Driving Visa For Uk From Pakistan

The primary benefit of applying for a UK driving license while still in Pakistan is that you will be assured of getting your license despite the fact that you may not be present during the collection of fingerprints and photos. The only way to get started with this process is by visiting the official website or enrolling for an account via online application. Although, there are other options to apply as well, you can gather details by consulting the officials assigned to Pakistan.

The UK is a great place to relocate with your family, especially if you’re a professional driver. The driving license in the UK is not comparable with those issued in other areas of the world meaning it’s necessary for a foreigner to obtain one before proceeding to drive on UK roads.

Driving Visa For Uk From Pakistan

Driving in a foreign country can be daunting especially if you are used to driving on the right side of the road. If you are traveling to the United Kingdom and want to rent a car, you must obtain a British driver’s license. How do you go about getting this when driving is a privilege and not a right?

One fuel tanker wey park for BP filling station in Hersham

Only 127 fuel drivers from overseas don apply for temporary visas to work for UK, di prime minister tok.

Sake of di current fuel scarcity wey dey happun, UK goment dey offer immediate visas for 300 foreign tanker drivers to work for di UK from now until di end of March.

Dem go join hands wit oda drivers wey dey on ground to deliver fuel across di kontri.

Di goment dey also offer to give 4,700 visas for foreign food haulage drivers, e go last from late October to di end of February.

Di move na to avoid oda supply chain issues. E no dey clear yet how many pipo don apply to dis scheme.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, di prime minister say di haulage industry don “only produce 127 names so far” in response to di goment scheme.

Meanwhile UK goment don release guidelines on wetin pipo need and how to apply for di visa.

Dem say dis concession go allow non-visa nationals wey dey come to work for di UK as HGV fuel tanker drivers to seek permission to enta di UK for di border.

Wetin you need to qualify for di visa scheme?

You dey eligible to apply to be truck driver for UK if:

  • You be non-visa national
  • You Get EU, EEA or Swiss licence to drive HGV fuel tankers (HGV category C or C+E plus current accreditation for di transport of fuel reach international convention about dangerous goods transport).
  • Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) don give you HGV fuel driver’s endorsement letter – You fit check dia requirement for dia website.
  • You also plan to arrive for di UK for di purpose of undertaking employment, as HGV fuel tanker driver between 1 October 2021 and 15 October 2021

You must show a valid national passport and your HGV fuel driver endorsement letter to di Border Force officer.

If you wan permission to enta under dis temporary visa scheme, dis na wetin di Border authority go consider:

If you dey eligible to be considered under dis visa scheme and you must be a non-visa national; and you must hold relevant valid national passport, EEA licence and accreditation to drive HGV fuel tankers and HGV fuel driver endorsement letter from BEIS

If dem dey satisfied say you dey genuinely seek entry for di purpose of undertaking employment as an HGV fuel tanker driver

If you go dey able to maintain and accommodate yourself without relying on public funds

If you intend to leave di UK for di end of your period of permission

If di Border Force officer don consider your case and dey satisfied that you are eligible for di concession, dem go give you permission to enta and to work for di UK as a fuel tanker driver until 31 March 2022.

Dem no go allow dependents unless dem otherwise meet di requirements of di kontri Immigration Rules.

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