Dubai Visa In Nigeria Job

Dubai Visa In Nigeria Job Dubai is one of the richest country in the world with 2% of the world population and 15% of the world’s income, about 4% of men and 4.3% of women aged 20 years and older are illiterate, 75.7 % have completed secondary education, and 51 % have completed primary school. The Dubai visa is divided into several types: The Dubai tourist visa is available to both female and male citizens who wish to visit Dubai upon delivering a passport that proves their nationality by having more than 6 months remaining on the validity period. Employment visa which may be issued to expatriates who wish to work in a field that requires special skills or expertise. It must be applied for six months before they travel to the man (3 months if it’s an emergency) after applying for previously registering at the foreigner assistance services inside Dubai, along with a recent photograph taken against a white background for each applicant, a copy of his resume’, flight ticket reservations, bank statement on his personal bank account with sufficient funds presenting proof that he can finance his stay legally in Dubai (a bank statement from last three months will suffice), as well as an official invitation from an approved company which is formed in accordance to

Dubai Visa In Nigeria Job

Dubai is on the verge of becoming the world leader in immigration issues nowadays and it is offering opportunities to everyone in Dubai. It has been discovered that Dubai Government offers lots of career opportunities across the world in different fields and this article will guide you towards how you can get the chance of moving your career to Dubai.The Dubai visa in Nigeria situation is quite easy because the government of Dubai and other government agencies are working hard to ensure that even those who are not qualified are provided with jobs in Dubai.

Dubai is a major hub of tourism and commerce in the MENA region. It is reputed for its elegant shopping malls, magnificent architectural landmarks, and breath-taking natural beauty. The UAE currently has the fastest growing population in the world, and is expected to be home to 10 million residents by 2020. Keen to attract expats from developing countries such as Nigeria, who are in search of greener economic pastures, the UAE offers fast-track visa approval processes for skilled workers and professionals as well as retirees.

How to travel and work in Dubai legally from Nigeria seems to be a hard question to ask, but it is very possible. It is possible for you as a Nigerian to work and have a good live in Dubai and I am going to explain to you in details how you can make your dream of working in Dubai come to reality.

I am not talking about how to work legally in Canada or the Current cost of new and renewal of a Nigerian International passport. The aim of this article is to answer your question and any other related questions to How to travel and work in Dubai legally from Nigeria.

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The Hard Truth

There are some sincere questions I will like to ask you before I proceed so that you can access yourself and confirm that you are really ready to move for work in Dubai.

Why would I hire you? Do you have any special skills that I can’t find in Dubai already? Do you have unique talent that will fulfil my business in a way that no one in Dubai can? Are you really good in that skill that you are my best option out of others in Dubai?

For a Dubai Company to go to another country to recruit is a cost for the Business. They have to send a recruiter, pay for their travel, hotel, food, and pay to the recruiter partner in that country and also pay for the person to fly over.

They can eliminate a lot of recruitment cost if they decide to employ someone from Dubai. The hard truth is that there really have to be a great need for them to go outside and recruit.

You should also note that majority of the jobs available to work in Dubai for Nigerians are unskilled labour such as, Construction Workers, Cook, Gardener, Cleaners and the likes except you have a special skill like I discussed above.

Travel and Work in Dubai Legally from Nigeria

To answer your question, I will give you 3 ways to work in Dubai legally from Nigeria. The first two are recommended while the third way is not. I will explain just right below.

1. Apply For Jobs Online

This option would mean you are here in Nigeria and through the internet, you are applying for openings. This is what I will recommend. It might take time and some money but it’s still the safest method.

Let me give you an insight, when requirement demand goes up, the bigger organizations send their recruiters to all sorts of various countries to recruit for specific skills. Could be a big equipment operators, truck drivers, even people in hospitality, mechanics and few other roles. It depends on specific positions they are recruiting for and specific skill sets they are looking to hire.

You have to keep applying and doing follow up.

A woman takes a taxi from the RTA’s rank at Ibn Battuta. Jaime Puebla

Another way to go by this is to keep an eye on the newspaper for companies recruiting in the Middle East. UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar etc. BUT also be careful, some of those recruitment companies also try and scam people. They might charge you a fee and tell you they will get you a job. At the end, the only thing that you can count on is an actual offer letter from the company that has interviewed you or through friends who have used an agency to get a job in the GCC.

2. Have a Relative or Friend in Dubai Help you

This can be the best option if your relative or friend over there is ready to help you. The idea is that you must know someone who have been in Dubai for a while and then the person will find you a Job over there and do all the processing. You just have to go over to Dubai for interview or to start the job.

Since your friend over in Dubai would have settled it all, the company will be the one to send you a job invite and that will make everything pretty easy.

3. A Disguise Visitation

I have heard people talked about people who have successfully used this method to find a job in Dubai but the chance is pretty very low. So you need to think twice before taking this route.

The idea is to procure a 2 months tourist visa, arrive in Dubai and search for job within the period of your visa. If you can get any job, congratulation and if you can’t you just wasted a whole lot of money.

Going to Dubai is a huge cost, staying in Dubai is a huge cost, so it is a big risk to go there looking for a job if your financial situation is tough. It will be really be risky if you decide to travel to Dubai and then when you get there, you think you will find a job.

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Other Important Things To Know

Assuming you finally get a job in Dubai, there are some things you need to know before you can work in Dubai.

Requirements for a Dubai Work Visa

For a Nigerian to work in Dubai, he/she will need a residence visa, labour card and health card. This will allow you to have a working stay of up to 2 years.

The next question is how can you get a residence Visa?

There are two ways to get a residence visa:

– You will need to be sponsored either on the basis of the ownership of a business in the U.A.E.
– You will have employment contract with an employer in the U.A.E and we usually process work visa for our clients.

Medical Examination

You will have to go through a medical examination and blood test to rule out diseases such as HIV, hepatitis C or tuberculosis. Submit your medical records, two passport-size photos and photocopies of your passport, written job offer verification and employment visa application (the one completed by your employer) to the Department of Health and Medical Services to obtain a health card. This step is mandatory for foreigners working in Dubai.

You just have to keep applying and don’t give up. The following sites are online platform where you can apply for a job online in Dubai.


Once you successfully go a job from any job site, the first thing to do is to confirm the genuineness of the employer(s). Then don’t waste time before requesting for a written job contact letter, otherwise known as employment letter.

When your prospective employer issues you written confirmation of a job offer, they begin the employment visa application process on your behalf.

Wait for the employer to complete and submit the necessary application to sponsor you for a Dubai employment visa. Another thing you should know is that the employer is also responsible for paying the applicable employment visa processing fees. The information supplied all along from the start of your process must be very accurate as the United Arab Emirates immigration department will contact you when the information submitted by your employer has been verified.

It’s Hard, but it’s not Impossible

Am sure you now have an understanding about how to travel and work in Dubai legally from Nigeria from How to travel and work in Dubai legally from Nigeria article above. Please share the article so that others can benefit from it.

If you have any question or more clarification, please ask in the comment box below and I will try my best to reply you asap.

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