Golden Visa In Hindi

Golden visa or golden passport is yet another term designed to attract wealthy investors – originally from China, who now concentrate on India – and help them set up businesses in the country. This will enable them to gain a visa and a passport, which may also allow visa-free travel to 156 destinations. The financial requirements are high: the minimum investment of €500,000 along with certain fees, according to a recent offering memorandum from a law firm in Mumbai..Golden visa (commonly known as the Golden Visa) in India is a route by which foreign nationals can get the Indian citizenship by investing a certain amount of money.

Golden Visa is a government of Spain based program. This program provides different types of visa like residency visa. Golden Visa gives you eligibility to live in Spain. It replaces the old country based programs like pensioner Plus, Investor Plus, etc.

Golden Visa In Hindi

What are Spain Residency Visa Requirements for Dubai UAE?

Spain Golden Visa requirement – Dubai UAE

  • Must be a Non-EU citizen – at least 18 years old
  • Min investment of €500K (United Arab Emirates Dirham 2M AED) Real estate property OR
  • Invest a minimum of €2 million (8.6M AED) in Spanish public debt OR
  • Buy Min. of €1 M (4.3M AED) in shares OR
  • Do €1 M (4.3M AED) in bank deposits.
  • Hold a Health Insurance

See details of Spain Residency Visa Requirements

The Spain Golden Visa Permanent Residence Programme is available to Dubai UAE citizens. There is growing demand in moving to Spain from Dubai UAE through Residence Visa.

Spain Residency Visa – Real estate investment – for Emirati citizens

List of properties available for investment. Coming soon…!


How long does it take to get a Spain Residence Visa for Emirati citizens?

Spain Golden visa timeline – Dubai UAE

For an investor from Dubai UAE, the processing time for a Spain residency visa is between 2 to 3 months.

  • Preparation time – 2 months
    • Client chooses investment model either by purchasing property, through business investment or capital transfer
    • Prepare and submit application for Schengen Visa
    • Applicant to visit Spain to submit biometric data
  • Residence Visa Processing time – 20 Days
    • The Spanish authority reviews and approves the application
  • Issuance of of Spanish Golden Visa

Details on Spanish Residence Visa processing times

How much does Spain Residency Visa cost for Emirati citizens?

Spain Residence Golden Visa by Investment – Dubai UAE

In 2022, the Minimum investment amount for Spain Golden Visa (PR) is typically over €500K (United Arab Emirates Dirham 2M AED).

  • Min investment of €500K (2M AED) Real estate property OR
  • Invest a minimum of €2 million (8.6M AED) in Spanish public debt OR
  • Buy Min. of €1 million (4.3M AED) in shares OR
  • Do €1 million (4.3M AED) in bank deposits

The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates is the regulatory body that has the framework and monetary policy for moving assets and money outside of UAE and Dubai.

Details of Spain Residence Visa Costs

What are the benefits of Spain Golden Visa for Emirati citizens?

  • Right to live, work and study in Spain.
  • Schengen Residency Card
  • Leads to Spain PR Card after 5 Years of Temporary Residence
  • Leads to Citizenship after 10 years residency
  • Low Minimum Stay Required
  • Family Members Included

Immigration – Spain PR from Dubai UAE

According to Spanish nationality law, after 5 years of temporary residence, one may apply for permanent residency in Spain. Following 10 years of permanent residency one may apply for citizenship – Spanish passport through the process of naturalization, provided that certain criteria are met. With Spanish citizenship, a person also gains Citizenship of the European Union.

This is one the best Immigrant investor programs in Europe. The Spain Golden Visa Programme is regulated by Law 14/2013, of 27 September 2013. It is aimed to support entrepreneurs wanting to move to Spain. The law also enables non-EU citizens to apply for a resident permit through various types of investments.

Dubai UAE, Immigration to Spain Consultant

EB5 BRICS can help you navigate Spanish Golden Residency Programme through our presence in Spain in conjunction with our Spain Legal Partner. Our team speaks English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.

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Spain Golden Visa for Dubai UAE FAQ

Emirati citizen, Can I get a EU Spain residence permit through Real Estate purchase?

Yes, as an Emirati citizen, you can get Spain residency Golden Visa through buying Real Estate/ Property of minimum €500,000 (United Arab Emirates Dirham 2M AED).

Dubai UAE, How long do I have to live in Spain to get citizenship?

As a Temporary Resident of Spain, You have to live in Spain for 5 years before you can get a Permanent residency permit. After 10 years on permanent residency, you can start an application to become a Spanish citizen by naturalization.

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