Do I Need Visa For Mozambique

I am a US citizen planning to travel to Mozambique for a vacation trip. I wanted to know if I need a US Visa for Mozambique? The Mozambican Embassy does not require visitors from most countries to obtain tourist visas prior to their arrival into the country. However, if you are coming to Mozambique and have the intention of participating in the paid employment in any way, it is mandatory to obtain a work visa first.

The purpose of this post is to give you the general idea of the visa requirements for Mozambique. If you are looking for accurate information, follow the instructions on the web site of The Consular Department at Mozambique Embassy in Washington or Mozambique Consulate USA

One of the most frequently asked questions by tourists is, Do I need Visa For Mozambique ? As a matter of fact, everyone needs visa to enter into Mozambique.

Do I Need Visa For Mozambique

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Visa Policy for Mozambique

The Mozambique visa policy is the list of rules and regulations for foreign travelers which determines who may enter the country.

Different types of visa may be required depending on the individual’s nationality. Other factors include the length of stay in Mozambique and the purpose of the trip.

Short-term visitors may require a visit visa, tourism visa, or business visa for Mozambique, depending on their reason for visiting.

There are both single-entry and multiple-entry options for Mozambique visas.

In line with the Mozambique immigration policy, foreign nationals who plan to move to the country will need a residence visa. They will also need a Mozambican work visa to undertake employment in the country.

Most travelers will require a Mozambique transit visa to pass through the country en route to another destination.

Mozambique does not currently have any online visa options. However, there are plans to introduce an electronic visa (eVisa) system. This will allow foreign visitors to apply for a visa quickly and easily by filling out an online form.

However, visitors from most countries can apply for a visa on arrival in Mozambique. This is valid for short-term stays for tourism and leisure. Visas for other purposes and those for long-term stays must be obtained at a Mozambican embassy or consulate.

Nationals of certain countries are required to apply for any type of visa at a diplomatic mission, according to the visa policy of Mozambique.

Citizens of a select few countries may visit Mozambique visa-free for short stays.

Learn more about Mozambique’s visa policy below.

Tourist Visa Policy for Mozambique

The Mozambique tourist visa policy dictates that most foreign visitors taking a holiday in the country need a visa.

Travelers can apply for either a single-entry or multiple entry tourist visa for Mozambique, depending on their preference.

Both options allow tourists to stay for up to 30 days per visit. The Mozambican visa policy states that travelers must have a long-term visa to remain in the country for more than this period.

Mozambique tourist visas can be obtained either on arrival or at an embassy or consulate abroad.

The visa on arrival option is available to travelers of most nationalities. However, visitors from certain countries must apply at a Mozambican diplomatic mission ahead of their trip.

There are also plans to create an eVisa for Mozambique. This will allow visitors to obtain a tourist visa online. It will provide a quicker and more convenient option than the existing visas on arrival and embassy visas.

Nationals of a few countries can visit Mozambique without a visa for the purpose of tourism.

Consult the map below to find out which nationalities require a tourist visa for Mozambique and how to get one.


Visa on Arrival

Embassy or Consular Visa Required

Visa Not Required


eVisa for Mozambique

The Mozambique eVisa is a planned electronic visa system that will allow foreign visitors to apply for an entry permit online.

This digital platform will make it easier for travelers from overseas to get a visa for Mozambique. By filling out a quick online application form, visitors will be able to get their travel permit from the comfort of their own homes. There will be no need to make a trip to a Mozambican embassy to apply.

It will also mean that visitors will not have to wait in line at the border to apply for a visa on arrival for Mozambique.

The Mozambican eVisa will likely be valid for tourism. It may also permit business trips and/or transit.

It is currently unknown how the Mozambique visa policy will change in lieu of this new method of obtaining a visa. The eVisa may be available only to travelers of certain nationalities or those with biometric passports, as is the case with other electronic visa platforms around the world.

Further details will be released closer to the launch of the eVisa.

Visa On Arrival for Mozambique

The Mozambique visa on arrival service allows foreign visitors to get a visa at border control when entering the country.

Nationals of over 180 countries are able to apply for the visa on arrival (VoA) for Mozambique.

The VoA grants foreign nationals entry to Mozambique for the purposes of tourism and leisure.

It is necessary to provide documentation proving that this is the intent of the visit. This can include a return ticket, confirmation of a booking at a hotel or other tourist accommodation, or an invitation letter.

International visitors can stay in the country for up to 30 days with the Mozambican visa on arrival.

The VoA grants a single entry to Mozambique. The country’s visa policy dictates that travelers who wish to stay for longer than 30 days must leave and then apply for a new visa to re-enter.

VoAs are available at all points of entry to Mozambique, including airports and land border crossings.

Applying for a Mozambique visa on arrival involves joining a queue at border control and waiting in line. Travelers must complete an application and provide the necessary supporting documents.

Visitors’ passports must be valid for at least 6 months after the trip to obtain a Mozambique VoA. Travelers whose passports are due to expire sooner may be denied entry.

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