple Entry Visit Visa

People who obtain a multiple entry visit visa are able to enter Kuwait as many times as they want during a one-year period. This type of visit visa for Kuwait is most handy for business sponsored foreigners, the sponsor however, has to be the ministry of defense.

Unlike other westerners, Americans are able to obtain multiple entry visit visas for Kuwait that have a validity of 10 years and unlimited number of entries.

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