Family Visa For Dubai From India

Many websites provide information on Dubai Visas, and the laws and regulations in the UAE, but we are different. We will precisely describe what type of visa, who is eligible to apply, how much money you need to pay, how long it takes, what documents you need to submit, if you can work or not, if you can get a residence visa or not.

Are you a resident of India and living in Dubai? If yes, here’s some news that must have elated you – you are now eligible to apply for Family Visa. Yes, this is very true. The UAE government has finally abolished its earlier rule and introduced a new law that allows holders of dependant visas (DV) to obtain Family Visa which will then entitle them to live in Dubai with their families. We will base our discussion today on – AA. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: uae family visa rules 2022 and family visa dubai price

Family Visa For Dubai From India

Obtaining a family visa for Dubai can be a mission in itself if you are not aware of the process. It is not as simple as in your country where it could take up to 2-3 months after all documents submitted and finally get the visa issued. There are certain rules and regulations which needs to be followed with certain documents, depending on the nationality of you and your spouse.Families with kids can have a wonderful time in Dubai. Schools are one of the best in the world and this is why most people with kids will opt for Dubai. Some parents even give up full time jobs to move to Dubai so that they can be close to their kids – you can do this with business visas for families too. The job market for expats is excellent and many families will find jobs before moving here.

What Professions are Eligible for Family Visa in UAE?

As of 2019, there are no specific professions that are eligible to sponsor their family members for a UAE Family Visa. Any foreign worker who meets the salary requirements can bring their family members to the UAE.

Who Can you Sponsor for a UAE Family Visa?

It is easier for a male expatriate to sponsor his family members to the UAE than it is for a woman. If you are a man who is on the UAE on a Residence Visa, you can bring the following family members on a Family Visa to the UAE:

  • Your wife. If you are a Muslim resident, you may also sponsor two wives but you must meet certain terms set out by the GDRFA.
  • Your sons. You can sponsor your sons only if they are 18 or under. If the sons are over 18, you can still sponsor them but only if they are students, and only up to the age of 21. Additionally, if the sons are over 18, they must enter the UAE at least once every six months if studying abroad otherwise their UAE visa will be canceled.
  • Your daughters. You can sponsor your daughters only if they are unmarried.
  • Your parents. You can also sponsor your parents, provided you meet the following conditions:
    • You sponsor both parents unless one of them has passed away
    • You pay a deposit as a guarantee for each parent
    • You get your parents a medical insurance policy
    • You have a monthly salary of AED 20,000 or a AED 19,000 plus a two-bedroom accommodation
  • Your stepchildren. You may also sponsor your stepchildren if you get a written No Objection Certificate from the biological parent. The visa for stepchildren is valid for one year and renewable.

Can a Woman Sponsor Her Family Members for a UAE Family Visa?

Yes, she can but the criteria for a woman to sponsor her family to the UAE are higher than for a man:

  • The family members she can sponsor are her husband and her children.
  • She has to earn a monthly salary not lower than AED 10,000 or alternatively AED 8,000 plus accommodation
  • She must work as an engineer, teacher, or a profession related to the medical sector (doctor, nurse etc)
    • In certain cases (and only with approval from the DRND), if the woman has a sufficient monthly salary, she could qualify for sponsorship even if she isn’t employed in one of the aforementioned categories
  • If she has a husband who can sponsor the children instead, she is not allowed to do it herself. It must be the husband.

Documents Required for a UAE family visa

The documents needed for support a UAE Family Visa application include:

  • UAE Visa Application Form (online or through a registered typing office)
  • Passport copies of the family member/s being sponsored
  • Passport-size pictures of the family member/s being sponsored
  • Medical clearance certificate for any family member over the age of 18
  • Copy of the sponsor’s employment contract or company contract
  • Proof of the monthly salary the sponsor earns
  • The legalised marriage certificate
  • Proof of accommodation in UAE, such as the registered tenancy contract
  • The latest utility bill

How to Apply for UAE Family Visa?

Family visas for the UAE can be sponsored by either the expatriate or his/her employer. As a foreign resident, you must submit a UAE Family Visa application within 60 days of receiving your own UAE Residence Visa.

Applying for the entry permit

Before your family members travel to the UAE to join you, you (or your employer) must apply for an entry permit to allow them in the country in the first place. You can apply for your family members’ entry permit at one of the following:

  • The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – GDRFA either online (see the websites below) or in-person. If you apply in-person you must do so through one of the licensed typing centres of the GDRFA in each Emirate or through one of the Amer centres in Dubai.
  • The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

Applying for the UAE Family Visa

The UAE Family Visa is a type of residence visa, and as such, you have to submit it on behalf of your family members after they are already in the country on an entry permit.  You can submit the family visa application at the offices of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) of the relevant emirate.

