Business Visa For Norway

Since the number of foreign business companies has risen,some organizations will be terminated or relocated to other countries. The same applies for some foreign employees after their current company terminates its business in Norway. An international visa is a permit issued by the government of any country that allows its holder to travel freely within and throughout a particular country for a designated period of time.

Business travel to Norway is an enriching international experience. However, the most important visa that you need to consider is a business visa for Norway. This type of visa will allow the applicant to enter and stay in the location s/he plans to conduct business transactions.

Business Visa For Norway. The process is quite easy and straightforward, if you have all your documents in order and apply for the business visa at the right time, without any urgent rush.

What is the Business Express Program for Norway?

The Business Express Program through the Royal Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi offers a streamlined process for procuring Schengen visas for companies that regularly send employees to Norway on business.

Single point of contact at the Embassy. 

Decision within 4 working days.

The Business Express Program is open to well-established local subsidiaries of Norwegian companies and well-established local companies with a subsidiary in Norway. The visa application process is similar to thosefor Business Visa applicants.

Required documents for application

  • General introduction of the company, company name and registration number
  • Sector/industry
  • Taxation certificate
  • Number of employees
  • A specimen of the signature(s) of the person(s) authorized to sign cover letters for visa applications
  • Full contact details of the persons authorized to share information about the applications and applicants

A business visa to Norway requires more documentation than other category C visas, such as proof of trip funding, proof of prior commercial partnership, an invitation letter from the inviting Norwegian corporation, and proofs of previous commercial transactions.

What can cause longer processing time for Business visa Norway?

Processing time can be longer in cases where – an interview is needed, documents are missing, or documents have to be verified.

In normal circumstances it must be processed within 6 working days.

Minimum of 10 working days over and above the usual turnaround time of 6 working days for postal applications (those who submit their applications by mail).

Non-Norwegians (those who were born in another country, have a previous nationality, or were born in another country) would have to wait an additional 5 working days for their application to be processed

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