Christmas Vacation In Norway

If you’re looking for a truly magical Christmas vacation, Norway is the perfect destination. With its stunning scenery, festive atmosphere and abundance of activities on offer, it’s no wonder that Norway is such a popular choice for a winter break.

One of the best things about spending Christmas in Norway is the opportunity to experience a traditional Norwegian Christmas. From cosy log cabins nestled in the snow-covered mountains, to charming small towns and villages filled with twinkling lights and decorated trees, there’s plenty to explore. And of course, no visit to Norway at Christmas would be complete without seeing the Northern Lights – an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.

Whether you’re looking for an active holiday full of outdoor adventures, or a more relaxed break spent enjoying the festive atmosphere and indulging in some delicious Norwegian food and drink, you’ll find everything you need in Norway this Christmas. We will base our discussion today on – AA. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: where to spend christmas in norway and christmas markets in norway

Christmas Vacation In Norway

It’s that time of year again! Time to start planning your Christmas vacation. And what better place to spend it than in Norway? Norway is a country full of festive cheer, with beautiful lights and decorations adorning the streets. Not to mention, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy, from skiing and snowboarding to dog sledding and ice fishing. If you’re looking for a Christmas vacation that’s truly unique, read on for everything you need to know about spending it in Norway.

Christmas Traditions in Norway

Norway is a country with a rich Christmas tradition, and there are many different ways to celebrate the holiday. One popular way is to go on a sleigh ride, which can be done in the snow-covered countryside or in the city. Another popular activity is to go skiing, which is a great way to enjoy the winter scenery.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, you can always visit one of Norway’s many stave churches. These beautiful buildings are decorated with carved wooden beams and paintings, and they’re a great place to learn about Norwegian history and culture.

Whatever you decide to do, Norway is sure to offer a unique and memorable Christmas experience!

The Best Places to Visit in Norway During Christmas

Norway is known for its beautiful scenery, and Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy it. The best places to visit in Norway during Christmas are:

The North Sea: The North Sea is a great place to visit during Christmas. It has a lot of activities that you can do, such as fishing, swimming, and sunbathing.

The South Pole: The South Pole is another great place to visit during Christmas. It has a lot of animals that you can see, such as penguins and seals.

Oslo: Oslo is the capital of Norway and it is a great place to visit during Christmas. There are a lot of things to do in Oslo, such as go shopping, sightseeing, and skiing.

Norwegian Christmas Food

Norwegian Christmas food is some of the best in the world. From traditional dishes like lutefisk and pinnekjøtt, to sweet treats like krumkake and riskrem, there’s something for everyone at a Norwegian Christmas table.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Norwegian Christmas meal, or something a little bit different, here are some of the best Norwegian Christmas foods to try:

Lutefisk: This traditional dish is made from dried cod that is soaked in lye (a type of alkali) until it becomes soft and jelly-like. It is then boiled and served with potatoes, gravy, and sometimes bacon.

Pinnekjøtt: Another traditional Norwegian dish, pinnekjøtt is made from lamb or mutton ribs that are steamed or boiled until tender. They are often served with mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, and/or gravy.

Krumkake: A popular Norwegian dessert, krumkake are thin waffles that are rolled into cones and filled with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Risgrøt: A comforting winter porridge made from rice pudding and flavored with cinnamon, this dish is often served with sugar and butter on top.

How to Celebrate Christmas in Norway

If you’re looking for a truly unique Christmas experience, look no further than Norway! Here are some tips on how to celebrate Christmas in Norway:

1. Get into the festive spirit with a Norwegian Christmas tree. These trees are typically decorated with candles and ornaments, and are often placed in front of windows so that they can be seen from the street.

2. Attend a traditional Norwegian julbord, or Christmas feast. This meal usually features a variety of seafood dishes, as well as meats and vegetables.

3. Go caroling! In Norway, it’s tradition to go door-to-door singing Christmas carols. This is a great way to spread holiday cheer and get to know your neighbors.

4. Take part in a Norwegian Christmas tradition known as “russ,” which involves dressing up in costumes and going around town singing and dancing. This is a great way to really get into the spirit of the season!

5. Make sure to enjoy some traditional Norwegian Christmas sweets like krumkaker (waffle cookies) and riskrem (rice pudding). These treats are sure to put you in the holiday mood!

Norway is a beautiful country to visit during Christmas time. The snow-capped mountains and picturesque towns are something out of a postcard, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy during your vacation. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Christmas experience or something a little more unique, Norway has something to offer everyone. So if you’re looking for a place to spend your Christmas vacation, be sure to add Norway to the top of your list!

