Conversation Between Two Friends About Summer Vacation In Hindi

Three close friends – Maddy, Jack and Samantha are talking about their summer vacations. Maddy wants to go for a picnic but Jack wants to play video games. Samantha is keen to visit the mall and shop for clothes, the best part being that she can shop without her parents’ allowance.

Summer vacation is just around the corner and we are here again with a few questions on your mind. Questions like “What will I do this summer?”, “Which place do I want to go to?” or maybe “Who are my friends going to join me?” or maybe you are also wondering what places are trending on Google’s hot search trends. Writing this article has made us realize what we have missed when we were on vacation last year. So, in this article, we tell you everything that you are looking for. We will base our discussion today on Conversation Between Two Friends About Summer Vacation In Hindi. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: short conversation between two friends about summer vacation in english and dialogue between mother and child discussing about summer vacation

Conversation Between Two Friends About Summer Vacation In Hindi

Friend 1: Hey, I’m going to the beach next week.

Friend 2: Yeah? Me too!

Friend 1: Really? What day?

Friend 2: Wednesday. You?

Friend 1: Thursday, but I’m staying at a hotel for a few days after that. Want to meet up for lunch?

Friend 2: Sure!

Short Conversation Between Two Friends About Summer Vacation In English

Hello, how are you?

I’m good. I’m so excited for summer vacation to start!

Me too! I can’t wait to go on vacation with my family.

I know! My mom has been planning it forever.

She’s so organized. She even has a list of all the things we’re going to do together and separately.

That’s great! It’ll be fun to see what’s on your list too—what kind of stuff do you like to do in the summer?

Dialogue Between Mother And Child Discussing About Summer Vacation

Mother: Hi sweetie, how was your day at school?

Child: It was good, but I’m really excited for summer vacation!

Mother: Me too! I can’t wait to take a vacation with you. What are we going to do together?

Child: We should go somewhere fun and exciting! Maybe the beach or somewhere tropical? Or maybe we could go camping or hiking in the mountains.

Mother: You know what? You’re right! Let’s go wherever you want to go – it’s your summer after all!

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Sample Conversation 1

Raghav: Hi Suraj!

Suraj: Hello Raghav!

Raghav: How are you doing?

Suraj: I am great! How are you?

Raghav: I am also great and excited.

Suraj: Excited about?

Raghav: the upcoming  Summer vacations.

Suraj: Ohh yeah! What are you planning to do these vacation?

Raghav: I am going to Mussoorie for two weeks with my family.

Suraj:That is so great!

Yes. What are you doing these vacations?

Raghav: Oh I was planning on taking salsa classes. I have always wanted to learn it.

Suraj: That is great! Hope you have fun.

Raghav: You too.

Sample Conversation 2

Gunjan: Hey soumya!! How are you?

Soumya: I am good.How are you?

Gunjan: I am great! Aren’t you excited about summer vacations?

Soumya: I am so excited about it. I have planned so many things to do.

Gunjan: Oh really? Like What?

Soumya: I was thinking of joining a painting class and also working in a Ngo for the poor.

Gunjan: That is such a great way to spend the summer.

Soumya: Yes truly. What are you doing?

Gunjan: I am going to my maternal grandmother’s place for a week and from there we will go to Uttrakhand for a trip.

Soumya: That is great! Hope you have fun.

Gunjan: Yes thank you. You too.

Sample Conversation 3

Anu: Hey Gia!! Where are you coming from?

Gia: Oh hey Anu!! I just went for shopping.

Anu: Oh that is great. Looks like you are preparing for the summer vacations.

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Gia: That is indeed correct. I bought some new clothes and dresses as I was going to take a modelling class this summer.

Anu: Oh my god! That is exciting!

Gia: Yes. I have always wanted to learn modelling in a professional way. What are you planning to do?

Anu: Even I was going for shopping to buy some bakeware as I was going to learn about baking.

Gia: Wow great! You will definitely have to make a cake for me sometime soon.

Anu: Sure. See you soon.

Gia: See you!

Sample Conversation 4

Neeraj: Hey!! Our summer vacations are starting in 10 days!! I am so excited!!

Happy: Yes!! Even I am excited!!

Neeraj: What are you planning to do?

Happy: To be honest I have planned nothing for this summer.

Neeraj:  But why?

Happy: I have just been busy with school work.

Neeraj: Oh. Even I was but I think we should have some Fun this summer. Let’s plan trip with all our friends.

Happy:That is a great idea!

Neeraj: Yes we can call all our friends like Deepak, Rishab etc.

Happy: Yes let’s meet today at my house.

Neeraj: Okay see you.

Happy: Okay.

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