Employment Visa For Nigeria In Uae 2021

Despite the current economic downturn in the country, Nigeria continues to lead the African continent economically and politically. The oil-rich nation has successfully been able to retain its position as one of the top emerging market. Since its independence in 1960, Nigeria has witnessed a number of improvements on geographical borders that includes formation of 36 states from original three regions.

Are you wondering how many employment visas are available in Dubai, UAE? How much does an employment visa cost in UAE and which type of visa to choose for working in UAE? This article will explore these questions about the various employment visa options for working in Dubai. We will base our discussion today on – Employment Visa For Nigeria In Uae 2021. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: latest news about nigeria employment visa in uae and can nigeria get work permit in uae now

Employment Visa For Nigeria In Uae 2021

1. Should you be considering a job offer that involves relocation, make sure the company covers all your moving and immigration costs. This way you will never run short of funds while applying for a visa to live and work in the United Kingdom.Whether it is a fresh graduate seeking to increase their skills or Nigerian professionals seeking stability abroad, UAE offers the best opportunities for law abiding and highly skilled Nigerians.

The speculation emerged on Tuesday even though Emirates direct flights between Nigeria and the UAE remain suspended indefinitely.

Some Nigerians residing in the country have confirmed the news from MOHRE to this newspaper and are optimistic that they will get their expired work permits renewed soon to guarantee their continued stay in the UAE.

However, Tasheel, a government centre in charge of work permit applications under the directive of MOHRE, said they do not have any update yet on the situation when contacted on Tuesday. Previous applications by Nigerians through Tasheel were denied as it said work permit applications were closed to Nigerians when the Government insisted the ban was non-existent.

It is, therefore, not clear whether this is yet another gimmick by the UAE government as applications for a work permit can only be filed through Tasheel, but Nigerians are already taking steps to test this new directive from MOHRE.

The UAE restricted work permits, and visa restrictions targeted only Nigerians since July. More than 300 Nigerians residing in the country lost their jobs and were left stranded and frustrated. Several efforts between both governments to resolve the situation had proved unsuccessful.

In August, the UAE Ambassador to Nigeria, Fahad A. Taffaq, during a meeting with the chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) at his office in Abuja, denied that Nigerians were placed on restriction.

“There has been no official restriction on Nigerians from what I believe as an official position from the UAE. The UAE is a very welcoming country and does not discriminate against any nationality. Everyone is welcome to come, work, and contribute,” he said.

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NIDCOM subsequently, through a letter dated 12th November 2021, urged Nigerians in the country to continue to liaise with the Nigerian Mission at the UAE for advice and clarifications on the work permit restrictions “as we continue to monitor the development”.

A Nigerian Oluwatobi Emmanuel, who recently lost a high-pay job offer due to inability to renew his work permit, told The ICIR, “Until we see an approved work permit issuance to a Nigerian, we can’t authenticate this news”.

Again, UAE Imposes Visa Ban on Nigerians, Rejects Applications

NIGERIA |  1 month ago


For the umpteenth time, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has slammed a visa ban on Nigerians seeking to visit Dubai.
The ban was conveyed in a notice issued to the country’s trade partners in Nigeria, including travel agents.

This is coming weeks after the country tightened visa process to prospective visitors to the country.
In the latest decision which also affects virtually all black African nations, the UAE authorities in the notice said, “all Dubai applications submitted are now rejected,” adding that the rejections will be sent in batches.

Although no reason was given for the ban, the Dubai authorities declared that all applications were on-hold until issues between the UAE government and the Nigerian government were resolved.

The latest decision made by the UAE immigration authorities is for all Nigerians seeking to travel to the UAE.
The UAE government said the rejection notices would be sent in batches to applicants.

“All Dubai applications submitted are now rejected. It is general for Nigerians and approvals are on hold at the moment.
“Kindly advise your clients to resubmit applications when the issue is resolved between both governments,” the notice reads.
The development comes over a month after the UAE stopped issuing tourist visas to persons under the age of 40, which affected Nigerians as well as other countries.

A source from Wakanow, who confirmed the ban said, “it is true; it was issued yesterday. The Dubai immigration authorities did not state when the ban would be lifted but for now, everything is on hold.”

THISDAY, however, gathered from a customer representative in Air Peace,  that the airline is still flying to Dubai with those who already have a valid visa. The representative added that if any changes were to occur as regards flight for Nigerians, it would be duly communicated, adding that no issue had been raised at the moment.

Speaking on the issue, the federal government said Nigerians need to respect the immigration laws of other countries to avoid “unwarranted treatment”.
“The general public is invited to note and be guided that the Government of the UAE has introduced a new visa regime and has stopped issuing tourist visas to persons under the age of 40 years, except for those applying for family visas,” the ministry of foreign affairs had said.

“It is, therefore, instructive for prospective visa applicants to indicate clearly their visa preferences without any ambiguity and also respect the immigration laws of other countries to avoid unwarranted treatments.”
For several months in 2021, Nigeria and UAE battled several diplomatic rows in aviation.

FG advises Nigerians travelling to UAE on new visa regime

The Federal Government has advised Nigerians travelling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to be guided by the new visa regime in the country.

The government made this known in a statement issued Thursday night by the Spokesperson, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Francisca Omayuli.

According to the statement, it was important for Nigerian travellers to UAE to have first-hand knowledge of the new visa regime.

Nigerians detained in Dubai

This was a result of the viral video where Nigerians are denied entry by the officials of the Middle Eastern country.

The statement read: “The attention of the Federal Government of Nigeria has been drawn to a video on the social media, showing purportedly stranded Nigerians, who arrived at the Airport in Dubai, UAE on 29th August, 2022, but were denied entry into the country, despite having valid visas.

“The Nigerian Mission in Dubai has clarified that most of the supposedly stranded Nigerians were issued with family visas, only to arrive Dubai alone without any family member.

“Consequently, they were denied entry and advised to return to their country and apply for the appropriate visas.

“However, those persons allowed entry into the country have their family members in the UAE. While those who claimed their family members were on another flight, were told to wait at the airport, pending their arrival.

“The general public is invited to note and be guided that the Government of the UAE has introduced a new visa regime and has stopped issuing tourist visas to persons under the age of 40 years, except for those applying for family visas.”

Also, the government further said it was enlightening for potential visa applicants to clearly specify their visa preferences without any ambiguity.

The government also called on Nigerians to respect the immigration laws of other countries so as to avoid undeserved actions.

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