Dubai Visa For Sri Lanka

Dubai visa for Sri Lanka, No prior Visa for Dubai needed for Sri Lakshadweep Islands, how to get visa in less than 10 minutes in dubai dubai visa on arrival is the most asked question between those who are asking about dubai visa on arrival requirements or they want to know the procedure of getting Dubai visa on arrival. If you belong to any of them and want to know more, you are at right place.

Dubai Visa For Sri Lanka is the best solution for malt-free Dubai visa to Sri Lanka. The most common question we get by people who plan to travel to Sri Lankan is Dubai Visa For Sri Lanka. If you are living in Sri Lanka and thinking of visiting any country, including UAE, it’s obvious that you need a visa before travelling out. And, if you want to obtain a Dubai visa for your trip to Sri Lanka, you must consider following facts before going to apply for a visa in Dubai. We will base our discussion today on – Dubai Visa For Sri Lanka. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: dubai visit visa price in sri lanka 2022 and how to apply for dubai visa from sri lanka

Dubai Visa For Sri Lanka

Dubai/Abu Dhabi Embassy in Sri Lanka

Dubai is well-known in every corner of the world due to its versatility and drive to establish itself as an all-rounder tourist destination. This outlook some time leads to a confusion that Dubai is a country on its own. Dubai is one of the seven Emirates that make up the country of the United Arab Emirates. The other 6 Emirates are Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ra’s Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman. Any attestation and complains about any of these 7 Emirates is handled by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates situated in Colombo.

Visit Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

  • Call: +94112565053
  • Bus route: The bus routes 138/1, 138/2, 138/3, 122, 125 for the most part run through the A4 highway
  • Driving: It is near by the Colombo University and opposite to laksala store
  • The service provided by the embassy: Affidavit of support, medical certificate attestation, marriage certificate / birth certificate attestation, singleness certificate attestation, educational certificate attestation
  • The service not provided by the embassy : Processing Dubai visa for Sri Lankan passport holders& assisting in extending Sri Lankan’s stays in Dubai


Corona update for Sri Lankans visiting Dubai

Those who fully vaccinated can travel to Dubai without any issues as per current rule & those aren’t vaccinated get a PCR test prior to arrive


Get a new Dubai visa in Sri Lanka

 Whatsapp / Call : +94 77 776 7672

 Office : +94 11 2 605 988

For Sri Lankan Assistance (Sinhala & English)

Local office : 13 First Lane, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia 10390

Dubai has carved a nook for itself as one of the leading destinations for not only leisure travel but also for business and medical related travel. It also serves as a link between the east and the west. Previously, getting a Dubai visa used to be a tedious task. But, thanks to the booming tourism in Dubai the immigration authorities have simplified it so that international travelers can easily get their Dubai visa.

This article will cover the simplicity of getting a Dubai visa in Sri Lanka by explaining the steps that you need to follow.


Steps to follow for an easy Dubai visa

Step 1

The most crucial part is knowing the different types of UAE visa and identifying the visa type that suits your travel needs best. For instance, if your expected duration of stay is within 30 days then a normal 30 day Dubai visa will do. If you want to stay more, then a normal 90 day Dubai visa is the right option. If you urgently need to travel to Dubai then an express Dubai visa can be arranged. If you know you will be entering and exiting Dubai many times a multiple entry visa will be the ideal option. A normal Dubai visa takes 2-3 working days to get processed whereas an express visa is processed within 8-24 hours (During the official UAE working days – Sunday to Thursday)

Step 2

Gather the necessary documents that a Sri Lankan citizen needs to apply for a Dubai visa. These documents need to be submitted along with a fully filled visa application form:

  • Recent color photograph
  • A copy of confirmed return flight ticket
  • A scanned soft copy of passport (with minimum 6 month validity) front and back pages.
  • A guarantor’s (A family member works in Government or private) Sri Lanka national identity card, phone number and address proof (Electricity bill or phone bill proof) or a UAE residence visa page of a friend or family member works in UAE or middle east.

Step 3

Choose a reputed and trustworthy travel company that has many years’ experience issuing Dubai visas. Make sure to read their reviews online and see what their customers have to say. If you choose Arabiers’ then continue with the steps.

Step 4

Provide the required document and attach the scanned copies of the necessary documents. Make the payment after which you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 5

Our visa processing team will verify and check your visa application and documents after which they will be sent to the Dubai immigration. Sometimes the Dubai immigration might request some additional documents which will have to be submitted.

Step 6

Depending on the type of visa you have applied for you will get a copy of your Dubai visa WhatsApp or emailed to you.

Step 7

Confirm whether Arabiers or your visa provider has issued the “OK to board” a minimum of 48 hours before you are flying to Dubai.

