Do Indian Need Visa For Japan

Japan is the world’s leading economic and technological power. In order to travel to Japan, it is essential to know whether Indians require visa or not. This article explores all possible scenarios.

India has increased it’s tourism and trade with Japan. To make it easy, we have collated all the information that Indian travelers need to know about visas. Find out how you can apply for a Japanese visa from your home or office.

Japan is a country and archipelago that stretches from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea, south along the Ryukyu Islands. It is also known as one of Seven Wonders of the World as Taj Mahal in India.

Do Indian Need Visa For Japan

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All about Japan Tourist Visa for Indians

Japan belongs to the continent of Asia and is very unique when it comes to its distinctive culture and traditions. It is a country situated on an isolated island-nation, which is probably what makes it so different from the rest of the world. Japan is famous for its distinctive cherry blossom gardens, sculptures, and poetry. It is home to more than ten popular tourist destinations which includes Mount Fuji as one of its top attractions. 

Some of its other famous attractions include Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Osaka Castle, and The Island Shrine of Itsukushima, amongst many others. The best time to travel to Japan is sometime between March to May and September to November.

Do Indians need a visa for Japan?

Yes, it is compulsory for all Indian passport holders to get a visa to visit Japan.

Is there a visa on arrival in Japan for Indian citizens?

No, unfortunately there’s no visa on arrival available for Indian passport holders traveling to Japan. Keep in mind that, you should have about 60-90 days in hand from when you apply for your Japan visa to your planned dates of departure.

Documents required for Japan tourist visa

Off lately, Japan has become one of the most popular tourist destinations amongst Indians. Earlier, it wasn’t very easy to acquire a tourist visa for Japan. But then, later the Japanese Embassy made some relaxation in the rules for the visa. You need to submit the following documents before you apply for the tourist visa for Japan.

  • Original Passport with a validity of 6 months from the date of arrival in Japan.
  • Two coloured photos with the matte finish white background.
  • Confirmed Air tickets.
  • Visa Application duly filled with correct details.
  • Your travel itinerary
  • Salary slip of last 3 months if the candidate is employed.
  • Employment Certificate if the candidate is employed.
  • Original bank statements for the last 6 months signed and stamped by bank authorities.
  • Form 16 or ITR filed for last 3 years.
  • Original letter of leave from school/college/office.
  • If the applicant is a student, then your college/school ID.
  • Pension passbook, if the applicant is a retired professional.
  • Travel Insurance Policy.

Japan visa fees for Indian Citizens

The application fees that Indian Citizens need to pay Rs.510/- to the embassy for both single as well as multiple entries. 

How to apply for a Japan Visa?

There are about 16 Visa Application Centres in major cities across India. The procedure to apply for the Japanese tourist visa is simple to follow.

  • Download the visa application from the website of the Embassy of Japan and fill it carefully.
  • Make an appointment at the visa application centre or embassy.
  • Pay the visa fees as mentioned.
  • Attend the interview on the date you scheduled it.
  • Submit all the information, biometrics and finger-prints.
  • Wait for the response of the representatives.
  • Collect your passport and receive either approval/rejection of the visa.

Japan Tourist visa processing time

The Embassy of Japan will take 4 working days to process the visa. It will exclude the day on which you deposit the application.

Should I buy Travel Insurance for Japan?

Although not mandatory, a travel insurance for Japan can help maximise your savings by protecting you from any losses on your trip whilst also strengthening your Japan visa application.

  • Medical Emergencies: It is essential to show your insurance policy to the medical practitioner if you happen to need any medical assistance during your trip. Having a travel insurance in such cases can prevent you from spending beyond your predetermined travel budget.
  • Evacuation Coverage: In case of emergencies when you need medical evacuation to your homeland in India, the cost could be huge! Your insurance policy could provide you coverage for such unexpected expenses when you are abroad.
  • Lost or Stolen Luggage: We don’t know when an act of theft can happen. But when we travel we make our minds to be prepared for the worst. Your insurance policy will cover you for in case of loss of money, your checked-in luggage or worst- your passport!
  • Loss of Passport: If you happen to lose your passport while you’re traveling in Japan, your travel insurance could cover for you in helping you with the process of getting a new one, as soon as possible. 
  • Sports Activity coverage: When in Japan, if you plan on trying adventure sports such as skiing, rock climbing, mountain climbing, scuba diving, etc. Sometimes, travellers get hurt while they are engaged in any of these sports activities. Your insurance policy covers you for such accidental injuries.

While picking a travel insurance, go through all your covers and benefits to ensure your travel policy covers for everything you may need.

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