The websites of the GDRFA in each emirate:

How long is a UAE Family Visa valid?

A Family Visa for the UAE can be issued for 1, 2, or 3 years and can be renewed at least thirty days before expiry. Family Visas are dependent on the sponsor, so if the sponsor’s visa expires or is canceled, then the Family Visas will also be void.

However, dependent family members get a 30-day grace period during which time they may see if they can get their own Residence Visa renewed.

Applying for a Family Visa Dubai

Since Dubai is part of the UAE, if you are living in Dubai as an expatriate, and you want to bring your family members with you, you must meet the same sponsorship requirements as set out above. You can apply for your family members’ Dubai Family Visa at the local GDRFA office in Dubai. You can also apply through Amer, a website that Dubai citizens and residents can use to apply for family reunion and visitors can use to extend their Visa On Arrival.

How To Get UAE Residency Visa 2022

UAE Residency Visa

How To Get UAE Residency Visa 2022

Dubai is increasingly becoming an attractive place to live. As such, the demand for a Dubai residence visa is increasing. Besides the beautiful weather and beaches, Dubai offers an excellent infrastructure and a myriad of magnificent skyscrapers. The city hosts some of the world’s largest malls, the tallest buildings, most elite restaurants, and nightlife spots. This makes the UAE residency visa so attractive. 

There are several ways in which you can obtain a UAE residency visa. Read till the end to know everything you need to know about a Dubai residency visa.

What Are the Types of Dubai Residence Visa? 

Your residence visa depends on the purpose of your stay in Dubai. Currently, UAE offers 5 kinds of residence visas and they are as follows:  

  • The UAE Investment Visa (long-term residency) is for foreigners who make a significant investment in the UAE. This visa is valid for a longer period than other resident visas (up to ten years) and does not require a sponsor if you qualify. 
  • The UAE Family Visa for close family members of UAE citizens/international residents. The UAE does not yet recognize same-sex marriages. Besides the minimum salary requirements, males can sponsor their wives, sons, daughters, parents, and stepchildren; women can sponsor their husbands and children. 
  • UAE Work Visa for foreigners who have found work in the UAE and secured a Work Permit. For a work visa, the minimum age of the employee should be 18. Furthermore, there are 3 categories – Category 1 for individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree; Category 2 for those with a post-secondary diploma; Category 3 for individuals with a high school diploma

What Documents Are Required to Apply for a Dubai Residence Visa?

  • Original passport
  • Two passport-sized photographs, following UAE visa photo criteria
  • Entry Visa (Entry Permit)
  • Documents such as birth/marriage certificates if applying for a family visa.
  • Extra document related to your travel purpose

Who Will Sponsor Your UAE Residence Visa?

UAE residence visa necessitates a sponsor. These sponsors change depending on your residence visa type. However, under certain circumstances, you can be your sponsor.

The following will be your sponsors:

  • If you have investments or have brought property, you can apply yourself; your company or property will serve as a sponsor
  • For a family visa, your family member will be your sponsor

What Are Residence Visa Fees for Dubai?

The fees for your Dubai residence visa depend on the duration of your visa. The UAE residence visa fee for a year is approx. AED 1000. 

The mentioned fees are exclusive of medical exams and health insurance.

How Long Can You Stay in Dubai?

A Dubai residence visa allows you to stay for 2, or 3 years depending on the purpose of your travel. However, if you are on an investment visa or a retirement visa, you can stay up to 5-10 years. All of these visas are renewable. 

Your sponsor must renew your visa within 30 days before its expiry. It is also possible to renew an expired visa if it is in its grace period. The grace period is for 30 days, starting after the expiry. However, if you stay beyond 30 days with an expired visa, you will be fined AED 25 for every day for the first 6 months; AED 50 every day for the next 6 months, and AED 100 per day after a year.

Benefits of having a UAE residence visa

  • Open a bank account.
  • Access financial facilities.
  • Apply for a driving license.
  • Access government health services and health insurance.
  • Register his/her children in government schools and in private schools.
  • Work and invest.

UAE Family Residence Visa Renewal Fees 2022

If you are an expat living in Dubai with your family for a long time then with this blog you can easily learn all the latest news about UAE family residence visa renewal fees 2022 as well as UAE residence visa renewal fees 2022

The population of UAE, especially its workforce, majorly consists of expatriates. They have resided along with their families in the UAE for decades, renewing their residence visas on a constant basis because the UAE does not grant permanent residency visas to expats.