Step 8

Make sure to bring along your passport, a copy of your ticket and other documents on the day of your departure, make sure you reach the airport counter 3 hours prior to your travel


Dubai visa photo size for Sri Lanka

What is Dubai visa photo size for Sri Lanka? Many of you ask and you might find in internet it must be 2 inch x 2 inch or 45 mm x 35 mm, which is not the right information and there is no specific Dubai visa photo size for Sri Lanka. The best way to send the photo for Dubai visa application is while taking your photo in Studio for your passport or medical report, just get the soft copy in your email or pen drive. Along with your passport scan copy and send it to visa processing company they will do your Dubai visa. If you are not yet got the passport and make sure you know that photos can’t be taken in any studio on your wish, you must be going to Authorized Studios by Sri Lankan immigration, click here to see the list of approved studios in Sri Lanka that appointed by immigration take photos for passport .


Dubai visa prices for Sri Lankans – A simple price list

Rates in Sri Lankan rupees varies based on the currency exchange & the fee is non-refundable if the visa application rejected and sometimes Arabiers team might ask for a security deposit if you are unable to provide guarantor details. There is no hidden fee or no requirement to book flight ticket with us, below are the final rates that you will paying to obtain the Dubai visa from Sri Lanka to our Sri Lanka branch

Type of Dubai Visas in 2018 for Sri Lankans

Dubai has many types of visa, each ideal for a different cause of travel. Mentioned below are the different types of visas, the procedures and the documents that sri lankans need to apply for a Dubai visa

I. Long-term single entry visa

Validity period: 60 days from issue date Permitted duration of stay: 90 days

The long-term visa is divided into three categories:

A. Official

Catering to the business-oriented individual, this dubai visa for sri lankans is ideal for those who travel to Dubai for business activities. The required supporting documents for this visa type are:

  1. Coloured copy of individual’s passport
  2. Invitation letter from host OR resident permit and coloured copy of host’s passport
  3. Confirmed ticket booking
  4. Confirmed hotel booking
  5. Company cover letter

B. Personal

This visa is ideal for those who have family members in Dubai and wish to visit them. The documents required to apply for a personal long term visa are the following.

(a) Self-Finance

  • coloured passport copy of personal details page
  • confirmed ticket booking
  • sponsor or host’s coloured
  • passport copy of personal details page
  • sponsor’s or host’s residence visa copy
  • guarantee letter from sponsor or host
  • proof of relationship (birth certificate,marriage certificate)

C. Tourist

For those who want to enjoy Dubai’s every attraction, sunbathe in its beaches and explore this amazing city, the long term tourist visa for sri lankans will give you enough and more time to do that. If you plan to apply for this visa these are the documents you will need.

For those who want to enjoy Dubai’s every attraction, sunbathe in its beaches and explore this amazing city, the long term tourist visa for sri lankans will give you enough and more time to do that. If you plan to apply for this visa these are the documents you will need.

  • Coloured copy of passport biodata page
  • Confirmed flight ticket
  • Hotel reservation

Procedure for long term visa

  1. The required supporting documents according to the visa category you are applying for will be collected and submitted to the department of immigration in UAE for pre-approval.
  2. After it has been approved, the supporting documents along with the visa application form will be sent to the visa centre.
  3. Once it has been approved you can visit Dubai before the visa expires.

II. Short-term single entry tourist visa

Validity period: 58 days from issue date

Permitted duration of stay: 30 days

This visa is non-extendable so if tourists apply for this visa, you have to leave Dubai within the 30 day timeframe otherwise you will be fined for every extra day you overstay. The visa processing duration usually varies between 3 to 7 working days (excluding weekends and UAE holidays). For the visa to be issued these are the supporting documents that need to be submitted:

  • Completely filled application form
  • Applicant’s coloured photograph with white background
  • Coloured passport copy of personal details page (passport should have minimum validity of 6 months)
  • Copy of confirmed flight booking

III. Multiple entry visa

Validity period: 6 months from issue date
Permitted duration of stay: 30 days per visit

This visa allows the holder to enter and exit the country whenever required during the validity period. This visa was implemented so that individuals going back and forth from Dubai don’t have to wait for one month to pass to reapply for a visit visa. Property investors or individuals conducting business in Dubai can opt for the multiple entry visa. This visa is non renewable. Mentioned below are the necessary documents to apply for this visa:

  • Coloured photograph of applicant
  • Passport with valid entry permit stamped
  • Copy of personal details page of passport
  • 6 coloured passport size photographs
  • Completed application form

Who does not get multiple entry visa?

