Can You Get A Second Visa For Australia

Here is complete guide to find out if you can get a second visa for Australia. This will include: how many times you can travel to Australia on a Tourist Visa, if you can get a second Australian Visitor Visa, how long you can stay in Australia on a visitor visa and how to extend your Australian tourist visa

Can You Get A Second Visa For Australia

Are you an Australian Living in Australia and have you been wondering where to get a second visa from? Or, maybe you’ve just arrived in Australia and are considering getting your second visa. You’re not alone. This is a question we get asked frequently from many of our clients, so we thought we’d write an article that answers this question once and for all.

If you are currently a permanent resident in Australia, you may be asking yourself whether you can get a second visa. This is a question that can only be answered by one source – the Minister of Immigration. However, since we don’t have access to the Minister’s secret stash of go-to information, we will have to do a little digging and get to the bottom of things.

What are the benefits of a gap year/working holiday in Australia?Can I work, study and volunteer on an Australian Working Holiday visa?Which visa should I apply for?What is the age limit for a working holiday in Australia?What is required to complete the Australian Working Holiday visa application?How much does it cost to apply for an Australian Working Holiday visa?How long does it take to apply for a Working Holiday visa?How long does it take to receive a response?Can I leave and re-enter Australia during a working holiday?How long does an Australian Working Holiday visa last?Can I apply for a second Working Holiday visa?How can I stay for up to three years?What other options are there?Where can I find more information?

The so-called Working Holiday visa and Work And Holiday visa are popular among young adventurers (18 to 30 years) who want to visit Australia for a longer period of time. These visas are valid for stays of up to one year and can be applied for up to three times.

A year in Australia: an extraordinary experience

Spending a year working abroad is a life-changing experience that helps to broaden your view of the world. The Australian government is convinced of this, which in 1975 resulted in a special type of visa: the Working Holiday Visa Australia. The purpose of this visa is to encourage young people to come and discover the country. By now, more than a million young people from more than 40 countries have made use of a Working Holiday visa.

The Working Holiday Maker programme

Currently, Australiaʼs Working Holiday Maker programme consists of six different visa types. These are divided into two sub-classes, each of which can be applied for three times.

Working Holiday or Work And Holiday

There is a “Working Holiday visa” (subclass 417) and a “Work And Holiday visa” (subclass 462). Which of these two subclasses can be applied for depends solely on the nationality of the traveller. See in the tables below which subclass you can apply for if you have a European nationality.

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