Most people visit the UAE as tourists and continue to stay in the country even after their visa expires. In such cases, they are charged an amount as an overstay fine. They must renew their visa before the due date to avoid these penalty fees. If they want to renew their visa again, they will have to go back to their country of residence and return, apply for the visa again, and return after a month.

In this article, you will also learn all there is to know about UAE residence visa rules and regulations in 2022.

What are UAE Family Visa Rules 2022?

Following is a list of UAE family visa rules in 2022:

  1. Both employers and employees with a valid residence visa and a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation can sponsor their families.
  2. The type of profession is no longer a criterion for a family visa in UAE.
  3. If the father is residing in the UAE and is able to sponsor his children, then the mother is not allowed to sponsor them.
  4. A UAE family visa is issued depending on the nature of work and the labor contract.
  5. Resident sponsors have 60 days’ time to apply for their dependents’ residence visas after they enter the UAE.
  6. In order to obtain your family visa in UAE, the applicant aged 18+ should undergo a medical fitness test at government-approved health centers in the UAE.
  7. You need to submit an authenticated marriage certificate to sponsor your wife. The certificate must be duly translated into Arabic by a certified translator.
  8. In certain strict cases, Muslims are permitted to sponsor two wives, only if they meet all the necessary conditions.
  9. Residents can only sponsor their daughters if they are unmarried.
  10. Residents can sponsor their son up to the age of 18. If your son is studying he can be sponsored till the age of 21.
  11. An expatriate resident can sponsor their stepchildren subject to GDRFA’s guidelines.
  12. An employee can sponsor both parents. To do so, you must submit a guarantee for each parent stipulated by the respective immigration department.
  13. A woman can sponsor her family if she holds a residence visa with a monthly salary not less than AED 8000 plus accommodation.
  14. The resident woman should be an engineer, nurse, teacher, doctor, or any other professional related to the medical sector.

What is the UAE Family Visa Cost 2022

Resident visa cost in Dubai or UAE is based on some important factors like the place of the applicant, duration of their residence, insurance required for the family members, etc. Based on those factors below is a specified list of (approximate) Dubai family visa fees 2022 and UAE residence visa fees 2022:

  1. 2 year Dubai residency visa fees 2022 for applicants in Dubai without insurance will be approximately AED 3500.
  2. Same for an applicant in Dubai with insurance will be approximately AED 5272.
  3. For a 2-year, UAE family visa cost of 2022 for applicants out of Dubai without insurance will be approximately AED 2200.
  4. Same for an applicant out of Dubai with insurance will be approximately AED 3972.
  5. 3-year Dubai residence visa cost 2022 for applicants in Dubai without insurance will be approximately AED 3700.
  6. Same for an applicant in Dubai with insurance will be approximately AED 5472.
  7. 3-year residence visa Dubai cost for applicants out of Dubai without insurance will be approximately AED 2400.
  8. Same for an applicant out of Dubai with insurance will be approximately AED 4172.

How to Renew your UAE Family Residence Visa?

The sponsors must renew their family residence visa before it expires the grace period of 30 days to stay in the UAE. Remember to get it renewed before the end of the grace period to avoid incurring fines and easily pay your UAE family residence visa renewal fees 2022 or Dubai residence visa renewal fees 2022.

However, if need be, you can easily get it renewed two months before its expiry date. In special cases, it is a must to take permission from the GDRFA authorities to renew it before six months of the expiry date. 

What are the Requirements for UAE Family Residence Visa Renewal?

Before your get to know UAE family residence visa renewal fees 2022, below is a list of requirements for the renewal process:

  1. A resident employed in the UAE can renew the visa of their family members, subject to conditions that include the minimum salary of AED 4000 or AED 3,500 plus company accommodation.
  2. The approved medical test report is necessary for those above 18 for each sponsored.
  3. To renew the residence visa, you must renew your Emirates ID first.
  4. Health Insurance is mandatory in Dubai. Family members should at least have basic health cover.

What are the UAE Family Residence Visa Renewal Fees 2022?

If you are an Indian national and hold a normal passport (Valid for 6 months) from the arrival date,  you will easily be issued a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 14 days. The cost for an arrival permit is 100 UAD.

The same goes for those who hold a USA green card (valid for 6 months), UK residency visa, or EU residency visa. However, Only Indian and USA residents are allowed to extend their visit visa once, for up to 14 days. The UAE family residence visa renewal fees 2022 for Indians and USA residents are 250 AED and 20 AED is charged for service.

Dubai residency visa fees 2022

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