Gabon Visa For Indian Nationals

As a citizen of India, it is likely that you have heard that you need a visa to visit Gabon. So, why would you come to a website which provides information about Gabon visa for Indian nationals? The answer is simple. You are left with no other choice if you belong to India. Gabon embassy in India simply refuses visas to most people from this country and forces them to obtain one from the French embassy in either Paris or Marseille. It doesn’t matter what kind of passport you hold, how often you plan to go back to Gabon or that your next stop is Djibouti…The Gabon embassy in New Delhi is issuing not only visa services but also issue full range of clearances for Indian nationals. The online visa process makes it very easy for one to apply for a Gabon visa. But before applying for a Gabon visa online, you must first ensure that you fulfill the guidelines that are required for their application.

Gabon Visa For Indian Nationals

As the Indian community continues to grow, more and more of them are moving to Gabon in search of greener pastures. To ensure that you do not struggle with anything, we have decided to write this article. This article will guide you on what documents are required for getting you a visa, how much the application process is, and various other points that need your attention.Residents of India have always faced a unique situation while planning a holiday or a business trip to West African nation Gabon. The country is known for its serene rainforests and playful animals, but an unfavorable visa policy has left many Indian tourists disappointed.



Are you looking to Travel to Gabon? Then we’re sure you’re wondering where you can get your Gabon Visit Visa from.

 Travelling to Gabon is easy! Just upload your documents on and apply visa for Gabon with the help from our travel experts!

So we’ve got the answers to all your questions, when it comes to your Gabon Visit Visa.

Visa Lounge is the best platform for you to apply visa for Gabon online.


1. Indian National holding a valid Indian passport can apply for Gabon Visa.

2. Person wishes to travel to Gabon for the purpose of Tourism/Family or friends Visit/Business can apply for Gabon visa online through Visa Lounge. Person who seeks employment in Gabon is not eligible to apply through Visa Lounge.

3. Travel insurance is mandatory requirement for passengers travelling to Gabon. Visa Lounge also provides Travel Insurance to passengers at an additional cost.

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED (Scanned copies):

1. Please fill up all fields in the Gabon Visa Application Form.

2. Please provide a clear colored passport copy of front page and last page with the application.

3. Please provide one clear colored photograph white background 35 x 45 mm no shadow along with the application.

4. Confirmed Air tickets.

5. Covering Letter from Applicant.

6. Yellow fever vaccination certificate mandatory for Gabon.

7. Original PCC

8.Hotel Confirmation.

9.  Any of the following Current Address Proof :-

  •      Aadhar Card
  •      Last month Electricity Bill

10. Any of the following financial documents:-

  •     Last 3 Months Bank statements
  •     Valid US/Schengen Visa Copy

As per your needs you can choose from the below mentioned available options and apply for the visa which meet your requirements.

Visa TypeVisa ValidityDuration of StayEntries
Tourist VisaVisa is valid for 1-3 months from the Date of IssuePax can stay up to maximum of 30 days from the Date of entry in GabonSingle Entry
 Tourist Visa Visa is valid for 6 monnths from the Date of Issue Pax can stay up to maximum of 90 days from the Date of entry in Gabon Multiple Entry
Business VisaVisa is valid for 6 monnths from the Date of IssuePax can stay up to maximum of 90 days from the Date of entry in GabonMultiple Entry

The Normal processing time for Gabon Visa is 7 Working Days except for Saturday, Sundays and any Gabon Holidays. However it may take some more time if it is pending with the Security Department.


Applicants can pay Visa and other fees through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking and IVR.

*** The decision to grant or refuse a visa is the sole prerogative of the Government of Gabon. Visa Lounge does not in any way influence the same.


1.  Applicant must not take up paid employment during the visit to Gabon .

2.  Applicant must be able to support self (and any dependents) during the visit.

3.  Passport must be valid for length of time you will be in Gabon, or the length of the visa, whichever is longer.

4.  If your passport validity is in doubt, you may be denied entry to Gabon.



Please Note :

– Saturday and Sunday are considered as non-working days for Gabon.

– We do not provide Work/ Job / Employment visas.

– Refunds if any, will be processed within 5-7 working days.

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