Business Visa For Malaysia

Business visa for Malaysia is issued to those who wish to visit Malaysia for business, trade or investment creation purpose. Applicants would need to declare a foreign currency account in an authorized financial institution in Malaysia with the minimum deposit of USD100,000 or equivalent in other currencies. Moreover, he / she must have the net worth of at least USD 500,000. Or if an applicant wishes to settle down in Malaysia permanently, Foreigners will need to apply for Malaysian PR (residency) and fulfill all requirements as any other Malaysian citizen.

Malaysia is a great place to conduct business. Cyber Communications and Enterprise (CCE), an agency that supports community and economic development in the country, recently published findings for the Malaysia Digital Economy 2011 Report. The report said that there were about 70,000 businesses based in Malaysia. This figure increased by 7% from the previous year, giving Malaysia one of the fastest growing rates of new businesses among developed countries. These business or corporate visas will help you start your business in Malaysia.

A business visa refers to that type of visa which is issued to an individual desirous of visiting the country for well-defined business purposes. It is issued under specified circumstances and names the activities in connection with which an application can be made.

What Is a Business Visa for Malaysia?

An approved Malaysia business visa permits the holder to travel to and enter the country for business-related activities such as attending meetings and seminars, signing contracts and finalizing deals.

At the moment there is no dedicated online application for a Malaysian business visa. However, those who wish to travel to Malaysia for business purposes that do not involve paid employment are able to do so with one of the online Malaysia tourist visa.

An online tourist visa for Malaysia can be obtained through a simple online application and may be issued as one of the following single entry or multiple entry electronic visas.

Although it is currently necessary to apply for an online tourist visa to travel to Malaysia for business, the Malaysian government is planning to launch a new eVisa for business purposes in the technology sector, the Blockchain visa, in the near future.

Documents Required to Apply for a Malaysia Business Visa

In order to submit a business visa application online, applicants must meet the requirements for a Malaysia visa and supply the following documents when completing the form:

  • A valid passport from an eligible country valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date in Malaysia, containing at least 3 blank pages.
  • Three copies of a passport-sized photograph which meet the eVisa photo requirements.
  • Bank statements from at least the last 3 months, that show proof of financial means to cover the stay.
  • Confirmed return flight tickets with flight details.

In addition to supplying these documents, it is necessary to submit a completed Malaysia business visa application. The simple online form can be completed in just a few minutes with basic personal, passport, and travel information.

It is also necessary to answer a few questions related to health and security and pay the business visa fee using a valid debit or credit card in order to submit the application.

The applicant must also supply a current email address to which a copy of the approved Malaysia business eVisa will be sent. They are then required to print a copy to carry with them when traveling to Malaysia.

Upon arrival in Malaysia, the holder of an eVisa for business is required to show the documents listed below to a border official to gain entry to the country:

  • The same passport used to complete the Malaysia visa application
  • A color printout of the approved business eVisa
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover the stay
  • Boarding pass and confirmed return flight tickets
  • A travel itinerary for the stay
  • Proof of accommodation in Malaysia.

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