Sri Lankan individuals holding dual citizenship of countries entitled for visa on arrival cant apply for a multiple entry visa.(for the list of visa on arrival countries check the visa on arrival for sri lankans)

IV.Visa on Arrival for sri lankans

Sri lankans who only hold the sri lankan passport are not eligible for a visa on arrival and have to apply for a visa before entering Dubai. However, those who have a dual citizenship and hold dual passports are eligible for a dubai on arrival visa for sri lankans, depending on the country. This visa is immediately stamped when the individual enters the country through any of its airports, seaports or land borders. Keep reading to see which countries have this hassle-free privilege.

A. 90 Day visa on arrival

Permitted duration of stay: 90 days from the day of arrival Sri lankans holding passports of the following countries get a 90 day free visa on arrival.

Austria,Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany,Greece, Holland, Hungary,Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Slovakia.

The visa cannot be renewed and should be used within 180 days from the arrival date. All passports should have a minimum Validity of 6 months

B. 30 day visa on arrival

Sri lankans with passports of the following countries get to stay in Dubai for 30 days with a 10 day grace period. Andorra, Australia, Brunei, China, Canada Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand,Russia, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, The Vatican, USA, and UK.

The visa is extendable once, allowing the individual to stay for a total of 60 days. This is considered as a multiple entry visa making it possible for the holder to use the 30 day visa whether he is within UAE territory or not. The number of days stayed out of UAE will be deducted from the 40 day validity period of the visa calculated from date of issue.

V.Transit Visa

Validity period: 14 days from issue date

Sri lankan passengers who are travelling with a minimum of 8 hour transit via Dubai should apply for a transit visa. The maximum duration of stay per entry is 96 hours.Mentioned below are the requirements to apply for a transit visa.

  • Coloured copy of passport details page. Black and white copies are not accepted.
  • Clear and coloured passport size photograph
  • Copy of residency visa, If individuals residing country is different from the motherland, proof of residence is required
  • Travel insurance.

Sri lankans who hold dual passport of India, Russia or Zimbabwe need to use their sri lankan passport to apply for a dubai visit visa.

Dubai Visa Change for Sri Lankans

The airport to airport visa change facility from Dubai airport was introduced by Arooha tours to make it easy for individuals wanting to extend their stay in the Emirate of Dubai. What is Dubai Visa Change?

Since Dubai is an interesting metropolis almost 80% of the tourists wish to extend their stay in Dubai. If travellers opt to extend their stay in Dubai via the conventional procedure, it is not only time consuming and costly but also ruins the holiday vibe because the individual will have to leave Dubai, wait a month and reapply for a new visa. This lengthy process was made easy by allowing travellers to leave to Bahrain or Oman via Sharjah airport, wait for the new UAE visa and return back to UAE within a day or two. Arooha introduced this facility from Dubai airport to make it easy for individuals who don’t want to travel to Sharjah.

The dubai visa change package is suitable for Sri Lankans who have applied for the 30 day or 90 day visa and decide to extend their stay in UAE. To do this, the individual has two options:

  • METHOD 1_ He or she can visit Arooha branch in Dubai or Sharjah and request for the Dubai visa change package.
  • METHOD 2_ Get in touch with the representative in Arooha’s Colombo branch via email or whatsapp and request for a Dubai visa change package.

How can you benefit with a Dubai Visa Change Package?

  • You don’t have to pay a large deposit fee at Dubai International Airport to facilitate the visa change
  • Time saving as the individual is only required to stay out of Dubai for 1 day
  • Quick processing
  • Reliable and easy
  • Round-the-clock assistance from Arooha Visa Change representative
  • 99.9% Guaranteed visa change within 24 hours

What is the price of the Dubai Visa Change Package?

The price of the package varies depending on the visa type. If you opt for a 90 day extended visa it will be more costly than the 30 day extended visa.

What is included in the Dubai Visa Change package?

The package includes the following:

  • Visa fee of new visa
  • Price of round ticket to Bahrain or Oman
  • Tax

What is the procedure for an Airport to Airport Dubai Visa Change?

