Business Visa For Myanmar

Business visa for Myanmar can be availed by the person who is looking to establish some good business and commercial ties with the country. This type of visa will help the visitors in exploring the economic, social and commercial sectors as well as to the open trade routes for further benefit. As Myanmar is making a swift progress in various fields, it is highly beneficial for establishing business ties here. The government of Myanmar is offering some good incentives to foreign nationals to establish their own businesses. So, businessmen can take advantage of this opportunity to start a new venture here. They will also be provided with free visas and also tax exemptions on certain crucial goods.

For Myanmar nationality holders, it is essential to obtain a Business Visa to visit Thailand / Burma. Applying for a tourist visa can be time-consuming and you might not be able to obtain a visa even if you meet the requirements. This article explains in detail the steps that you will need to follow in order to acquire Myanmar Business Visa.

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Business visitors to Myanmar can apply for two types of visa:

  • Single entry visa, valid for a 70-day stay in Myanmar. It is now possible to get a 70-day business e-visa; for more information and to apply go to the official Ministry of Immigration e-visa website (processing is usually simple and rapid). 
  • Multiple entry visa, valid for a six month or one year stay in Myanmar. Multiple entry visas are typically only awarded after you have received three single entry business visas, although there are exceptions that are considered on a case-by-case basis. Six month and one year multiple entry visas must be manually processed (business e-visas are only valid for 70 days, single entry).

Both of these visas require an invitation from a registered company or government body in Myanmar, stating purpose of your visit. Visa costs vary from country to country, but multiple entry visas are significantly more expensive (a one year multi entry visa costs 24,000 baht – around US$670 – at the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok).

Business visas are extendable at the rate of $3 per day of overstay and must be used within three months of being issued.

Using a tourist visa

It is acceptable to use a tourist visa (which requires no invitation) on a short or exploratory business visit, although you should avoid mentioning ‘business’ when applying. Tourist visas can now be applied for online and are valid for a 28 day stay, which can be extended at a rate of $3 per day. To find out more go to our visas page.

Key Myanmar visa facts:

  • Most foreign nationals require a visa to enter Myanmar. Visa-free travel (for 14 days, or longer in some cases) is permitted for South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos passport holders.
  • Due to the sensitive political situation in some border regions, entry and exit over land can be restricted: see arriving and departing over land.
  • You must have a passport that is valid for at least six months from your date of entry into Myanmar.

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