Christmas Holiday in Norway

Christmas in Norway by Terje Rakke, Nordic Life, Visit Norway

A relaxing Christmas holiday round trip in Norway – 6 nights

This amazing Christmas holiday in Norway starts in Oslo, with a traditional, Norwegian Christmas celebration at Geilo mountain village and picturesque Bergen.
You will experience Horse sleigh ride as well as a spectacular Fjord cruise on the narrow Naeroyfjord
You will travel on the scenic Bergen line as well as the famous Flam Railway

Flam Railway In Winter By Paul Edmundson, Visit Flam
About the tour

• This tour is self-guided (not with a group), with guided excursion. You will travel eco-friendly by public transport.
• The tour is flexible and you can add nights & excursions
Prices from NOK 10995 per person, include transport, activity, hotels & meals as per the itinerary

Book safely with Fjord Travel Norway– a local, Norwegian travel company. We have been in business for more than 20 years, offering tours based on our goal of sustainable tourism


Day to day itinerary:

Experience winter in Oslo!


First night in Oslo

Individual arrival to Oslo, check in at a centrally located hotel
Some sights in Oslo:
The Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Opera House, the Viking Ship Museum, Edvard Munch Museum, Akershus Fortress, the City Hall & the Astrup Fearnely Museum of Contemporary Art.
Spend 1 night in Oslo
Read more about Oslo

Bergen line view; winter in the Hallingdal valley


The Bergen line to Geilo

Enjoy a journey on the Bergen line, taking you through the scenic Hallingdal valley to Geilo (3,5 hrs). Check in at the centrally located, historic Dr Holm’s hotel.

There will be a Christmas gathering with “gløgg (hot Christmas drink) &
pepperkaker” Christmas cookies in the library, and the children will take part in decorating the Christmas tree.
You will be served a 3- course dinner in the evening.
Spend 3 nights at Geilo

Enjoy Christmas at Dr Holm’s hotel


Christmas celebration

Spend the morning relaxing on your own, take a stroll in the small mountain town centre or perhaps visit the ski slopes (ski rental available).
You can join the Christmas service at the local church in the afternoon.

In the late afternoon the Christmas gospel will be read in the library, followed by a traditional Christmas buffet (smart dress only).

All guests are invited to walk around the Christmas tree singing Christmas carols after dinner. Coffee and cakes will be served, while you wait for Father Christmas to visit…
Christmas traditions in Norway

Magic horse sleigh ride!


Horse sleigh ride

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and spend the day at leisure, swimming or skiing or walking, or just relax!

In the early evening you will join an amazing horse sleigh ride, covered with warm duvets and sheep pelts. You will be charmed by the sounds of the sleigh bells jingling in accompaniment to the ‘clipety-clop’ of the horses.
The ride will be followed by dinner at the hotel.

Amazing scenery along the Bergen line!


The Bergen line to Bergen

Join the late morning train from Geilo to Bergen: enjoy the scenic journey across the snow covered Hardangervidda National Park, with the highest station Finse at an altitude of 1222 ms above sea level.

Due to the open landscape and the altitude, Finse is often hit by heavy wind & snowfall, hence the station buildings and surrounding cabins can be quite covered with snow in winter.
Upon arrival to Bergen, check in at a centrally located hotel.
Spend 2 nights in Bergen
Read more about the Bergen line

Experience an unforgettable fjord cruise!


Norway in a Nutshell® day excursion

Morning train to Voss, with a connecting coach taking you through the scenic Gudvangen valley to the pier in Gudvangen fjord village.

Fjord cruise: Board a ferry for a 2-hour fjord cruise on the narrow UNESCO Naeroyfjord & the scenic Aurlandsfjord. Disembark in the tiny village of Flam, then a short walk to the train station.
Read more about Naeroyfjord

Flam Railway: Board the famous Flam Railway for an unforgettable journey from the fjord to the mountain station of Myrdal, taking you through the most spectacular, dramatic scenery. At Myrdal you join the main line to Bergen.
Read more about the Flam Railway

Overnight in Bergen

See the Unesco bryggen wharf in Bergen!

This trip includes:

4* Hotels w. breakfast buffet (+dinner in Geilo)
in Oslo, Geilo & Bergen

Train Oslo-Geilo-Bergen

Activities & Excursions
Horse sleigh ride Geilo
Unescorted Norway in a Nutshell day trip incl. UNESCO Naeroyfjord cruise & Flam Railway

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