  1. Purchase the Dubai Visa Change Package from Arooha by Method 1 or Method 2 mentioned above. Make sure to contact ARooha a minimum of 2 days before your visa expires.
  2. Collect or request to receive your issued ticket to Bahrain or Oman.
  3. Arrive at Dubai International Airport at least 3 hours before scheduled departure.
  4. Proceed to Terminal 1 and 2 of Dubai Airport and visit the Salam AIr or Gulf Air Counter. Show your ticket and passport to get your boarding pass.
  5. Proceed to the Immigration counter where a biometric eye scan will be performed. If everything is okay the ‘Exit” seal will be stamped on your passport. Please note that if the individual has overstayed the permitted duration then all overstay fines have to be settled to go ahead with the process.
  6. Take a clear photo of the ‘Exit’ stamp and send it via WhatsApp to the Arooha Visa Change agent handling your visa change. This step is important and should not be missed under any circumstances.
  7. Proceed to the boarding gate at least 90 minutes before departure time to board the flight.
  8. Get off the plane after landing and connect to the airport WiFi.
  9. Proceed to the waiting area and check your visa status by contacting the Arooha Visa Change agent via WhatsApp.
  10. If visa has been issued proceed to Gulf Air or Salaam Air counter to collect boarding pass. If the visa is still being processed kill some time at the waiting area or food court until you receive notification of visa approval.
  11. Board your flight back to Dubai Airport.
  12. Get off the flight and proceed to Immigration for usual entry procedures.
  13. An ‘entry’ seal will be stamped after a biometric eye scan is done.
  14. Leave Dubai Airport and continue your holiday with an extended stay.

What is the usual processing duration for Dubai Visa Change to get approved?

The processing duration fluctuates between 6 to 48 hours. The chances of getting processed quickly is increased if you send the ‘exit’ stamp photo to your Arooha visa change agent before 10.00 am.

What are the required documents for a Sri Lankan to apply for a Dubai Visa Change?

The necessary supporting documents are:

  • Clear scan of applicant’s personal details page (make sure passport has a minimum validity of 6 months from date of scheduled return)
  • Clear colour photo in passport size with white background
  • Residence visa page copy of Guarantor

Is the Dubai Visa Change Package available everyday?

No, the package is entirely dependent on seat availability and is only issued on all days except Saturday and Friday.

Can I opt for a business class seat with the Dubai Visa Change Package?

No, this package only provides Economy class seats.

This Airport to airport Visa change option is also available from Sharjah International Airport and Abu Dhabi International Airport.

5 must do things in Dubai that are free or cost nothing

A dose of Dubai Heritage

Price? Costs nothing (AED 3 – adults, AED 1 – children)

Where? Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House, Al Shindagha Area

When? Saturday to Thursday (8.30 am – 10.00 pm), Fridays (3.30 pm to 10.00 pm)

Observe the history as you stroll through the historic building which once used to be the home of the Dubai Ruler, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. View pictures of ancient Dubai before the oil boom, see ancient documents, observe tools of the marine trade, look up at gorgeous wind towers, learn more about the history of the ruling family and just awe at the beauty of ancient architecture; this is the place to be to understand the backstory of the thriving metropolis of Dubai.

A twinkling Movie

Price? Free

Where? Wafi Mall, Pyramids Building, Oud Metha

When? Sunday (8.30 pm onwards)

Don’t want to fork up a huge sum to show your kids the unique water-life at Dubai Aquarium? Never mind, you can definitely get access to the main tank for free. Admire a whole ecosystem of fish, coral and different species of aquatic animals swimming inside a massive aquarium enclosed by an acrylic panel.

Aquatic wonder

Price? Free

Where? Outside Dubai Aquarium at Dubai Mall entrance

When? Any day or time

Don’t want to fork up a huge sum to show your kids the unique water-life at Dubai Aquarium? Never mind, you can definitely get access to the main tank for free. Admire a whole ecosystem of fish, coral and different species of aquatic animals swimming inside a massive aquarium enclosed by an acrylic panel.

Dancing water fountain

Price? Free

Where? Dubai Fountain outside Dubai Mall

When? Every 30 minutes starting from 6.00 pm until 11.00 pm (on weekdays) and 11.30 pm (on weekends)

Known as the largest choreographed fountain in the world, the water in the fountain dances in sync to the tune of many famous numbers from singers like Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesias and Whitney Houston. To get an unparalleled view head to the balcony at Dubai Mall’s Apple store. Try and be there early to save yourself a good spot before the crowd kicks in.

Museum Hopping

Price? Costs nothing (Below AED 5)

Where? Al Fahidi Neighbourhood and Al Ras, Deira

When? Saturday to Thursday (8.30 am – 10.00 pm), Fridays (3.30 pm to 10.00 pm)

Just like Dubai is home to many superlatives, it is also home to many quirky museums that give a good look at Dubai’s history. While in Al Fahidi visit the Al Fahidi Fort which is where the Dubai Museum is located. Apart from being the oldest building in Dubai, it has good exhibits of Dubai’s history. Coffee lovers can view the history of coffee in Dubai by visiting The Dubai Coffee Museum for free. Come face-to-fast with age-old grinders, coffee pots and roasters. In the same neighborhood is the coin museum where you can view different old coins. For a unique experience head inside a gorgeous heritage house, a museum dedicated to Al Oqaili the poet.

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