Can Us Visa For Pakistani Nationals From Uk After Brexit

In the event that you are considering bringing home a Pakistani national spouse, you most likely have concerns about the US visa processing procedure. Much has been said about Brexit and its result on various issues, including the future of international spouses who wish to live in the UK. Will Brexit cause US visas to slow or stop?  

Can Us Visa For Pakistani Nationals From Uk After Brexit

The United Kingdom as of March 29, 2019, will no longer be a member of the European Union. That being said, it hasn’t been announced if British passport holders will need a visa to visit the United States. The best thing for you to do is keep track of the news and make sure you have a valid passport in order to travel.

The Visa Waiver Program – is a program that allows citizens of specific countries to travel to the United States for tourism and business for a period of ninety days or less without obtaining a visa. The program covers twenty-nine countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand Norway Switzerland. The U.S. also has bilateral visa waiver agreements with Andorra , Croatia , Czech Republic , Hungary , Malta , Monaco , San Marino , Slovakia and Spain .

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Can UK Citizens Travel to the US?

iVisa | Updated on Jun 02, 2022

Can UK citizens travel to the US? Applying for a UK to USA Visa can be exhausting and demanding, but when you have a British passport, that’s no issue as British citizens are under an American visa-waiver program. If you have a British passport you don’t need a specific US Visa for UK citizens to enter the US, you only need an ESTA.

The ESTA permits qualifying nationalities to enter the US for tourism or business motives. Any traveler that’s eligible for the ESTA can enter the US by air or sea. Plus, this document is very easy to get if you apply online with By using our services you don’t have to spend time searching for the visa requirements for UK citizens, you only have to spend a few minutes reading this article for all the information you need. Then you'll be ready to fill out our completely online form.

To see what other items you need to visit the US as a British citizen and any visas required for UK citizens, just keep reading below.

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To apply for an ESTA, the UK to USA visa, you will need your applicant photo and to scan the passport personal details section. The form we provide is broken down into three easy steps and won't take you longer than 10 minutes to complete. If you are in need of help,’s awesome support service will take your call 24/7 and will guide you through the process on how to apply for your ESTA for British citizens.

Follow these steps to apply:

  • Step 1. Complete your application form online.
  • Step 2. Fill in all of the required information and upload your additional documents (if required). Our visa experts will be available to give you guidance to make the process for your ESTA as simple as possible.
  • Step 3. Once we have your details, passport information, contact details, and security information, we will process your ESTA. You just have to choose the processing time that best suits your needs and pay for the service with your credit or debit card. See fees and processing options below.

Once you complete all three steps, just submit your application and wait for it to arrive in your email inbox in the timeframe you chose. You can have your Visa ready in as fast as 2 hours, perfect for anyone in a rush.

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If ordering your ESTA with, the price of your Electronic System for Travel Authorization will depend on the processing time you choose and the budget available. The ESTA isn’t free, but it’s not as expensive as you think. Besides, with our services, you can have it faster and easier. Check the options below.

ESTA – 2 Years, multiple entry

  • Standard Processing, ready in 24 hours and costs USD 48.50 – The most economical option available and most accessible to everyone if you are planning your trip in advance.
  • Rush Processing, a quicker option available with a waiting time of just 8 hours for USD 80.00
  • Super Rush Processing, available in 2 hours for USD 108.50 – The fastest option available for anyone in a bit of a rush to obtain the ESTA.

The ESTA comes with a Government fee of USD 21.00 and all of our processing fees include both Government and service charges.

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Can UK citizens travel to the US? It's easy with our 3 step application form. After submitting your application, you will receive your ESTA in your email inbox once your application has been approved. Print it out and bring a physical copy of the document on your trip as well as saving a copy to your electronic device. The form must be presented to the US immigration authorities on arrival.

If you applied on our site then you can log in to your online account that was generated automatically for you after applying for your India Visa online.

All you need to do is to sign in and set up a password so you can access your account online OR if needed you may also reset your password here.

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Yes, all you need is an ESTA, the electronic document allows qualifying nationalities to travel to the USA for tourism or business purposes without obtaining a US visa. Keep reading more below for information on the visas required for UK citizens. Obtaining an ESTA is a streamlined process that is much faster and requires no embassy interview, so it is highly recommended when available.


You might be asking yourself what you can and can't do if traveling to the USA under the ESTA as a UK citizen.

The following travel purposes do meet the requirements of the ESTA:

  • Tourism (on vacation to the USA)
  • Visiting friends or family who currently live there
  • Visiting clients or suppliers for business purposes
  • Undergoing medical treatment
  • Attending business meetings, negotiations, or conferences

The following travel purposes do not meet the requirements of the ESTA:

  • Entering into employment service with an American employer
  • Studying in the United States
  • Investing in or starting a company
  • Performing journalism-related activities

Working in the USA with an ESTA is allowed, provided the traveler does not enter into direct employment with an American company and is working for a foreign entity. The traveler is allowed to be paid for their work performed in the USA, as long as the paying party is located outside of the USA. This way, it qualifies as a "business trip" and meets the requirements of the ESTA. A good example of this would be someone who is working remotely during their trip or is on a business trip supported by a UK employer.

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