Golden Visa For Indian

There are around 100,000 Golden Visa, a type of Residence Permit issued by Portugal since the laThere are around 100,000 Golden Visa, a type of Residence Permit issued by Portugal since the launch of the Golden Visa Program.What do you know about the Golden Visa program? Probably not much. It’s relatively new compared to other countries’ programs (Spain has had a Golden Visa program in place since 2011, Portugal followed suit in 2012).The Golden Visa program was created by the Government of Portugal to attract foreign investment in the country, and to spur economic growth. As part of this Visa, investors will be required to:den Visa Program.

India is one the leading country in terms of demand and supply of qualified manpower across the globe. With time there has been a drastic change in the type of outsourcing. It was earlier considered to be BPO but now it is more focused on IT outsourcing. With the advent of new trends in most of the countries, India has also taken a lead in construction sector.

Golden Visa For Indian

The past two years have seen three Cs driving wealth and investment migration: Covid, climate change, and cryptocurrency. In 2022, a fourth C has abruptly emerged: conflict in Europe, the report noted.

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Video Player is loading. nationals topped the charts for enquiries received for investment migration by the firm in 2021 by a significant margin, with a growth of 54% compared to 2020 — a year which itself saw a 63% rise in interest shown by Indian investors. US citizens were next in line, receiving 26% more enquiries in 2021 after astonishing growth of 208% in 2020. Enquiries by Britons and South Africans shot up by 110% and 38%, respectively, in 2021.

Indians have also been moving away from historically popular Canada and the USA and considering European countries for international education.

European residence by investment migration programs like those offered by Greece, Malta, Portugal, and other golden visas on the continent have gained a great deal of traction and interest in the last few years. Permanent residency programmes in these countries does not require buyers in India to give up their Indian passports – it allows them to have a have a second home and to enjoy travel throughout the EU.

A number of European countries are also being considered as potential places to own retirement or vacation homes, conduct business, and enjoy lifestyle benefits.

The most popular programs are the golden visa programs in Portugal and Greece on the residence by investment front, and Malta and Montenegro on the citizenship by naturalization/citizenship by investment front.

While India is an incredible country, some of us want to explore the world. If you have been contemplating moving to a new country, Golden Visas are there to help you. Some countries allow citizens from other countries to obtain a residence permit or even citizenship. To get a Golden Visa, you can either make a large investment, make a donation, or purchase property in the country you wish to move to. Countries like Spain even offer Golden Visas for those who may not intend to live there. In this article, we feature some of the countries that offer Golden Visas to Indians. By Karan Kaushik

Indians can get a Golden Visa to these countries


Portugal offers one of the world’s most popular Golden Visa programs. To obtain residency in Portugal, one must invest a minimum of  EUR 500000 (INR 4,07,08,795) to buy a property. If you are seeking residency in a low-density area, you’ll have to invest at least EUR 400,000 (INR 3,25,67,036). You will also be eligible to get permanent residency or citizenship after five years of making the investment. The reason why most wealthy people apply for a Golden Visa in Portugal is the fact that they can get a second passport, which also grants them access to the EU and Schengen Area.


To be eligible for the Singapore Golden Visa, one must invest at least SGD 2.5 million (INR 14,01,55,700) in either an existing business or set up a new business. You may also invest the same amount in an approved fun in Singapore or establish a single-family office there. That’s not it. You’ll also be required to have prior business experience and furnish your company’s financial accounts after audit. The Golden Visa program of Singapore allows you to get permanent resident status. You may also apply for citizenship after two years of becoming a permanent resident in Singapore. However, you won’t be able to have a dual citizenship.


To get the Canada Golden Visa, the country has numerous investment programs on offer. The most frequently used of them all is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP). Under this particular program, one has to make a bond contribution of a minimum amount of CAD 1.2 million (INR 7,27,44,900). You can apply for citizenship after three years of making the investment. To avail of the rest of the investment programs, you have to reside in Canada for a minimum period of 183 days during a span of three years. This will make you eligible for citizenship.

The United Arab Emirates

While the UAE offers permanent residency by investment, you can’t seek citizenship by investment. The middle eastern country has 5-year and 10-year residency programs under the Dubai Golden Visa plan. If you want to be eligible for the 5-year program, be prepared to make an investment of at least AED 5 million (INR 10,62,42,751) in a property in the UAE. For the 10-year plan, you’ll have to make an investment of AED 10 million (INR 21,24,85,503) in public investments. You may also avail this plan if you are someone with exceptional skills and talents.

The United Kingdom

Indians have always had a special connection with the UK. The European nation offers permanent residency by investment. Under its immigration program, the UK has a Tier-1 Investor visa if you have the necessary funds to invest. You will have to make an investment of at least  GBP 2,000,000 (INR 19,03,28,500) in a regulated financial institution. You can also apply for British citizenship after a few years if you qualify. No citizenship by investment is offered by the UK.


To get a Golden Visa for Spain, you will have to apply for its residency-by-investment program. The program lets you be a permanent resident after five years of making an investment. The real estate investment should be of at least EUR 500000 (INR 4,07,10,541). Once you start living in Spain and complete ten years, you can also get citizenship. Even after getting a Golden Visa through investment, you will be required to continue renewing your permit in a span of every two years until you gain permanent residency.


Switzerland’s Golden Visa program is nothing like those of the other nations on this list. You don’t have to buy real estate. You don’t have to invest in either funds or government bonds. You just have to show proof of paying annual taxes between CHF 150,000 (INR 1,17,63,660) and CHF 1 million (INR 7,84,09,353). If you want Swiss citizenship too, you will have to live there for a minimum of 10 years.

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