Doha Transit Visa For Indian Passport

Indian nationality has restrains on its freedom to move all around the world. In order to go to different countries, it is obligatory for the Indian authorities to carry a Doha Transit Visa For Indian Passport. This is mandatory for the security of our nation and its people. As per the rule, an individual must apply for a Doha transit visa before travelling to other countries through Qatar Airlines, Etihad Airlines and Emirates airlines .Ever wonder what do you need to apply for a Doha transit visa? Over the years, I’ve received lots of questions from Indian passport holders to help them get a Doha transit visa. Here is my step by step guide application process and documents required for Doha transit visa.

Doha Transit Visa For Indian Passport

India and Qatar are countries which are tremendously beneficial to the outlook of business. Both these nations, with their completely different cultural properties, have an international tourist base. What is more, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world while Qatar has been considered as a financial hub in the region. I have genuinely come to know many individuals who have tried to take pleasure of their time difference by crossing borders into India via transit visas, and one such person would include my friend who successfully managed his visa for Doha through VFS Global.

Details of New 4-day Free Transit Visa to Qatar for Qatar Airways’ International Passengers

A new complimentary visa scheme for inbound and outbound travelers on Qatar Airways flights transiting through Hamad International Airport in Doha came into effect today, November 1, 2016. The new transit visa permits free entry to Qatar for a stay of 5 to 96 hours. All transiting passengers of Qatar Airways flights from USA to India and on other routes through Doha can apply for it, regardless of their nationalities.

Announced in late September this year, the free 4-day transit visa is a tourist-friendly initiative by Qatar Tourism Authority and Qatar Airways in collaboration. It is expected to popularize Qatar as a tourist-friendly destination and get more international travelers. Approval of all visa applications is subject to the sole discretion of Qatar’s Ministry of Interior.

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The new free transit visa to Qatar can be applied for online or at Qatar Airways’ offices. Qatar Airways has revised its fares for all international flights having layovers in Doha to woo international tourists with the new visa scheme. Travelers can have a layover at Hamad Airport for 96 hours and make the most of the new transit visa without paying any additional fee.

However, the free transit visa to Qatar comes with an exception. Those traveling on Qatar Airways’ outbound flights from Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan and the UAE can have the new visa for free stopover in Doha only during the outward journey. The facility is not available on the return.

New Free Transit Visa to Qatar: Eligibility Requirements and Conditions

  • Qatar Airways’ all transiting passengers including infants must have individual passports with minimum 6-month validity from the time of arrival in Qatar.
  • A vivid copy of one’s passport must be submitted along with one’s application at a Qatar Airways office or through the airline’s website.
  • Applications for the new visa will be processed within 7 business days (excluding public holidays).
  • The 4-day free transit visa to Qatar will remain valid for 90 days or 3 months from the date of issuance for a single entry only.
  • The validity of the visa cannot be extended beyond 90 days. A fresh application is mandatory.
  • Passengers must produce a clear copy of the new transit visa while boarding Qatar Airways flights and at the time of arrival in Doha.
  • The new transit visa for free layover can be availed with confirmed tickets only for Qatar Airways flights transiting through Doha, not turnaround flights to and from Doha.
  • The duration of layover in Doha cannot be extended beyond 96 hours as per the policy of the new 96-hour free transit visa to Qatar.
  • Visa applications must be submitted minimum 7 days prior to one’s scheduled travel on Qatar Airways.
  • Qatar’s immigration ministry reserves the right to grant or deny entry to Qatar and free layover in Doha, which Qatar Airways is not responsible for.
  • If visa rejection or delayed visa issuance incurs additional expenses or loss to an international traveler, Qatar Airways is not liable for it.

Visa Information

Embassy of India, Doha, grants visas for those intending to visit India for tourist, business and other purposes in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Government of India. Those intending to visit India can access the Government of India website to fill up the application forms (not the e-Tourist Visa form, as this facility is currently not available to Qatari Nationals) online. Applicants may kindly fill in all details in the application form and also upload their recent photographs. A print out of the filled-in application form, duly signed by the applicant, with two copies of the uploaded photograph is required to be submitted in person along with requisite fee , photocopy of ID card / Iqama and passport-valid for at least six months at the Embassy of India, Doha  between 0815 hrs to 1130 hrs on all working days. (i.e. Sunday to Thursday).

Requirements to obtain various Indian Visas

All visa seekers (except Pakistani and Bangladeshi  nationals) are requested to fill the visa application form (Form V1 ) online and get the printed forms and documents checked thoroughly at Visa Help Desk before approaching visa counter in order to avoid delay in acceptance of visa applications. Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals are required to fill Form V2  (four copies) and Form V3  (one copy) respectively.

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