Can Undocumented Immigrant Apply For Canada Visa In America 2017

Canada immigration is about to ease the path for undocumented immigrants living in the United States. In a report by The Canadian Press, Canada’s immigration minister John McCallum has said the government is looking to change its laws to allow undocumented immigrants living in America to come forward without having to worry about being deported for taking part in Canada’s Express Entry system.

Can Undocumented Immigrant Apply For Canada Visa In America 2017

Undocumented immigrant is one of the terms that we can commonly hear these days, in fact, many people actually know someone. It’s true as from statistics from government agencies it has been found out that there are about 11 million immigrants living in the United States without them having valid papers. Of course, immigration is an important topic for most of us who have grown up here in America. But besides the

Latest News:The Trump administration sent a list of hard-line immigration principles to Congress that could derail efforts to help young undocumented immigrants and boost border security.

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Canada Immigration for Undocumented Residents in USACanadian Visas For Illegal Immigrants in the U.S.

An Introduction Video about Undocumented Cases by our Canadian immigration lawyer Vanessa Routley

  • We can help undocumented Dreamers and DACA recipients to obtain study permits and permanent residence in Canada.
  • We represent all classes of undocumented immigrants in the USA including those with and without DACA / protected status.

Our law firm helps ambitious and self-sufficient undocumented US students and professionals enter Canada legally. We do not take any refugee or asylum cases.

If you are stranded in the United States without immigration status, Canada is ready to welcome you.

COSTS: Lawyer’s Fees For Undocumented Study Permit Applicant $5000 USD

Success Story of Our Uncocumented Immigrant Client Interview

Here’s our customer interview.

A Letter from Immigration Lawyer Vanessa RoutleyYes, You can migrate to Canada.

Dear Future Client,

I am an immigration lawyer in Canada who helps undocumented people in the United States immigrate to Canada to start new lives with legal status. You’ve probably found our website because you are undocumented in the USA and want to move to Canada and become legalized. We often get the attention of the media because we were able to get study permits, work permits, and Canadian Permanent Residency for people who are without status in America.

Every day I talk to people who are stranded in the United States without immigration status. Many of our clients come to us in despair, having struggled to get a green card in the United States for years and even decades. We understand the stress and pain families go through when seeing loved ones face deportation and family separation.

Since 2017, we have been helping undocumented US residents achieve a better life in Canada. We have represented small business owners, students, construction workers, nurses, and other professionals for their successful immigration process.

Regardless of how long you have been without status in the USA, we can help you immigrate to Canada. Take the first step today by clicking the Book Now button at the top of the page to reserve your private telephone consultation toady. I talk to all clients personally and offer a professional and honest opinion about your case.

Vanessa Routley

Top 10 Immigration Questions From Undocumented US Residents for Canada

Can illegal immigrants in the USA get Canada visas or citizenship?

Yes, even if you are illegal in the United States, you can still get a visa, study permit, work permit or Canadian residency for Canada. Our law firm has helped people just like you to get your visa application approved. Even if you have had long-term undocumented status in the United States, we can still get your visa, residency, and citizenship application approved.

If I am illegal in the USA can I go to Canada? / If I have no visa in USA can I go to Canada?

Yes, people who are illegal in the USA can legally apply for a visa to Canada. The important thing is to be honest about your undocumented status and prior immigration violations. Only an experienced lawyer who has dealt with undocumented applicants can advise you on your best Canada Immigration Strategy.

If I apply for a visa to Canada, do I need to go back to Mexico? If I apply for a visa to Canada do I need to go back home?

Most of our clients do not need to return to their home country before they come to Canada. Generally, our clients are able to go directly from the United States to Canada. This applies to most workers, students, and professionals. In some circumstances, we may suggest a client return to their country of nationality if we are confident their visa application will be approved. We understand that people with status have their lives and families in the United States, and we know how serious the decision is to leave America before your Canadian status is approved. We try to avoid that scenario and usually we are able to bring people directly into Canada from the USA.

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