How Long Does It Take To Get Family Visit Visa In Qatar

Family visit visa in Qatar is one of the most preferred visas for the expats to bring their family members and children to their home base. To travel to Qatar to live with the family, you need a visit visa. Most of the expats will require a visitor visa after they reach Qatar. How long would it take to get this important document?Family visit visa in Qatar process has clear instructions and time period that you must follow to obtain your visa. You must have a sponsor qatar in order to get an invitation letter. It should be written by a family member of the applicant (spouse or parents). The letter should include the name and contact details of the applicant, as well as one photo of the applicant.

How Long Does It Take To Get Family Visit Visa In Qatar

Foreign spouses of Qatari nationals are eligible to apply for a family visit visa provided they have a residence permit in the country where they are currently working. The duration of this visa is one month (extendable by another two months, as long as he or she has any further requests like renewal of residence permit or change of employer)

Gulf countries are the good place to visit and expatriates want to bring their family to visit Qatar. As we know Qatar is rich country and LIFE IN QATAR IS VERY BEAUTIFUL. Those people who want to visit Qatar for meeting their relatives apply family visit visa for Qatar.

Family visit visa for Qatar

If you have the work permit for Qatar, you can bring your family to visit Qatar. Family visit visa is provided for a short term. This remains valid until one month only. If the person wants to stay for more days then she/he has to undergo a physical test within 72 hours of arrival.

By this, the Qatar visa validity can be extended for five months for father, mother, brother, sister, son and daughter and for other relatives it can be extended for two months only.

By resubmitting the same form, you can apply for family visit visa extension. But there are things you should know the process. So, here we are with the step by step guidance.

1. Must have Valid Visa and Passport-  For visit Qatar, you must have Passport and visa. A passport should be validity period or of at least 6 months. As we don’t know how long the visa process will take. So, for the visa, I will suggest you, apply one month before your journey to Qatar.

2. Invitation Letter-  Before visit Qatar, you should get the invitation letter by the person with whom you intended to meet. In the letter purpose of your visit should be mentioned.

The letter should comply with the work permit for Qatar of that person. If you don’t get any invitation letter then you should write the purpose of your visit by yourself. Mentioning the purpose is the second most important thing.

3. Family visit visa requirements for visit qatar Family visit visa for Qatar, There are two cases one is applying for the wife and the other is for other relatives. Your sponsor will need the following documents before applying- For Wife-

  • Photocopy of ID (work permit for qatar) or husband’s passport who is residing in Qatar.
  • Letter from the husband’s employer mentioned husband’s profession and salary which must be at least QR 12000.
  • Photocopy of marriage certificate with attestation.
  • Photocopy of the valid passport.

For Other Relatives-

  • For child you will need child’s birth certificate.
  • Letter from the sponsor’s employer stated sponsor’s salary and profession which must be at least QR 12000.
  • Photocopy of sponsor’s as well as his wife’s passport with RP page OR copy of Qatar ID (work permit in qatar) or Residence ID.
  • Rent agreement duly attested by municipality.
  • At least 9 months Bank’s statement of the sponsor.
  • Document that proofs the relationship with the sponsor.
  • Visitor’s valid passport.
  • Photocopy of Education Certificate with attestation.

4. Application form for family visit visa Qatar  You can download the visit visa application form from the official site of “Embassy of the State of Qatar”.

The site will be in Arabic, but there is also an English version of that site. You can take print out it and completely fill it. The incomplete form will be rejected.

5. Family visit visa fees It will be charged QR 200 for each visa application and QR 50 for each companion. In the case of extension of the visa same charges will be payable per month.

The fee is non-refundable. Cheque or money order you can choose one option in the name of “Embassy of the State of Qatar”.

6. Family visit visa qatar procedure- To apply family visit visa for visit Qatar, There are two options first you can post your all required documents in an envelope to the “Embassy of the State of Qatar” on the given address of application form.

The second option is to wait for the arrival of the visitors and submit the documents to the officer at the airport. But the second option is kind of risky, the risk of rejection. So, the first option is the healthy option.

7. Approval of Visa- After you submit the application form with all the required the documents to the MOI centre it will take one day to seven days.

You have to submit the documents at the counter. The person on the counter whether to accept it or sometimes she/he writes comments and ask you to meet the officer for final approval.

In the interview, the officer will ask you questions about your reason of visit Qatar and relationship with the sponsor. If she/he gets satisfy with your answers then you will be received a receipt.

The receipt will contain a tracking no. After working two days you can check Qatar visa status online by the tracking no. Once the visa gets approved, go to the MOI centre again.

Submit your receipt which you got after submission of the application form. After submission of that receipt, you have to pay the visa fee there.

You will get a print out copy of your family visit visa after paying the fee. Then you can book the tickets for your visitors.

8. Family visit visa qatar age limit- There is a rule in Qatar that you cannot bring your parents in Qatar if they are of age 60 years or have crossed the 60 years.

I know this is a kind of strange rule because who don’t want to take their parents to the Gulf countries but do take care of this because the rule in Gulf countries is very strict.

9. Family visit visa Qatar rejected The main reason for the visa rejection is the sponsor’s salary or profession. If the salary is 20,000 or above 20,000 but the RP shows you lower than an engineer then your visa will get rejected.

The company you are working in if is a low profile in the market then it will also become one reason for your visa rejection. That is why good companies get the visa easily.

Other than this if you haven’t submitted your complete required documents then it will also become your visa rejection reason.

10. GAMCA Medical Test If you get the visa then it’s for your information. GAMCA MEDICAL TEST is not required for visit visa.

11. At the Time of Airport- On the arrival of visitors at the airport. The Immigration officer will stamp the visa of the validity of one month.

After that if you want to stay more in Qatar than more you have to renew your Qatar visa. You can extend it for six months.

Hope, it will help you to bring your family to visit Qatar.

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