Can We Extend Emergency Visa In India

Can We Extend Emergency Visa In India? There’s a lot of information available out there on the internet about this topic. But the information may be confusing for a person who isn’t well versed in the process of applying for visa in India. Hence this article attempts to simplify the process, so you’ll know what to expect if you find yourself in this situation.

Can We Extend Emergency Visa In India

When planning a trip to India for tourism, you must be aware of the Indian visa rules. Each year, lakhs of emergency visas are issued to foreign nationals who wish to visit India. To apply for emergency on-line visa extension in India, the following information is required:

Getting a visa on time to come to India is very important. This can allow you to stay in India for certain period as decided by the government. But there are instances when the visa is not enough for you or does not last long enough for you to finish what you need to do in this country.

There is a rule that allows you to extend your visa, in case you have done this before. I have given to three months and then I have to leave the country. But now I am going to leave the country and return as soon as possible.

Tourism in India is playing an important role in the country’s economy, and it continues to grow. On November 27th, 2014, the government of India introduced the eVisa for India, an electronic travel authorization available to citizens of 40 countries, which was called ETA. In 2015, the eVisa programme expanded and is now offered to travelers of 166 countries.

The India eVisa is issued for different purposes and has three subcategories, tourist, business and medical eVisa. The Indian electronic visa can be used to enter through 28 designated airports and 5 seaports. At this time, an electronic visa cannot be extended. The eVisa is also not valid to travel to restricted areas.

In 2017, over 10 million foreign tourists arrived in India, compared to 8.89 million in 2016. A growth of 15.6 percent! The e-Visa for India makes it easier for travelers from around the world to visit India. There are many reasons why India attracts so many people. It has impressive and beautiful nature, temples, history, and a rich culture.

Once you have an approved e-Visa you can travel around the country and explore its lively cities, taste its delicious food, and more. Just note that an e-Visa for India cannot be extended and that your passport needs to be valid for six months. Read further to learn more.

How long can I stay in India with the India eVisa?

The amount of time you can stay in India with your electronic visa will depend on the type of India eVisa you apply for. If you obtain an e-Tourist visa, you’ll be granted a continuous stay of up to 90 days. However, if you are a citizen of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan, you will be granted a continuous stay of up to 180 days. If, on the other hand, you are traveling to India for business, the e-Business visa will be valid for a 180-day period.

Once approved, both the tourist and business visa is valid for 1 year from the moment it is issued. The e-Medical Patient and the e-Medical Companion visas are only valid for 60 days.

Neither of this electronic visas can be extended. Once you enter India, it is valid for the indicated duration.

Applying for the eVisa to India is a fairly simple process. Citizens of 166 countries can complete an online application with their personal details, passport data and contact information. As an applicant, all you will need is an email address, a valid passport and a debit or credit card to cover the costs of the e-Visa.

When applying for an India e-Visa your passport needs to be valid for at least six months from your expected date of arrival in the country. Your passport also needs to have at leasttwo blank pages given that the immigration and border control authorities will stamp the document upon entry and departure.

Getting an electronic visa for India has several advantages. Thanks to the India e-Visa online application, applicants don’t need to travel to an embassy or consulate. The application is straightforward and easy to complete. Nonetheless, you are strongly advised to review your answers before submitting the application. Even minor mistakes or typos can get an application rejected. Especially check that you enter your passport data correctly.

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