Can Visitor Visa Change To Work Permit In Canada

Canada is one of the top countries considered to be the best of the best when it comes to immigration. Canada attracts high-skilled individuals, international students and foreign workers who are aspiring to make a difference in their lives. This article is about information about applying for a Work permit for Canada which allows you to find employment in Canada after your visitor visa expires.

Can Visitor Visa Change To Work Permit In Canada

If you have thought about immigrating to Canada, a work visa is not the only option. Some people mistakenly believe that you must have the essential skills or a job offer in order to qualify for the Canadian work visa. There is a category of “temporary resident” visa, called a visit visa , which allows foreigners to enter Canada if they intend to stay temporarily and their purpose of stay is not to find or accept employment.

In the early 1980s Canada was a popular destination for foreign students from all around the world. The Canadian universities were considered to be at par with the USA’s Ivy League colleges and thus were quite popular among international students. But over the years several factors have taken their toll on international student population in Canada.

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1. How to change visitor visa to work permit in Canada 2022?

First of all, the purpose of a visitor visa is to sightsee, experience the culture and its beauty. If you want to apply for a job while you are visiting Canada, technically you can do that because applying for a job is not illegal. Also, the company can interview you face-to-face so in that way, it will be beneficial for both the employer and you. 

Before you can get a work permit, the company that wants to hire you will have to file an LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment which means what is the impact on the labor market when they hire an overseas worker. So there is an assessment required and there is a government agency that does this assessment. Based on this, IRCC will decide whether they want to give you a work permit or not. And once you get a work permit, you will have to leave the country and then come back to Canada.

However, keep in mind that searching for a job could take a while and not all jobs will qualify you for a work permit. There is a list on the government website to see which job will qualify you for a work permit. There are jobs that are in high demand in Canada so if your skills are suitable for the job offer then most likely you will get a Work Permit.

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2. Shortcut to convert Visitor visa to Work Permit in Canada 2022

Another way to change a visitor visa to a work permit is through a study pathway. Visitors who are on tourist visas can change their status to study permit then work while studying. You can work up to 20 hours per week right after you start your program and depending on the programs and the school you choose, you can actually work in Canada with an open work permit (PGWP) for up to 3 years after finishing your study time, then apply for a Permanent Residency (PR).

It has higher success rates when it comes to changing visitor visa through study pathways compared to work permits. At Canada Admission Hub, the successful rate to change visa status from visitor to study permit is 99% including some hard cases like middle-aged students, gaps in education, student visa denied history, and so on. You can start studying in Canada within a month of the process. With clear instructions, straight forward process, you will find it easy to follow and prepare the necessary paperwork for your permit.

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3. How to work in Canada after Graduated?

To work in Canada after you graduate, you should apply for a PGWP. You can apply if:

  • your study permit is still valid
  • you have a valid visitor record
  • you submitted an application to extend your study permit before it expired and no decision has been made on your application
  • you submitted an application to change your status to visitor before your study permit expired and no decision has been made on your application

Applicants can receive only 1 post-graduation work permit in their lifetime. To obtain a post-graduation work permit, the applicant must currently hold valid temporary status or have left Canada. They must have graduated from an eligible designated learning institution (DLI).

4. Who successfully changed their visitor visa status to study permit inside Canada?

Our successful client, Rushi Shamal, came to Canada for about 6 months with a visitor visa. He wanted to change his visitor visa to a study permit without leaving Canada. Luckily, he came across Canada Admission Hub, and our consultant – Ms. Simran, had helped him along the process and get his study permit in Canada within a month!

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