How Many Country On Arrival Visa For Indian Passport In today’s blog post, we will discuss about how many country on arrival visa for Indian passport. Indians have many choices when it comes to choosing a travel document. However, if you are travelling outside the country to countries that are not in the e-visa list you will require a visa before you depart.Are you planning to visit more than one country in your trip? Need to know how many countries can you get the visa on arrival for Indian passport holder? What about passport holders of other nationalities? What countries offer the visa on arrival and what are the rules for each country?

How Many Country On Arrival Visa For Indian Passport

I am currently planning a trip to Europe with my husband. We were looking at the Schengen area information on the CET website so we could apply for visas and then noticed that we would also need to get a separate visa for Ireland, due to its visa exemption scheme for Indian passport holders. However, in one of the sections on the site it says that Irish citizens will be able to travel visa-free to India under an agreemeIf you’re from india, And if you are going to visit any country as a tourist, And if you know some countries who issue free tourist visa.

How Can Indians Travel Visa Free?

If you have “visa-free” status for a country, then you can simply travel there with an Indian passport and you will be allowed to pass through. However, you should still research the entry requirements of the country you are visiting even if you do not need a visa.

Additionally, make sure you do not exceed your permitted visa-free stay; if you can stay in the country for a maximum of three months, depart before they are up. If you overstay, you could face problems returning there in the future.

During a visa-free stay, you are not allowed to work or enroll in school in the country you are visiting.

Countries Indians Can Get a Visa on Arrival or eVisa

Indian citizens may also get a visa upon arrival or an eVisa to any of the following countries:

Antigua and BarbudaeVisaMyanmarVisa on Arrival/eVisa
ArmeniaVisa on Arrival and eVisaPalauVisa on Arrival
Australia (all Australian visas are issued online)eVisaPapua New GuineaeVisa
BahraineVisaRwandaVisa on Arrival/eVisa
BeninVisa on Arrival/ eVisaRwandaeVisa
BoliviaVisa on ArrivalSaint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da CunhaeVisa
BotswanaVisa on ArrivalSaint LuciaVisa on Arrival
CambodiaVisa on Arrival/eVisaSamoaVisa on Arrival
Cape VerdeVisa on ArrivalSão Tomé e PríncipeeVisa
Côte d’IvoireeVisaSeychellesVisa on Arrival
DjiboutieVisaSierra LeoneVisa on Arrival
East TimorVisa on ArrivalSingaporeeVisa
EthiopiaVisa on Arrival/eVisaSolomon IslandsVisa on Arrival
GabonVisa on Arrival/eVisaSomalilandVisa on Arrival
GeorgiaeVisaSouth AfricaeVisa
Guinea-BissauVisa on Arrival/eVisaSouth SudaneVisa
GuineaeVisaSri LankaVisa on Arrival/eVisa
Hong KongeVisaSurinameeVisa
IranVisa on Arrival/eVisaTajikistaneVisa
JordanVisa on ArrivalTanzaniaVisa on Arrival/eVisa
KenyaVisa on Arrival/eVisaThailandVisa on Arrival
KyrgyzstaneVisaTogoVisa on Arrival
LaosVisa on Arrival/eVisaTuvaluVisa on Arrival
LesothoeVisaUgandaVisa on Arrival/eVisa
MadagascarVisa on ArrivalUkraineeVisa
Marshall IslandsVisa on ArrivalZambiaeVisa
MauritaniaVisa on ArrivalZimbabweVisa on Arrival/eVisa

What Do Indians Need for a Visa on Arrival?

When applying for a visa upon arrival, Indian citizens may need a set of documents. The exact requirements differ from country to country, but usually include some or all of the following:

How long does it take to get a VOA? It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for your application to be processed, depending on the country.

Can I get a VOA at any entry point or airport? No, usually there are only specific airports or entry points where you can get a visa on arrival. Do your research before you travel to avoid being sent back.

Is there a VOA counter? Yes, there is usually a designated counter which you have to approach to get your visa.

How To Apply for an eVisa from India?

To apply for an electronic visa from India, you will have to find the official visa application website of the country issuing the visa. In many cases, there are non-official sites that will help you submit your application for an additional fee. It’s usually not necessary to apply through such websites, unless you find the application process to be confusing and hard to navigate. Even so, make sure the site is reputable and trustworthy.

You may also approach visa application centers in India, such as VFS, and they may help you submit the eVisa application.

Where Can Indians Go With a Schengen Visa?

If you have a Schengen visa, you can visit all member states of the Schengen Area, as well as the following non-Schengen countries:

  • Albania
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Belarus
  • Belize
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Georgia
  • Gibraltar
  • Kosovo
  • Mexico
  • Montenegro
  • North Macedonia
  • Romania
  • Sao Tome and Principe
  • Turkey

These countries have agreed to let Indian visitors enter without applying for a country-specific visa as long as they have a valid Schengen visa at the time.

Where Can Indians Go With a US Visa or Green Card?

If you have a visa issued by the US, then you may also visit the following countries:

  • Argentina – if you have a valid US B2 visa, you can get an electronic visa for Argentina.
  • Belize – f you have a multiple-entry visa for the US, you can get a visa on arrival to Belize.
  • Bermuda – as long as your US visa has a duration of at least 45 additional days, starting from when you depart Bermuda.
  • Caribbean Netherlands (Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba).
  • Cayman Islands.
  • Colombia – as long as your US visa is valid for at least another 180 days.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Dominican Republic.
  • Guatemala.
  • Honduras.
  • Montenegro.
  • Nicaragua – if you have a valid US visa, you can get a Visa on Arrival.
  • Panama – if you have a US visa with at least another year’s validity.
  • Saudi Arabia – if you have a US visa and arrive via the national carrier of Saudi Arabia, you can get a Visa on Arrival.
  • United Arab Emirates – if you have a valid US visa for at least another six months you can get a Visa on Arrival.

If you have a US Green Card, you can also visit the following countries without a visa:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Georgia
  • The British Virgin Islands
  • Aruba and Curaçao
  • The Balkans
  • Singapore
  • Peru
  • Caribbean Netherlands (Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba)

Special Visa Conditions

In addition to visa-free travel or eligibility for the eVisa and VOA, Indian citizens may also visit the following countries visa-free, if they fulfill certain conditions:

  • Pakistan – Only for Sikh pilgrims to the shrine of Guru Nanak in Kartarpur.
  • U.K. – Only if you have a biometric Irish visa with a “BC BIVS” and a valid Irish entry stamp.
  • South Ossetia – if you have a multiple-entry visa to Russia and give a three-day prior notification.
  • Republic of the Congo – If you have a VIP invitation letter.

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