Georgia Visit Visa For Uae Residents

Why Visit Visa? The Visit Visa is also known as Schengen Visa which offers you to visit the Eligible Countries in the Schengen Area. This type of visa is available for a single entry or double entry. There are several types of Eligible Countries in the Schengen Area and if you are a citizen from the Eligible Countries then you can apply for a Visit Visa.If you are thinking about applying for a visa to visit Georgia, our Georgia visa guide is the place to start. Browse through this guide and learn all the information you need, from the cost of a Georgian visa to what documents you need to apply.

Georgia Visit Visa For Uae Residents

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Capital City: TBILISI

Planning a visit to Georgia for short term stay!

All nationalities holding a valid UAE/GCC Residence Visa are eligible for visa on arrival at Tbilisi Airport.
If you are not holding this kind of visa, you need to apply in advance for entry visa to Georgia before travelling.

E-Visa Application:

Foreigners traveling for short term purposes are eligible for e-Visa. This is the easiest way to get permit of entry to travel Georgia. Once your visa is approved, you just need to print it out and bring it along when you travel.

Please contact us at 04 447 3839 or email if your nationality is not listed above so that our Visa Consultants can advise you accordingly on how to apply your visa to Armenia.

Service Fee: AED 150.00 per person (Including the visa fee processing)

  • Processing of the visa will take 7-10 working days.
  • Approval of the visa is the sole discretion of the Georgian Embassy.
  • Visa fee is non-refundable, either visa got approved but not used or in case of visa refusal.

Please note that information provided by you will be checked at the border crossing points of Georgia. If you provide incorrect information your e-Visa will be invalid and on arrival you will be refused to enter Georgia.


  • All procedures including requirements and processing may change without prior notice and are always subject to Embassy‚Äôs discretion.
  • Georgia Embassy/Ministry of Foreign Affairs has all the right to get further supporting documents in regards to your travel to the country.
  • The conditions regarding the issuance of electronic visas can be altered at any time without prior notice.

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