Can You Get A Second Visa For Canada

As a Canadian citizen, you can apply for a second visa after you have held your first one for some time. This is always subject to the conditions of the law and policy at any given time as well as guidelines of your country as well. For example, my friend got her permanent residence or PR about 2 years ago but did not go get her first visit visa until last year. This means that she had to wait for some time before getting a second visa from Canada. It is an important period because during this second visa wait period, you will be required to be assured that you are following all conditions of the first visa.

Can You Get A Second Visa For Canada

If you are an individual who has recently become a Canadian citizen and are planning on staying here for a long time, it would be wise to consider a second Canada Visa. A Visitor Visa can help you stay in the country if you have a temporary job. The most common types of Visitor Visas are the following:

Permanent residency visas allow immigrants to legally enter and stay in Canada. There are a variety of different permanent resident visas available, each one with its own requirements and benefits. The most common type of visa is the Federal Skilled Worker Visa, which allows applicants to move to Canada once they have landed a job in their field of training. Due to the high volume of applications, it can be difficult for officials to process them all on time. However, there are some individuals who are granted two years before they have to make their decision about staying in the country as a temporary resident or as a permanent resident. These individuals also need not be nervous about having a second visa for Canada if their first application takes too long to process – whether it is due to slow processing or because the person may need more time to gather all the documents required. It truly depends on the reason why you were granted the two-year work permit.

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IEC agreements with provisions for two participations

Canada has signed International Experience Canada agreements with 33 countries. Each agreement comes with its own set of requirements and benefits, and some have unique perks. For instance, citizens from ChileCroatia and San Marino can participate in IEC twice under the Working Holiday permit category.

Modified IEC agreements

Occasionally, agreements have been modified and some allow citizens who were granted a Working Holiday permit before the changes came into effect could be candidates again after the changes.

Citizens from the following countries may be eligible to apply for a second Working Holiday permit to Canada:

  • Irish citizens who were granted only one of the IEC permits before 2013 can apply for another IEC permit in any category.
  • British and French citizens who were granted only one of the IEC permits before 2015 can apply for another IEC permit in any category.
  • Australian citizens who were granted one or more IEC permits before 2015 can apply for another IEC permit in any category.

The dual citizenship exception

Citizens who hold two passports from countries that have signed IEC agreements with Canada can apply for the Working Holiday permit twice.

For instance, a citizen of both Germany and Ireland can get their first Working Holiday permit with her German passport and a second Working Holiday permit with her Irish passport.

For more information regarding dual citizenship and IEC, check the IEC Help Centre.

The Recognized Organizations

You can contact a recognized organization and might be able to apply for a second Working Holiday permit to Canada.

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