Green Visa For Uae

If you are a foreigner who needs to relocate to the UAE for work, you may be looking for “green card” alternatives. The expression “Green Card” was first introduced by the Immigration and Naturalization Act enacted by US Congress in 1952. The law makes it possible for foreign nationals with extraordinary ability or achievement to settle and work in the United States on a permanent basis.As an expat or as a citizen of a country outside the U.S., you might find yourself wondering: how to obtain a green card? The United States has a very complex set of rules and regulations around the subject of immigration, granting special privileges to only some categories of people. One of those categories is what is known as non-immigrant status. A green card is one of the benefits you can receive if you merit one, but obtaining one can be a rather complicated and long process..

Green Visa For Uae

UAE is an attractive and promising region for foreign tourists. Some countries face visa problem as they are unable to secure a United Arab Emirates visa from their home country. This can be frustrating for many of us who would love to visit the Middle East for business, tourism or for some other reason that requires entry through an Emirate’s international airports. The UAE offers long and short-term tourism visas depending on your purpose of visit. However, it is important to know what kind of visa you are eligible to apply for before you start collecting documents or heading off to secure your visa. There are several entry requirements you must meet and some restrictions imposed by the law governing Emirati visas.

Did you know that the total ex-pat population in the UAE in 2021 was 8.84 million? Dubai is a popular place, and recent initiatives have made it especially attractive to investors, entrepreneurs and businesses. If you want to set up a business in the UAE, you will need to complete certain steps to obtain a Green Visa.

This residency system has a number of advantages for potential investors, entrepreneurs and foreigners moving to the Emirates.

Here, we look at all of the necessary requirements to obtain for a Green Visa in the UAE.

What Is the UAE Green Visa?

This visa is a special permit for foreign professionals that allows them to live, work and invest in the UAE. The Green Visa in the UAE is part of a program created to help the country expand and develop.

The permit allows entrepreneurs to live and work in the UAE. Furthermore, it gives an opportunity to set up your own business and manage your own staff.

The UAE has been working to move away from oil and create long-range economic and social development strategies to prevent the nation from relying on one or two markets. The country is focusing on developing sustainable growth through the country’s tourism and construction industries while also increasing investment in the technology sector.

As a result, different Visas are being launched to promote this upcoming growth and development. The Golden Visa, Freelancer Visa, Talent Pass, and Green Visa are all Visas that have been established to bring in new investors and residents to help the nation grow.

They have also widened the scope of the Golden Visa in 2020 to make it even more appealing than the original Visa that was released in 2019.

Green Visas to Boost the Economy

The UAE has set a goal of growth for the economy with the intention to boost revenue from non-oil sources, thereby creating economic diversification. Tourism is also expected to grow, and this new Visa scheme will help achieve this result. By investing in the Green Visa, the UAE economy will be fortified, along with the construction industry. Overall business opportunities will also expand with this residency scheme.

The UAE has also started to look outside of the country to find highly skilled workers that could help build a vibrant and burgeoning economy. This new Visa will be looking to attract the best and brightest entrepreneurs and self employed individuals into the country. Top students and graduates who’ve recently completed a Bachelor’s degree in various industries are among the most desired professionals.

Ultimately, the Emirates hope to expand the private-sector job market and create jobs for UAE nationals. They want to widen the scope of the job market, and they are hoping that the Green Visa will help with that growth.

Creating a happy and fulfilled lifestyle is important to the professional and cultural ideals in the UAE. When you love what you do, love where you live and have a tonne of job satisfaction, it helps bolster the type of environment where more of that same energy grows.

They want a full country, one that people love to live in, and one that people love to visit.

The Difference Between a Green and Work Visa

In the past, to qualify for a Work Visa, you would need a job offer from a business in the UAE. This business would act as a sponsor for your application for the Visa.

Sponsorship is an employment contract issued by the Ministry of Labour that outlines the employment terms and conditions of a job offer. In addition to your employment details, the contract would also detail the terms and conditions of your stay in the UAE. An employer can sponsor you for a Work Visa if they hire you directly, or sign a contract of employment with a recruitment agency.

However, the Green Visa doesn’t require a sponsorship. Instead, you can sponsor yourself.

Those who are eligible for a Green Visa in the UAE include:

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Top students and graduates
  • Business owners
  • Any self employed individuals

What Are the Benefits of the UAE Green Visa?

The UAE’s new Green Visa is an excellent opportunity for skilled people from different backgrounds to live and work independently in the country. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with it.

No Sponsor Required

The main benefit of the UAE Green Visa is that, unlike other visas, it doesn’t require you to be sponsored by your employer. It also means that your employer is not granted the right to cancel your Visa, making it a much more secure one.

Sponsor Your Family Members

Another advantage of this residency scheme is that you can sponsor parents and children and various other family members. These include sponsoring a spouse, first-degree relatives, and dependents. They each will be eligible for the same rights and benefits that you have.

Male children can be sponsored up until the age of 25. Unmarried daughters do not have an age limit, and widows are also eligible for sponsorship too.

Eligibility also extends to children of extenuating health circumstances or that have special needs. These children are given a residency permit with no limit or restrictions to age as well. You can also sponsor your parents if they have special care requirements as well. 

This is an excellent incentive for foreign entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals or businesses to have their family members, parents and children with them while working in the UAE.

Ease of Travel & Flexible Lifestyle

The Green Visa makes travelling in and out of the country easy. If you have to travel to another country, you could easily exit and re-enter the UAE.

You will be able to live and work in the UAE, which could be a great opportunity for foreign professionals. You can also use this Visa while you go to school in the UAE.

Start Your Business & Enjoy Tax Exemptions

You’ll be able to start a business or invest in the UAE. With this Visa, you will be granted the right to manage your business or employees. This means that you can set up companies, recruit staff and manage them.

By obtaining the UAE Green Visa, you will also be able to work in the Dubai Free Zone. Since the Dubai Free Zone is one of the largest investors in the Middle East, it’s the perfect place to start a business or conduct research and studies. The Dubai Free Zone is a great place to meet important people and learn about new opportunities.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the best countries to conduct business in. It offers a tax-free environment for its residents, and even foreign investors can enjoy the same benefits. As such, many global investors are choosing to set up their business operations in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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